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Monday, June 27, 2005

A New Beginning

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." (Revelation 21: 1)
The purpose for which this blog was created has been served. This Blog is now closed.

New writings can now be found at The One in All.

Thank you for your support.

With love,

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Thought for Today

Mountaineers talk about having difficulties breathing the higher you go up.

When you meditate or practise yoga and achieve samadhi, i.e. realise yourself as Spirit, you are breathless. The breath of God is breathlessness.

Maybe mountaineers should just discard their oxygen tanks and just be.

Just a thought.

With Love,

The Real Self

The wheels on the bus go round and round.
round and round.
round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
all through the town!

The people on the bus go up and down.
up and down.
up and down.
The people on the bus go up and down,
all through the town! The Wheels on the Bus
"The Spirit of God, I realized, is exhaustless Bliss" Autobiography of a Yogi
We say God is Love? What is Love? Love is not a feeling but a consciousness that is devoid of thoughts, concepts and ideas. It is an acceptance of all that is. Another word for Love is inexhaustible bliss.

"So, how was your weekend?" your friend asks you.
"Great, thank you."
"What did you do?"
"Well, on Saturday morning, I woke up at 7 o'clock then I went back to sleep. When I woke up again I looked at the clock and it was 9 o'clock. Then I went to the bathroom to have a pee. Then I brushed my teeth. Then I cooked myself some English breakfast, the whole works: sausage, eggs, bacon, baked beans, two slices of toast, a cup of sweet tea and some orange juice. After I had finished eating I did the washing up. Then I..."
"Whoa! Can you skip the details and tell me what you really got up to?"
"I am telling you what I did. Then I went to run myself a bath. While I was running the bath the phone started ringing so I.."
"Look, forget it."
"But I haven't described the whole weekend yet."
"You're alright. I'm sure you had a lovely weekend."

Imagine if I described my days in this way, people will get bored. You have to embellish it to make your life sound exciting and meaningful. When I embellish my life, I am dreaming.

The universe is a sequence of events that go round and round like the wheels on a bus. Incidentally, I have a thing about wheels. I observe wheels on cars, buses and lorries and how some wheels have different number of spokes, and how you can't see the spokes when the car is moving. When I'm in an analytical frame of mind, I wonder how fast a car has to move for me not to see it.

Experiences are dream events that move on like images on a projector screen. My real self and the self of all, observes every sequence without judgment. Judgment is when one attributes meanings to an experience. You watch a movie and you describe the movie from your perspective. But if you were describing the movie as your real self, you will simply describe everything that happened in every sequence without analysis. As the real self you will never get a job as a film critic.

When I interact in an event or an experience I have stopped being the real self and I am dreaming. As the dreamer you can read meanings into an event which creates another experience. Thus, there is only one movie but there are billions of perspectives of the same movie. There is only one life but there are infinite perspectives of the one life.

Yesterday on my bus ride home I observed life as my real self. I watched cars, people, shops, wheels, conversations. As the bus drove down a particular street, I saw a man lying in the road and a paramedic over him. I watched a policeman speaking to a man in a taxi nearby. I watched passers-by observing the scene. I watched pedestrians further down the same street oblivious to the accident at the other end. I got of that bus. I waited for another bus. I watched a bunch of cyclists ride by accompanied by a police car. I watched more pedestrians. I got on my bus and watched two passengers sitting opposite me holding hands. I closed my eyes. On my walk home I watched my legs running up and down some stairs. I watched my legs moving faster and faster. I watched houses and trees in the neighbourhood. I opened the front door and said hello to my mother and adjusted myself to the dream of mother and daughter. Being the real self doesn't go down too well with my mother as she thinks I'm ignoring her or upset about something.

Naturally, I am here to experience life and that involves dreaming. You dream what you wish to experience and when it does, you experience it with detachment. You remember not to read meanings into events unless you have to. You also remember that even when you are reading meanings, or dreaming, you do so with detachment. You treat your body as part of the sequence of events. So if you feel a particular sensation, you simply observe it as a dream event and watch it pass. The moment you start to feel and wonder what the sensation is and what the cause is, you're stuck in a dream. A stuck dream can feel very painful indeed.

Life as the real self is very similar to when one is asleep and dreaming, one is not aware of time. For the real self, time is meaningless.

The real self is inexhaustible bliss.

The babies on the bus go waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
waa, waa, waa.
The babies on the bus go waa, waa, waa,
all through the town!

The parents on the bus go shh, shh, shh.
shh, shh, shh.
shh, shh, shh.
The parents on the bus go shh, shh, shh,
all through the town!

The mommy on the bus says, I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
The daddy on the bus says, I love you, too,
all through the town. The Wheels on the Bus
With Love,

Friday, June 24, 2005

Wonder versus Wondering

I wrote in a piece called Living in the Wonder that Wonder is our natural state of being. In Wonder there is no need to worry about life as everything is. You simply bask in the magic of Wonder. As Wonder we are in a consciousness that is usually referred to as oneness.

I also wrote that wondering about why life is gets us out of Wonder. Wondering creates an imagined "split," a dream self who goes about wondering, trying to figure life out. The dream self dreams up untold possibilities of what he believes life to be. The dream self imagines he has to learn from experiences so he dreams up experiences that teach him about his dream life. The dream self imagines his lessons are helping him to expand and evolve towards perfection. His dreams appear to come to life.

While the dreamer can dream up wonderful dreams, the dreams are still about wondering. None of the dreams are real, but to the dreamer they are very much real. The dreamer has forgotten he is dreaming and that he is Wonder. He has forgotten that his real self, Wonder, doesn't need to learn anything as he is all that is. He has forgotten that there are no causes in Wonder, it all is.

As we experience life we appear to have two selves. There is the part of us that is naturally joyful and in bliss; and the other part that struggles and believes life is a school. In most, it is the struggling part that is more dominant. Let's say you're in a situation, a nightmare you've dreamed up, and need to be released. You call out for help. The real self, Wonder, tells the wondering dreamer that everything is perfect. All is well. To the dream self, this doesn't make any sense. How can everything be perfect when you're hurting. Get me out of here! But you'll continue to hear the words "It's all perfect."

