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Monday, May 17, 2004

Faith and Healing

I’ve been inspired to write about healing today.

Years ago, before I came across truth teachings, I was healing using visualisation, energy, the angels and the Masters. Occasionally I would pray to God directly and receive personal healing from period pains and headaches. One day my filling fell out which meant I needed a crown fitted. I decided I was going to trust in God for the healing. After a day and nothing tangible was going on I panicked that I would get an infection. The next day I had calmed down enough to hear God’s response to my prayer: “Go to the dentist.”

Why would God be telling me to go to the dentist?

At the time I’d just left my job and was on social security. In the UK we have NHS (National Health Service) dentists who can provide services for those on benefits but there are not many of them. I went through the Yellow Pages and the ones who could help me wanted me to make an appointment. Even the one my mother went to didn’t have a slot. I thought God has got to find me a dentist if that what He wants me to do. I noticed a practice that advertised itself as “friendly.” They could see me right away. When I arrived I couldn’t believe it! This was the first ever dentist I’d ever been to in London!

Now I don’t enjoy being in a dentist’s chair so to make myself comfortable, I thanked God for being there doing the work, being the instrument, filling all space in that room. I had a crown fitted, a couple of fillings and didn’t have to pay a thing.

I ask the question again. Why did God want me to go a dentist when I had faith that He would heal me? The answer comes from St Paul who puts it this way:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” (Galatians 6: 7-8)

While I believed that God would heal me, I didn’t have the faith that God can create a new tooth. The fact that I was fearful of being infected suggests I was looking for a demonstration that was way beyond my understanding. God knew that I believed more in the material way and this is what I got.

Soon after, I came across Christian Science (CS) teachings and applied it to heal my mother who had sprained her ankle and because I had reached a new level of understanding she was instantly healed. God of course was the healer. I’m not saying one has to have an understanding before healing can take place, I’m saying that it depends on what one believes is possible. Science and Health, the CS textbook, opened my eyes to a realm where the impossible was possible to anyone not just Jesus. This is what helped me have the faith that healing a sprained ankle in seconds was possible.

Incidentally I have also used energy healing on a patient who had sprained her ankle and within a few minutes she could walk on it. However we were taught that we should work with orthodox medicine as we are not doctors. It turned out this woman had a physiotherapy appointment later. The physio examined her ankle and pronounced her well. So I know this method works as we pray to God before healing.

I have often wondered why some people pray to God and then end up using material methods. I remember hearing two Christian Scientists discussing their views about dentists. One said she applied CS principles and she has never needed to go to a dentist. The other said that she used the dentist because she believed God to be the intelligence behind dentistry. This got me confused. Who’s right, who’s wrong? The Spirit reminded that Jesus healed using material methods such as clay. He also healed by laying of hands (energy) and by speaking the word. In each case the patient had faith and it was done. There was one occasion when a centurion asked for healing on behalf of his servant. His faith was so strong that he said to Jesus to simply “say the word” and his servant was healed.

I believe many of us who don’t have the faith for remarkable healings should find a ‘centurion’ – someone who can uphold us in faith. I believe that if I had had someone who had the faith to intercede on my behalf, there would have been no need me to visit the dentist.

Am I saying that I advocate faith in God through material methods? I’m saying that it is all spiritual. It all depends on one’s perception of reality. The various methods available are mere symbols. If you choose to use a doctor, the doctor is a symbol. He has symbols of faith in his practice: certificates, the white coat, a stethoscope etc which lets you believe in him. If you pray to God and then go to see a doctor then that is where your faith is. It might sound like a contradiction but it’s not; so long as you understand that God is ever present and the doctor is a symbol only.

On the other hand say you prayed about cancer. You visit a specialist and are so mesmerised by the doctor’s belief, that it is impossible to cure, that you have x amount of days to live, then you are praying amiss. You are demonstrating faith in the material only. Your healing is only as good as the doctor, technique or technology.

I have been trained in many different healing techniques but one thing I know is that God is the healer. It matters not whether you go to a dentist, an osteopath, or spiritual healer.

When we put our faith and trust in God, He meets us exactly where we are.

Blessings be to all,

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