Vector8 Journals

Saturday, May 01, 2004

As High as a Kite

I sat on a bench at Hampstead Heath
Watching people flying kites
With tails that whistled in the wind.
I was taken back to my childhood days -
Oh, the excitement of building your own kite,
And waiting for the glue to dry,
Just for that Easter Monday Bank Holiday,
As was the tradition in those days.
Kites maybe representing the Resurrection
Or Ascension, who can tell?
All I cared about was flying kites.

I had a thought that right where I sat
Was an unusual experience waiting to happen.
Soon a man cycled by, a smile on his lips.
"Right back at You!"
He returned and sat beside me,
Because I had a magnetising smile -
Oo-er missus!
We talked about kites
Said he had one at home
And maybe we could go fly it sometime.

Three days later I met my new friend
In Hampstead Heath.
He didn't have the kite (it was broken)
But as he was a local, born and bred,
He could give me a tour around the grounds
Where no ordinary walker has been before.
Then he revealed his true agenda.
"Here's the thing.
I have a girlfriend who lives in Poland
Who I see and travel with 6 months of the year.
How would you like to be my London-based girlfriend
And travel-mate for the rest of the year?"
"As attractive your proposition is," I said "How about
I become your girlfriend NONE of the months of the year?"
(We can always be friends).

We walked and talked
About religion and Christianity,
Travelling and wealth:
(He was actually a millionnaire).
We frolicked around in deserted woods,
Paid homage to nature,
Smelled the fresh and damp earth,
Ate ice cream at the local restaurant,
Sat on the grass and held hands like old friends,
While the hours melted away.
And then he said he would dearly love
To share with me pictures of his trips around the world.

We went to his house he shared with his mother
(She was out at the time).
Had a tall drink of juice
And it was up to his bachelor-pad of a bedroom.
He showed me slides on his laptop
Of Egypt, Australia, Bolivia, Canada
Peru, and many more interesting places;
Also photos of his part-time girlfriend
With her Polish part-time boyfriend beside her.
And then it was time to depart,
So he offered to drive me to the station.
But before we left and
As a parting gift
For making his day so special,
He gave me a statuette of the Buddha!

I was high as a kite!

(c) Enocia Joseph, 2003