It is not that Wonder has got her head buried in the sand, she knows only what is real and perfect. As it is written in the scriptures:

"Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity." (Habakkuk 1: 13)
The real self can't see what doesn't exist, she can only continue to state what is true, that all is perfect. If you take on board what the real self is telling you the dreamer and believe, you will wake up out of that dream. What is unlike perfection is wiped out and is replaced by the real self perfection. Bear in mind that it's not up to you to wonder about the how for it is wondering that got you in the dream state in the first place. Just know that it is all perfect and let the mystery of the Wonder be.

I want to end by saying that in this website, I take on two perspectives: that of the dreamer or wondering and that of Wonder. You will note that as the dreamer self I'm looking at possible reasons and causes while as Wonder I am simply exploring being. Is it a game I'm playing? No. As I was raised in the dream, I took on the habit of wondering and evolving. When I woke up and realised myself as Wonder, I still had the habit of wondering though it is abating.

One thing I know for sure, wondering is a figment of the imagination. There is only the Wonder.

Being the Wonder,

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thought for Today

They say we must drink lots of water every day to replace fluids lost through perspiration, excretion or whatever. When it’s really hot you’re meant to drink a lot more. Bottled water companies must love heat waves.

But when you realise that you live in Wonder and that everything is perfect, why would you need to drink more water? Unless you want to just because.

Yesterday was very hot in London. I went 24 hours without food or drink and walked for miles. How come I was still standing?

I tell a lie, I did snack on some tissue paper. Does tissue class as food, I wonder? Maybe eating tissue paper enables me to replace fluids lost through perspiration.

Just a thought.

With love,

Living in the Wonder; Expect the Unexpected

"All is magnificent. All is marvelous. All is mysterious.
We live in a world of impossibility, implausibility, and awe. We look, we see, we wonder. We experience the sudden opening to the inexplicable vastness, the weirdness, the overwhelming profundity, the utter miracle and magic of life, of
ourselves, and of all that is.

"These are the numinous moments when the monumental impossibility and spaciousness of existence opens up before and within us, granting us the rare and spectacular interruptions of our day-to-day consciousness. Call it what you will: wonder, awe, satori, samadhi, newness of mind, ignorance, innocence, original mind, or childlike perception- it is the hallmark of a mind which has come to know the incomprehensible magnitude of all and everything, and from which the individual is ‘opened up’ and therefore reunited with the Great Mystery which is our birthright." (The Way of Wonder, Jack Haas)
Life is Wonder. Wonder is Being. The moment we start wondering about Wonder, we lose our Wonder. It's like Peace. Peace is because Peace is. When you try to understand what it means to be peaceful you make Peace finite.

We have spent timeless time wondering. We have wondered about life and death and whether death is real. But one question our wondering has not been able to answer is this: Why is Life? One can only conclude, as one is apt to conclude, that life is. In other words, life is causeless. What do I mean by causeless? That there is no cause for something to happen, it just does. Life is because it is.

Just this morning while I waited for a bus a man approached me and engaged me in a conversation. He wanted to know my origin. I told him I was from Sierra Leone though I was born in London. He asked me whether I was a Creole. I told him my mother is part Nigerian and I have no idea what my father's tribe is, nor do I particularly care. I asked him what he considered his origin to be. He said Africa; he insisted that the black race originates in Africa. I could see where he was coming from. I told him my origin is Spirit. Later, I pondered whether my origin as Spirit is true. What and why is Spirit? Spirit is. Why and what am I? Being. Isness. Being has no origin. Being does not exist. Being simply is.

Life is causeless. It's a difficult concept to accept because one is always looking for reasons why such and such is such and such. The mind lets you believe you need answers or that you have answers. The moment you formulate a question you get an answer, even if the answer has no legs to stand on. Causelessness is returning to my true nature of Wonder. Wonder is like a young child's view of the world. He has no notion of causes. As far as he's concerned, the food his mother has given him simply appears. Let's say a child has never had a particular food before. He doesn't yet know whether he likes or dislikes it or whether he should. When he's acquired the taste, or accumulated memory of the taste, if he likes it he starts having desires for it. Causelessness is the moment before one has desires when all is. Causelessness is enjoying the wonder of the universe because it is.

It is written in the scriptures that Adam and Eve lived in the “Garden of Eden” and were kicked out because they disobeyed the rule about not eating from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil.” The “Garden of Eden” represents our true state of being where we lived in Wonder. There is no need to worry about a thing as everything is perfect and is. We are well provided for.

Wondering, needing to know why life is, keeps one outside of the "Garden of Eden." Wondering is like looking at yourself in the mirror. Imagine if we never had mirrors. You would never worry about what you looked like. In fact, it wouldn't even occur to you to want to know. You will simply be. The moment you stare into a mirror, you start worrying about whether you look normal, beautiful, fat, thin, etc.

Another way to describe wondering is like having a feeling that you shouldn't get on a plane but you don't listen to your intuition. The plane crashes but you survive to tell the story. You could easily have avoided the crash and be able to tell a different story. But you needed to be sure, didn't you?

Yesterday was a day of Wonder.

I went on one of my walks in a park. This park is not exactly a traditional park with flowers and nice benches, it's more like a forest where you can get lost for hours, days even. I found a bench overlooking a little watering hole. After a few moments I realised it wasn't an ideal spot as cyclists and joggers occasionally went by. Maybe I could find another bench around a similar pool. I walked for a while, enjoying the forest and grateful for its shade. I still couldn't find what I was looking for. Just as I was about to give up and rest on the bark of a tree, I was inspired to keep on walking a few more yards. I came across a lone bench overlooking a watering hole. I sat down and basked in the stillness and beauty of the forest. Then I heard footsteps behind me. A deer skipped by. Wow, I never expected to see a deer so close! After a while, a dog appeared and had a swim in the pool. Then he ran off to join his guardian. Another dog appeared and splashed about in the pool. He didn't want to leave. His guardian, a woman, pretended she was leaving without him. The dog bounded after her.

