Vector8 Journals

Saturday, May 01, 2004

How Startrek Saved the Day

I believe that God gave us desires, things which we love doing, not only to connect us with eternal joy but to also use that moment to know more about who we are being. The Kingdom of God is always where we're at, whatever we're doing. Some of my favourite things in the Kingdom include Raisins and Star Trek The Next Generation/Voyager. I've learned many vital spiritual lessons watching the re-runs.

Last year I discovered Science and Health, the Christian Science text book. I was so excited about its teaching I considered becoming a Christian Scientist. I'd been studying the book for about a month when tragedy struck. When I arrived home I saw that my mother was in agony. She said she'd sprained her ankle. She hadn't called for medical assistance but was waiting for me to help her. Now I've studied various energy healing techniques and my mother has always been my guinea pig but this was a whole new level, giving healing through prayer i.e. trusting in God! My mother said it was time to put what I was learning into practise. Panic!!

I decided to go to the living room and think about how I was going to approach this healing. The whole idea is to let God/Christ work through you anyway and I was sure it was a done deal. I switched the TV on and caught an episode of StarTrek, The Next Generation. It was one I'd never watched before.

The Captain and the Android, Data, return from a mission and discover that the crew has been infected by an alien virus and have mutated into various species. The Captain then contracts the same virus and starts to experience initial symptoms of mutation. Data is immune as he's an android. It is now up to Data to find a cure.

There had to be a lesson in there somewhere. My mother was seeing herself as injured and it was my duty as the healing channel to see her as the Perfect being that she is and not be affected/infected by my senses or belief in "injury".

A passage from John 9 in the Bible came to mind about when Jesus' disciples asked him whether a blind man asking for healing was born blind because of his parents sins. Jesus replied that no one had sinned but he'd been born blind in order that God would be glorified; then Jesus healed him. I believe this scripture was revealed to me because there was a part of me that was still conditioned and attributes an injury or sickness to one's thoughts, past or karma etc. The whole idea of Jesus and his teachings was for mankind to move away from the "Law of Moses" or cause/effect to the Law of Truth and Grace. We are to trust that wholeness exists in the ever present Christ consciousness, which knows nothing of past or future. I realised that I had to remove that block from my own consciousness before I could help my mother.

A few minutes later I put the TV on mute and gave my mother treatment. I paid no attention to the how of the "injury" and simply instructed her to sit down and relax. Then I reminded her that she is perfect and nothing can impact or influence that perfection and wholeness. In silence I prayed: "Thank you God that you are my mother's health and she is perfect as you are perfect." I then grabbed her right arm and told her to get up and walk.

My mother got up and walked perfectly; she was healed. She was amazed and kept saying that it was as if nothing had happened. As you can imagine she was very excited and hugged me but I asked her to go and glorify God elsewhere as there was still 10 minutes left of StarTrek I didn't want to miss.

The episode ends with a cure being found for the crew which restores their DNA, rather the way God restored my mother's health.

Though I never became a Christian Scientist, I'm grateful for what the Christian Science textbook taught me: to have faith in God. "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." Philippians 2: 13. I'm also eternally grateful for God appearing as Gene Roddenberry, the creator of StarTrek.

Peace and Love.