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Saturday, May 01, 2004

God Doesn't Play Favourites

I've always loved cats. Maybe it's because my eyes are shaped like a cat's, I don't know. I always wanted to have my very own. When I was very young we lived in an apartment building where the neighbour on the other side had a beautiful black cat. I immediately fell in love with him. My family thought the woman with whom the cat lived was very strange. Mum told me not to play with the cat. But he came over to see me every day and eventually I got to know his guardian. My neighbour turned out to be a very nice lady and my family and her soon became friends. I spent many afternoons after school in her sitting room stroking the cat, feeding him or playing games with my neighbour. After a while we moved away from that house. I was very upset to leave my furry friend. Mum promised she would get me my own cat at our new house.

At our new house we got a dog. It was the first time I had lived with a dog and I loved him. Yet I still pined for a cat. We soon got one but she wasn't as friendly and liked being left alone. She gave birth to six kittens. My brother and I chose a couple and the rest were given away. After a few days my kitten died. I was really sad. I tried to love my brother's but I missed mine so terribly. My brother's cat ran away. Then I discovered our new neighbours had this lovely white cat. She was soon a constant visitor to our house. My brother and I called her "Clarissa" because we thought she looked like a Clarissa. We never did find out what her real name was but she answered to Clarissa. We loved playing with her and she enjoyed the food we gave her. Every night she returned to her house. It didn't feel so bad when she went to her home because I always knew she would be back the next day. Years later we had to move to to another country. Although I missed Clarissa, I knew she had a home and other friends who loved her.

When I grew up and was living with friends, we lived next door to someone who had this fluffy white kitten which looked like a cotton wool. I called her "Snowy." Every morning she came in to say hello. She had the most adorable meow. She would run up the stairs and miaow until I let her in my bedroom, and she would hop on my bed. I fed her and even bathed her. I loved Snowy and she liked being around me and my house mates, but she always went home at night. Snowy had another name but she answered to Snowy all the same. I guess just like humans have two or more names, some cats can have two names also. Soon I had to move. Although I felt sad, I knew that Snowy would be OK because my friends, still living in the house, loved her and continued to feed her.

Over the years I have lived with a dog and several cats and I have loved them all. I never get tired playing, feeding and caring for cats and dogs. Often when I go for a walk and see a dog I would ask the guardian if I can have a stroke. I get so much pleasure stroking dogs and they always seem happy about the attention.

Cats and dogs have taught me a valuable lesson about love: I have so much of it and love is to be shared. You see God created us and God loves all his creation. God doesn't play favourites. Because I am God's creation, I also have God's love. When I was young and was attached to loving one cat, I was not open to the many opportunities to love other animals. I know it is lovely having your own pet, but I have learned that it is so much more fun when you love all animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, birds etc. You get to know about different animal behaviour, and they give so much love back.

I also use this same lesson to loving people. I have met many people and made many friends. Each time I meet someone new I love them and have so much fun with them, even if I never see them again.

If you ever have to say goodbye to your friends or pets, don't be sad. Be grateful for the wonderful times you have shared with your friends or pets. Remember that not only have you got the happy memories, you also have lots of fun to come meeting new people. Think of the fun of getting to know a new animal. You have so much love to give. God doesn't play favourites and as God's creation, neither can you.

(c) Enocia Joseph 2003