Another woman and a dog turned up. I said to her, "This spot is very popular with dogs then."
"Not this one, he is scared of water," she said. "He'll only go in when he's really hot."

The dog eyed the pool for a few minutes then ran off into the forest. I also have a healthy respect for water; I'm not much of a swimmer but I am a good doggie paddler, if you'll excuse the pun.

There I was thinking that just because two dogs had splashed around in the pool, all dogs are inclined to do the same. That’s the problem with taking things for granted, or interpreting the world through habit. One has to be open to the wonder of life where every moment is magical. In Wonder you expect the unexpected.

On my walk back I decided to take another path. I had a vague idea where I was headed. I eventually came to an intersection. I was going to use logic to determine which way but I decided it didn't matter as I had all the time in the world. I ended up back on the main road where I started.

Reminds me of another walk I went on the other day. I put out the intent where I wanted to end up. I had no idea where I was but I "followed my nose." I met a woman on the way who asked me if I knew how to get to a certain pond. I told her I don't take much notice of pond names and couldn't help her. I'm sure she met someone else who could help. I arrived at my destination, effortlessly. For me, getting lost is part of the walk. A walk is a walk is a walk.

Back to yesterday's day of Wonder. While I was still walking, I came across a man and a young woman and I heard her say "...Descarte's rational approach to philosophy." Hmmm! Wonder and the "rational approach" are so chalk and cheese!

At the bus stop I found a book on the seat. It was a vocabulary for children. There were only about 10 pages showing German names for different foods. Banana is banane; orange juice is orangensaft; and sandwich is sandwich in case I was wondering. Hahaha! I've kept it as a souvenir for wondering.

On my bus ride a man smiled at me. He asked me my name, where I was from etc. He was trying to chat me up. In the spirit of Wonder, I enjoyed the moment. He held on to my hand and said "lovely, lovely, lovely."

On my travels, I noticed a woman's top had the word "LOVE"; the back of a man's shirt had the picture of a falcon; a man's vest and shorts were the colours of the Jamaican flag; and the front of a man’s t-shirt with a huge Smilie. At Oxford Street, I saw a whole bunch of roller-skaters. The traffic stopped to let them skate by. I wondered whether it was some kind of demonstration then I remembered that life is.

On the bus I sat across a young woman. I thought she had a pretty face. She asked me whether we’d arrived at Oxford Street as she needed to catch a bus from there. I knew that bus route and where she could catch it. She said she was a secretary but was training as an accountant. I told her I temped for a while as a secretary and I used to work in accountancy. I trained in personal tax but didn't fancy becoming a tax accountant so I left. We exchanged stories about accountancy. She was a lot of fun and it was lovely to enjoy her company.

Finally, I noticed a billboard Advert for Nissan. The slogan read: "More Power. Bigger Space. Better Stories." This slogan describes Wonder perfectly. To be Wonder (more power) you have to let go of what you think you know and are (bigger space) so you can have wonderful experiences (better stories). Hmmm! There I go wondering again! Hehehe!

Life is a Wonder to behold. Nuff said.

Being the Wonder,

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Dream Called Death

Earlier today I met an old friend from college. We'd both studied media and cultural studies. She said she recently lost her mother. We had just enough time for me to share this website address when her bus arrived. We hugged and said goodbye.

I had a feeling that this encounter was an opportunity for me to address dying from another perspective.

What is death? Is death real?

Night dreams can seem so real I can easily forget that part of my awareness is in another reality called earth, where the body is sleeping. When I wake up in this reality, this seems like the only reality. What if I went to sleep and never woke up from this reality. In other words, what if I was stuck in a dream? I may not even realise I am stuck and treat that reality as the only real, forever. Those observing the physical body will presume I am dead and bury that body.

On the other hand, let's say I wake up from sleep one day back to this reality where I am typing this article. I have written elsewhere that just because people appear to be awake does not mean they are fully awake. They are still dreaming up experiences based on beliefs that we are only human destined to grow old and die, and that this reality is the only reality. Once you're dead that's it.

Let's say you are experiencing what you consider to be another day and you fall ill and drop dead. Again, people observing from this dream life will presume you are dead and bury your body, but you are very much aware of what's going on. You are frustrated with your loved ones because they are acting as if you're not there when you are so obviously present. You find it puzzling that your loved ones are weeping over your demise when you are so obviously alive. You try your best to let them know you're still alive but they can't hear you.

Why can't my loved ones see me? Where the hell am I? You no longer have a body that is discernible by the senses; you have a body of light. People in this dream realm expect humans to have solid, physical bodies, otherwise people think you're an angel, extra terrestrial, or an alien.

Remember how people in the dream realm called earth can get stuck in their way of thinking and not open to new ideas? Being in another dream realm is the equivalent of opening up to new ideas. Those who have strong beliefs are not likely to open to your ideas, are they? You have "entered" a dream that is different from earth reality. In your dream you can move at the speed of thought. How many humans do you know who can move that fast? Some might witness light around them and think their eyes are playing tricks with them, others might interpret the lights as angels and others might sense nothing at all.

You could also have "entered" a dream based on your beliefs. If you are religious and believe in a heaven realm, you will find yourself in your idea of heaven. You may even see entities that look to you like angels and other deities, depending on your beliefs. These entities will help orient you to your new surroundings.

Only those who are aware of the many dream realms will be aware of your presence. If you're really desperate to let your loved ones know you are still alive, you could ask someone who can access your dream realm to relay the message, that is if your loved ones are open to this mode of communication.

As you can see, death is simply going to sleep and waking up in another dream. It might feel painful for those who seem to have lost a loved one but it is still a dream. How does one wake up from this dream? This is what Jesus has to say about death:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death." (John 8: 51)
Is this a metaphor? No, Jesus is speaking plainly and it is relevant for all time. When you realise the truth that only the One Eternal Life exists in all, death is simply going to sleep and waking up in another dream. According to the scriptures, when Jesus raised people from the dead, he never considered them dead but asleep.

We have been given the opportunity to wake up from all dreams. We are to realise the truth that there is only One Life in all. When we awake in that consciousness we shall not see death. We will know only eternal life. Then we can consciously walk into another dream realm with our bodies fully intact.

All my Love,

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Divine Love Always Meets Our Needs

Divine Love can shape-shift into any reality to meet our needs.

A few days ago I heard my mother, who I live with, sneezing. She said she had hay fever. She also asked me to buy her some ginger to help fight off the sore-throat and cough she was expecting. As expected, her hay fever developed into a full-on cold and cough. Two days ago she was coughing so hard she couldn't sleep.

It was a bit of a dilemma for me. On the one hand I have no intention of imposing my beliefs on her. While she has been open to spiritual healing in the past, she prefers using medicines and doctors. On the other hand, I can love her unconditionally whether she is open or not. So I dreamed or imagined many healing angels around her taking care of her. I also saw her as Light. When I got home yesterday I asked her how she was and she said a lot better. Last night she slept right through and no cough.

This morning I said to her that her cold and cough had disappeared all of a sudden. She attributed the sudden healing to a cough and cold mixture she bought yesterday which she believed was excellent. I reminded her that God is the healer.

God, the Cosmic Dreamer, can take on any form we're comfortable with, even cough and cold remedies.

Love and Light,

In Your Dreams!

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream
Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream
When I want you in my arms
When I want you and all your charms
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream Everly Brothers
"The substance of a dream is held in materialization by the subconscious thought of the dreamer. When that cohesive thought is withdrawn in wakefulness, the dream and its elements dissolve. A man closes his eyes and erects a dream-creation which, on awakening, he effortlessly dematerializes. He follows the divine archetypal pattern. Similarly, when he awakens in cosmic consciousness, he will effortlessly dematerialize the illusions of the cosmic dream." Autobiography of a Yogi
Once I had a dream that was so vivid it was as if I was awake, then I realised I was dreaming. I woke up and went to the bathroom only to realise I was still asleep. I then went back to sleep and woke up again and went to the bathroom only to realise I was still asleep. Then it happened again. When I finally woke up I had to pinch myself to test whether I was still asleep and not dreaming. Did I really wake up from that dream, I wonder?

Every morning, depending on what part of the planet you live in, millions of people wake up to go about their business. What they are in effect doing is going back to sleep so they can dream some more. Yes, you wake up and go back to sleep to dream. Do you think dreaming only occurs when you drift off to sleep or when you are having fantasies? Dreams are a lot more sophisticated than we think.

Dreams are all around us. People are dreaming, we are all dreaming. The many world and personal beliefs, our employments, our lifestyles and the media are all dreams. Think about it, since there is only the Formless One in all, does the Formless One need to work? Does the Formless One need a cup of tea? Does the Formless One get hungry? Does the Formless One have any needs? All the needs we've created and have are all dreams.

The thing about dreamers is they are always trying to invite others into their dreams. This is done through sharing of experiences. Yesterday I went for a walk in a park. I met this woman who was walking two dogs, the type that have lots of fur but I don't know the name of the breed. I stopped to have a conversation with her. To make yourself understood in any dream you have to speak in dream language. I asked the woman how her dogs coped the day before when it was really hot, as we were all collectively dreaming it was. To think dogs are affected by the weather is a belief and not one I subscribe to, but I was trying to make a dream conversation. The woman said her dogs were fine but she observed many people with sweat dripping off them as people are not used to the sudden heat wave, at least not in the dream terrain called the United Kingdom. She said as she's got pale skin, she has to be very careful she doesn't get sunburnt. She showed me her legs and she did have pale dream legs. She said she needs to use a high factor sun lotion to protect herself otherwise she develops a rash which can last for up to a month. She even asked me why some people are so sensitive to the sun, as if I knew. Or maybe she was looking at my dark dream body and thinking the dream melanin protects me from the dream sun.

Speaking of which, years back, a friend and I went into town. It was a scorching day and my friend, who is also black, decided we should have some sunscreen. I agreed as I believed in the dream of sun protection at the time. She bought the highest factor the shop had. The cream was so thick it wouldn't rub in and left a white glow on our arms. It was one of the funniest dreams I've ever experienced.

Back to the encounter with my dream friend, like any dream conversation I pretended to agree with her while I tried to stay awake and not get sucked into her dream. After a few minutes we said goodbye and I continued on my dream walk. This is what I mean about dreamers sharing their dream experiences, you have to be very alert otherwise you end up living in another's dream.

There is one dream that seems so powerful that, if you are not awake, it ends up dreaming you. Collective beliefs come under this category. For instance, you observe people suffering from all manners of diseases because they are asleep and the collective dream is dreaming them into being.

This leads me to the notion of being awake. I am going to first of all address what being awake is not. People have their ideas about what it means when one is awake. The popular yardstick is that those who are awake should be able to perform great party tricks. Mystics have warned students on the path to beware of siddhis or psychic powers which can distract the student from the spiritual path. There are books galore about how to develop one's psychic powers. Just because someone appears to know how to read your mind is no big deal. Anyone who realises that there is only one mind can do this. If you know how to work with energy you can create realities that will astound many. Advertisers use mind-control techniques to get consumers to buy their products all the time, does this mean they are awake? To think one is awake because of one's psychic powers is nothing but a dream.

To be awake is to be conscious of being in a dream and that others around you are dreaming. You are also aware that you are also dreaming otherwise you wouldn't need a dream body and be in a dream. You are a lucid dreamer. You are very much aware of the various dreams and can tell when another dreamer is trying to entice you, albeit with good intention, into his dream. You also know how to filter out collective dreams passing off as beliefs about medicine, nutrition, diseases, aging, death etc.

This might be my dream but I believe that one reason why it's important to wake up is so you get access to unlimited energy. You see, it takes a lot of energy to dream. When you are creating different scenarios you are distracted into believing your dream is real. It matters not whether they are nice dream or nightmares, none of them are real. But we would all prefer to experience wonderful dreams. Those who would like to sustain the dream of control prefer to see people imprisoned in dream realities. All is not lost, however. Though you may appear stuck in a particular dream, you already know how to free yourself from an undesired dream as you practise this daily. How? Just before you go to sleep, there is a moment between falling asleep and dreaming. This moment is pure awareness; when you are pure Energy and free from all dreams. Some are able to stay a long time in this awareness while others are not. One can consciously stay in the state of pure awareness when one meditates or is in silence.

Have you ever had a dream that was so wonderful you didn't want it to end? I have, lots of times. I am usually very disappointed when I return to this dream realm as I so wish I could superimpose that dream over this reality. To be able to live in the realm of your dreams requires unlimited energy. In order for us to have unlimited energy to dream bigger and more glorious dreams of freedom, peace, love, beauty and abundance you need to wake up from your petty dreams and nightmares.

How does one wake up or at least be a lucid dreamer? By intent. When you want to wake up at a certain time in the morning, don't you put out an intent? The intent might take the form of an alarm clock that goes off at the time you want to get up, or you find you wake up at the exact time you need to get up. In the same way, if you want to wake up from the dream, you need to put out an intent that you want to wake up.

Earlier, I discussed a dream I had of waking up only to realise I was still asleep. The dream realm is like an onion with layer upon layer of skin. Not only are there unlimited dream realities or beliefs in this dream reality called Earth, there are also unlimited dream realms. If you haven't woken up from this dream reality and you dream yourself dead, you will fall right back to sleep and wake up in another dream realm. You may have a different dream body but you will still be fast asleep. To be a lucid dreamer, you need to wake up from all dreams.

Naturally, it is very time-consuming trying to wake up from all dreams. The easiest way to wake up is to realise that there is only One Cosmic Dreamer in all the numberless dreamers. The Cosmic Dreamer is Universal Energy. You are that Cosmic Dreamer. You are then free to dream wondrous dreams if you choose.

Sweet dreams! Maybe, I should say, wakey, wakey!

All my love,
The Cosmic Dreamer

Monday, June 20, 2005

Giving Thanks

"I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving." (Psalm 69: 30)
"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever." (Psalm 106: 1)
"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
When we receive gratitude, don't we feel like giving more of ourselves? How often do we remember to give thanks to God, Spirit, Source, the All That Is?

It's easy to thank someone or God for what has already happened as you can see the evidence. How grateful are we for something we've not yet experienced? Giving thanks demonstrates faith in the unseen. When one, however, understands that all good exists in the unseen, gratitude is inevitable. Giving thanks invokes God's powers to manifest what already is.

The scriptures tell us that thanking God magnifies his name. Since God is all in all, this suggests that whatever you thank God for is increased. It is written in the bible that just before Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fishes which were multiplied to feed over five thousand people, he gave thanks.

Let us give thanks in all we do.

At the start of the day, I thank God for the perfect day. Gratitude is having faith that I expect my day to unfold perfectly.

On my journeys by bus I thank the driver when I get on board. Gratitude is having faith that my bus ride will go smoothly.

Before eating I give thanks to God and the one who has prepared the meal. Gratitude is having faith that the meal is perfect and good.

I also give thanks to God for the ideas flowing through me that I post on this website. Gratitude is having faith that ideas are unfolding effortlessly.

When I pray for any experience I give thanks. Gratitude is having faith that my prayer has been heard and unfolding perfectly.

All my love and gratitude to God and all life.

Staying in the Moment

Ongoing dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV).

EJ: Tell me, what does it really mean to stay in the moment?

IV: Before I answer this question, let us examine what a day is. Every day you wake up, if you do sleep, you welcome a new day. A new day suggests cumulative events in time and space, but there is no such thing as a new day. There is only one Day and every day is the unfolding of eternity; the unfolding of the one Day.

EJ: Unfolding of eternity?

IV: It means every day you have access to eternity itself. Everything that has ever happened and will ever happen exists in that day. You say Jesus walked the earth over two thousand years ago. This is false. Two thousand years ago exists now.

EJ: I'm sure many people will have difficulties with the concept of "two thousand years ago exists now." Will you please elaborate.

IV: Let's take the example of Jesus. You think that the works he did, the miracles performed, was done in isolation to what you are experiencing now. You believe it was then and this is now. Wrong! Know that the One Consciousness/I Am that is in all was then and is now. This means that each of you sharing the One Consciousness was present when Jesus walked the earth. This is the mystery behind Jesus' statement "Before Abraham was, I am." (John 8: 58) The "I Am" is beginningless and endless. Jesus realised his identity as the I Am that was never born, thus the I Am is always there whether one is having a human life, such as Abraham, or not.

EJ: I get you. So though we may not have been in form when Jesus was alive as a human, we were actually present because we were the I Am working through him.

IV: That's right. And another thing, the same I Am is in you now and within everyone. This means that all information from the beginning of beginningless time exists now and forever in you. To claim it you simply need to recognise your identity as the I Am That I Am.

EJ: This is brilliant! To think that we collectively exist in all moments whether as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Enocia! That's just fantastic!

IV: Indeed. Back to your question about what it means to stay in the moment. Every moment is an unfolding of eternity itself. Staying in the moment is having access to eternity and enjoying what comes up.

EJ: Staying in the moment doesn't just mean you're just focused on the present, what is happening now, right?

IV: Of course not. What is the present? Tune in to any radio station and you'll hear a combination of modern and old songs. If you were really staying in the present, you wouldn't be open to old music. Thus, each moment encompasses what you refer to as the past, present and future.

EJ: What then is the purpose of a day?

IV: A day gives you two opportunities to explore another aspect of eternity or the one Day.

EJ: What are they?

IV: The first is for you to explore all that is, all experiences that ever have been, from a new perspective. By "new" I don't mean that you are creating something that doesn't exist. I mean letting the possibility that already is unfold through you the observer or experiencer. It is rather like looking through a kaleidoscope. You might be inspired to explore old teachings from the perspective of where you are now, thus the old is understood in a "new" way.

EJ: I understand. And the second opportunity?

IV: Here's a riddle.

EJ: Oh, goodie!

IV: What is the result when one million apples are added to infinite apples?

EJ: No difference as infinity is always infinity.

IV: OK. What happens when you take away 500 billion apples from infinite apples?

EJ: No difference, infinity is not affected whether something is added or taken away from it. What does this have to do with the second opportunity?

IV: The Infinite never changes, thus, experiences make no dent on Infinity. Even if there were infinite forms in manifestation, they will still not make a dent on the Infinite. Therefore, every day is an opportunity to unfold new ideas from the Infinite that have never been experienced before. Remember that this does not suggest you are creating something new but unfolding what has never been explored before, though it already exists in the unmanifest state.

EJ: How can ideas exist in an unmanifest state?

IV: Here's an analogy. Science has revealed that when an egg is fertilised by a sperm to form the embryo, the cells develop until they form a new foetus. In the early stages of pregnancy, all the organs are perfectly formed. It is actually the Spirit that quickens the cells to form a new life. If the foetus is not disturbed by human beliefs, it will grow perfectly to full term. The unmanifest state is like the young foetus where all is perfectly formed waiting for the right moment to give birth. The right moment for the unmanifest state is when one intends it is so.

EJ: How does one know what exists in the unmanifest state? You could dream up all sets of scenarios like we do as humans.

IV: You realise there is one Life unfolding through you. The One will give you desires of wanting to experience expansion, freedom, love, truth and goodness. You then trust in the One to unfold, give birth to, what already exists in the unmanifest or foetal state.

Every moment and day is an opportunity to be all that you are. I'm sure when you look back at the you you were a year ago, it seems as if you've evolved. There is no such thing as evolution. You are always and completely the All That Is. But in terms of human experience, you are always unfolding parts of the All that you are. Know that just because you have mobile phones and DVDs now does not mean the ideas did not always exist two thousand years ago. It's just that there were no channels willing to express these ideas.

EJ: Reminds me of ring-tones. Years back before mobile phones became popular, I used to spend hours on the phone to a particular friend. The dials had ringtones. We used to play basic music to each other like the song Doe a Deer. We had this idea that we should make up more songs and whenever we spoke we played new tunes. We had a lot of fun with this. Years later, the same idea was developed into ringtones which are now used on mobiles.

IV: You missed your opportunity to make millions.

EJ: Oh, well.

IV: Nevermind! All ideas are eternal. This is why you'll find civilizations who existed thousands of years ago with technologies that are more advanced than humanity has now. If you think in terms of evolution, it will not make sense why a civilization from the past should be more advanced. When ideas are understood to be eternal, you can access any idea at any moment. This is why every moment is an opportunity to unfold something new whether viewing what already exists in a new way, or unfolding something new that is in the unmanifest state.

EJ: There's much to ponder here.

IV: Trust you find it useful.

EJ: I always do. Thank you.

With Love,

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Life is Unfolding Perfectly

"Matter, thought, and energies all intersect on one plane of existence. Spirit is on a different but parallel plane. On the material plane there is energy and the experience of matter, time, and movement. On the true-self plane, there is only the pure experience of love, oneness or unity. No thought is necessary because there is nothing to think about and no comparisons to make. There is no doing, because doing implies improving or getting something. In the true-self plane, where all is perfect there is nothing to improve upon and nothing that needs additions or fixing. These are all functions of the body, which is a material perspective.

[...]"Angels, Holy Spirit, ascended masters, and evolved spirit guides know the truth of life's divine perfection. However, they also see that we need help while we still believe we are in the material world. Their role is to function on both planes to help us gently awaken to our higher selves in the spirit plane." (The Lightworker's Way, Doreen Virtue, p. 240)
I've written elsewhere that a verse from Psalm 118 forms part of my daily prayer:

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118: 24)
This means that everything is always perfect.

Yesterday while I was working on a piece in the library, the Internet went down. I saved my work on a floppy. I reflected on what the network problem means and started writing a piece about the symbolism of the LAN (local area network) versus the WAN (wide area network). As I typed away I found I had to stop and think. If I have to think about what I'm writing it means it's not coming from the One Self in all.

I pondered about oneness. Since all experiences are the One Being in every way, nothing can oppose the one will. While the network problems appeared to be opposing the one Will, I knew this wasn't true. If what I wanted to do was really important, I could very easily go to an Internet Cafe. The day is the Lord's, therefore, everything is perfect. This can only mean that the One in me is wanting to be something or be somewhere else. I had intended to go into town anyway so I went to catch my bus.

While I waited for my bus, I was approached by a man I've seen a few times in the library. It's been a while since I last saw him. The first time he introduced himself, he said he was a film maker for MGM studios. At the time I couldn't decide whether he was serious or nuts. Oops, there I go passing judgments. Am I Being judgmental? Hehehe! Hey, I'm sure many people think I'm bonkers. To cut a long story short, he was travelling on the same bus into town and even getting off at the same stop. While I accept all is the One, therefore, the man is me, I didn't fancy spending a whole hour with a me who I considered getting off and waiting for another bus then he started talking about God's will and his belief in the One Truth in all religions, though he is a Hindu. That was the sign I needed.

We chatted for a while. Though we were speaking the same language, half of what he was saying made no sense to me. I had a feeling I was to just be and enjoy our beingness. I was also inspired to tell him everything was OK and he shouldn't worry about a thing. Then he fell asleep and I stayed in silence till we got into town.

Doreen Virtue has written in The Lightworker's Way that there are two types of healers: psychic and spiritual. Psychic healers work in the realm of the material where sickness, pain, suffering and the ego appear very much real. In the material realm, we appear to be separate. Psychic healers work with energy to transmute thought-forms. Spiritual healers on the other hand, realise that all is One and perfect, therefore, there is no need to fix anything. It is a realm of being.

I have worked as a psychic healer before. My work now is as Spirit plane when I am to simply be the Love that I am. It doesn't mean I sit around and do nothing, but to act in beingness. This article, for example, it is an effortless process of being. The moment I start thinking, I know the ideas are not coming from my "true-self" but that of the ego which is a doing state. So life for me is a constant realising that all is the One being and it is perfect.

Another way to put it is when you are being, the world around you transforms to reflect that perfection. Ordinary errands are effortless. For instance, last night I went into the supermarket on my way home to buy my mother some ginger. I noticed there were long queues on the few checkouts that were open. I only had one packet of ginger. A member of staff suddenly appeared and pointed me to the customer service desk where there was no queue. This may seem ordinary but this is what it means when you are being which creates situations where you don't need to worry about a thing. Roads are clear when you want to cross, buses turn up when you arrive at a bus stop, you sit next to someone who you need to be with and all is perfect. The moment you're out of your being-ness and in the state of thinking or doing-ness, "all hell breaks loose."

I reckon it's about time they created a new job title called Being. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and he asks,

"What do you do?"
"I am a be-er."
"Fosters, Heineken or Tennants?" Hahaha! Couldn't resist it.

There is only One Life expressing Self in all. The One expresses by being. I am a Be-er and proud of it.

Life is unfolding perfectly.

Love and Light,

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Game of Expansion

"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10: 10)
There is the One Life in all but how open are we to express the One Life? What would it mean to live abundant life?

The One Life can express life of course in many ways. What if you wanted to express health more abundantly? Here's an idea I've had, a game I play.

Imagine yourself as the One Life flowing through you as radiant health and feel it expand through your body. You could imagine there is a dial like on a thermostat that you could turn up to the max or have it wherever you feel comfortable.

You could imagine radiant health expanding like a balloon does. You could let it expand to however you want or watch it expand forever.

What if you expanded radiant health to infinity where every moment is radiance. What would this feel like?

You can then play with Life expanding as other aspects in you such as ideas, friendship, wealth, peace, love, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Let the One Life expand through you and express as you.

With Love,

The Presence

Continuing the dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV).

EJ: I want to talk about the idea of oneness.

There must have been a time on earth when there were less than a billion humans, now there are over 6 billion. It is said that it is only the One Presence in all. Please clarify what it means for the One presence to have life as the many.

IV: The One Presence in all is the equivalent of having your own house. Let's say your have bought a 3 bedroom house and you also own the freehold of the land forever. What if you wished to build an extension to your house, is that extension part of your house or someone else's?

EJ: It is your house, you've simply expanded your property.

IV: What if you decided to add more storeys to your house, are the extra storeys still part of your home or are they someone else's?

EJ: Provided you've got planning permission of course, it is still your house, you've simply expanded your property.

IV: Do you see where I am going with this?

EJ: What you are saying is the house is the One Presence who can expand to accommodate the many alterations and additions to the house but is still the one house, am I right?

IV: Not quite but there are similarities. The house changes through modifications and its value may increase or decrease depending on market forces. I, the One Presence, never change; nothing can add to or take away from my perfection. I simply am.

Ownership is the equivalent of Presence. Your name is on that property for as long as it's yours. It matters not whether the house is refurbished, modified or extended, the ownership status remains the same. Everything in that house is yours. Even if you let it out the property is still yours. Similarly, I am the One Presence in all, everywhere, whether there are 1 billion life forms or infinite life forms.

What if you decided you wanted to demolish the house that you've refurbished in favour of a shopping mall, is that shopping mall yours or someone else's?

EJ: It is yours of course as long as you still own it.

IV: In other words, whether there are infinite life forms or none, I am the One eternal Presence.

EJ: Thank you. I like this metaphor very much, it makes a lot of sense now why there is always the One Presence no matter what. The One Presence truly is life.

IV: Yes.

EJ: I had a thought this morning. As one develops awareness of self, you think about your body as you, then your think of your family and friends as yours. You might continue to expand your idea of self to include work colleagues, those of similar race, nationality, education, politics, gender, religion and class as you. You might even expand your sense of self to include all of humanity. There are those who continue expanding self to include the earth, the solar system, the universe until your self encompasses all. Then you can say that you are the One Self.

IV: This is the secret of God-realisation: realising your self as the one Self and Presence in all. Then you are everything, the one "I" in all.

EJ: When you realise yourself as the One Self or Presence, it doesn't matter what part of the galaxy you are experiencing life, all is one.

IV: Indeed.

EJ: This is great. I'm enjoying our dialogues.

IV: Thank you.

EJ: No, thank you.

IV: No, thank you.

EJ: We could go on like this forever.

IV: We already are.

EJ: Indeed.

With Love,
The One "I"

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Am Being

There is only One having life. You cannot pick and choose what should be included in oneness and what should be left out. Oneness is all-inclusive. It takes practice to be able to see all as you. I have to admit there are some things I find challenging like the weather, or thought forms passing off as the weather. I feel the wind and sometimes I resist as I don't much care for breeze, then I remember to affirm "Only One Exists."

Yesterday, I had this idea to go for a walk but was in two minds about it as the place I had in mind didn't appeal to me. I had stopped walking along the local canal because part of that footpath has holes and when it rains, which it had earlier, one has to hopscotch around the puddles. While I don't mind puddles, I have to be in the mood. Why was I thinking about walking along that particular canal?

I got on the bus in the direction of the canal. At one point, the bus stopped at a traffic light. A car pulled up beside us and it was blasting out one of my favourite Michael Jackson tracks Don't Stop Till You Get Enough from my favourite album of his, Off the Wall. It was as if I was being acknowledged for the piece I wrote about him the other day (see link). I moved my head to the beat until the car moved away. A passenger behind me asked me if I was a fan. I said I was a big fan.

The bus arrived at the stop where I was meant to get off but I couldn't be bothered. At the next stop I felt a force compelling me to get off so I did, reluctantly. I decided to walk in the opposite direction to the canal, along the river which was very pleasant. I met a few people on the way. I even came across and stroked a reluctant dog being dragged along on its walk. I know how you feel doggie.

After a while I was going to get the bus back because I was still reluctant to walk along the canal further down but I had a feeling I should head in that direction. I had a thought to practise "I am being." This means that it is not the personality Enocia walking but the one "I" in all walking or being. I am not seeing other walkers and cyclists "I" am being. I walked in silence. I had a sense of oneness that everyone was taking that walk with me. It was as if I wasn't actually walking, I was being walked. When the One is taking the walk, every step is new and so you're not tired. When I arrived at the footpath along the canal I saw the holes had been sealed. Excellent! I walked in stillness.

Just as I was going to turn off the canal I had a feeling I should stay on the footpath until further down. After a few minutes I saw a young man throwing up. He had his bicycle beside him. I asked him if he was OK. He said he wasn't feeling well and blamed his sickness on the smell coming from the canal. He also told me where he'd cycled from which was a long way away. The funny thing is I'd just come from the same place and had to get two buses to get back. He said he just felt like cycling from there to where I live. I wished him well and he thanked me for my concern. After a few minutes I heard a cyclist approaching behind me at full speed so I stepped out of the way. It was the young man all energised. He waved and sped off. What are the chances of meeting someone who has just come from the same place as you. Easy. There is no such thing as a coincidence, there is only the One being.

Later while I was asleep I woke up to pins and needles again as if my whole body was on fire. I thought "I am Being." I was immediately in peace and went back to sleep. I had a kind of nightmare; I was being attacked by a man who had just murdered someone. Just as he was about to inject me with poison, I thought "I am Being," and the man stopped and realised he had no intention of hurting me. Then I woke up from that dream.

The dream represents what happens when we are not in oneness and see others as different from us. We are always in defence. The moment you realise all is One, you wake out of that nightmare.

In a previous article called The Real Work I talked about Mickey Mouse jobs. This morning while I was waiting for a bus, a young lady stood next to me. She had on a jacket that had pictures of guess who? Mickey Mouse. Yeah, yeah Universe, very funny!

"I am Being" is a powerful affirmation that acknowledges that there is only the One having life. The One "I" is Infinite love, peace, joy, truth, and good, and the one life in all. Every action is "I am Being."

I am Being,

Finding Peace

"The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17: 20-21)
"I am the LORD; and there is none else." (Isaiah 45: 18)
Everyone is looking for peace of mind. We know it exists and is achievable otherwise we wouldn't want it so much. We believe peace of mind leads to peace in the world. We look for peace in others and in places. How do we find lasting peace? I can only speak from experience.

I first experienced the peace of God "which passeth all understanding" during meditation. Though I knew this lasting peace to be within, I couldn't duplicate it in my every day life. I still had the belief of peace being outside of me. I believed a particular place would give me peace. I even went through a phase when I hated living in London as I didn't think it was a place of peace. I also believed peace could be found around certain people and not with others. When I started living with my mother, I found I couldn't be at peace around her as we were so different. I spent lots of time on my own wanting to be in peace. I believe it is very important to spend time on your own to be at peace, but if you are not at peace when you're with others, you haven't quite got peace.

During my search for the peace that I already am, I came across the concept of "to have peace you must give it away." I was even involved in group meditations for peace and practised my own blessing ritual for peace. Can you imagine how many meditations for peace are carried out each day? Why is there no lasting peace? Because it's not that simple. Giving away peace through blessing or whatever ritual is simply channelling energy to a place or people. If it's someone you're giving peace to, he will feel peaceful for a short while. But if he wants to continue to have this energy he either has to keep asking for more or look to the source so he can have unlimited supply of peace. As for the one giving to receive, well again, why not find the source so you will also have access to unlimited energy?

With further meditation practice, I realised that the peace of God was who I am. I didn't have to give peace to have it as I was/am peace. It no longer mattered what was going on around me as I was peaceful. I could let things be and accept things as they are. Naturally, you have to remain in that consciousness. You have to master inner silence where you can go about your business and be in silence. The moment you start thinking it's back to square one. But at least I knew this peace was always present.

I believe there is a way to have lasting peace without effort. This is realising that only One exists. The One is the only Love, Life, Truth and Power. Since there is only the One, there is no other to oppose the One. When you haven't got anyone to oppose you what is there to fight about? When you have nothing to fight over, you are peaceful.

To put it another way oneness, the One being the One, means there is only you. What you do to others you are doing to yourself as there is only you. Thus, you love others as self not because loving others makes you loving or gives you love, but because it is the only way to be. The other you might appear different but he is still you. The other you might have a face that looks like a screen and a keyboard attached to it, but it is you. Peace is realising that all is One.

Jesus describes Oneness this way:

"When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female not be female, when you make eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in the place of a hand, and a foot in the place of a foot, and an image in the place of an image, then shall you enter the Kingdom." (The Gospel of Thomas)
Nations will stop fighting other nations when people realise they are One.

Yesterday while waiting for a bus, a woman joined me at the stop. I smiled at her but she didn't return my smile. She stooped and found a penny. I thought to myself, Damn! Why didn't I find that penny? Oh well, she's me anyway so if she's happy, I am happy. I watched the woman clean the penny with a piece of tissue and kiss it. Then the woman explained to me in broken English that in the Czech Republic where she is from, when you find a penny you kiss it because it's considered good luck. I smiled at her. Then she talked about the British weather which is forever changing. We both laughed. She described the weather back home and her life over there. She said she was a school teacher in the Czech Republic but can't teach in the UK because her English is not very good. She said she has to work as a nanny or child minder. For a few minutes we chatted like old friends. Then our bus arrived and we parted company. I knew she was me in disguise and there was peace between us. Even if we hadn't chatted, there would still be peace. This is a demonstration of oneness.

There is already peace on earth for peace is who we are.

Love and Peace,