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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Immaculate Concept - Part 2

I am presuming from my last post that you're all holding Immaculate Concepts (IC) of all you meet and know. Great stuff! However there is another level to this concept which you should know about and it will make your lives so joyful that you will be grateful for being here right now on Earth. Note that what I'm about to share is so simple that if you're into complicating your lives, you might miss it. So here goes...

Holding ICs about someone is easiest when you ask the One who already knows and holds the ICs of all. By the One I'm referring to God, Love, Mind, Truth, the Universe, Higher Self - that which is the unifying force behind everything. You see there is an intelligence behind all, which is the source of all, that is appearing in infinite forms. The forms could either be very pure and refined, active or very dense. For instance in the material world the sun and its rays are very refined, then you have an erupting volcano which is active, and a stone which is very dense. Yet all of these originate from the same source. If you apply these ideas to human psychology, some of you have natures that are peaceful and calm; others who are into action can be aggressive and restless; while others are just inert and lazy. Many people of course have a combination of these natural states and people's professions are largely influenced by their dominant natures. These states depend on what parts of the Energy or Substance of God you are using, yet they are still part of the One.

Now as I type this piece, I'm in the library using a computer. God or the One is appearing not only as the other people around me but the computers, the chair I'm sitting on, the words I'm writing, the speed at which I'm typing, everything. God is in all and appears as all but in different manifestations.

Going back to the easiest way to use IC, all you do is you put out an intention to God that you would like to experience that person's IC and then do nothing and watch it being created. Writers will be able to relate to what I'm saying. If a sitcom writer, for instance, wants to create more laughs, what does He do? He creates a situation that would create laughs or brings in a new character. God is the Cosmic scriptwriter but also appears in the different roles cast in the movie, play or comedy.

I want at this point to discuss creative visualisation, i.e. using your imagination to create the life you want which is now very popular. There is a slight problem with this technique, however, that you're trying to co-create (as the term goes). No one can co-create with God. God does not and will not share His glory with anyone. Say, you achieve the desired results who gets the praise and thanks? Do you say OK God you get 50% cut of the glory and I keep 50%? What happens with this is you lose perspective and say how wonderful you've done and how you did this, or you did that. That is the personality speaking which loves self-adulation and it will separate you from the infinite source that is God. However you could visualise the perfect idea then release the vision to the Power within you that is infinitely greater than what is out there, and let it create in its own way. How does God bring dreams into manifestation? Remember I said that God is all there is so this means he creates, he directs- he does everything. I will explain how shortly.

There's another way to visualise which achieves what you want with no fuss and that is to ask that the perfect plan or IC be revealed to you. How? Time for a personal example.

Years ago I was with my boyfriend at the time, travelling in Australia; he lives there, I was visiting. We hadn't seen each other for a while so it was quite intense getting to know each other again and we were spending 24 hours together cooped up in a camper-van. By the second week we were we were barely on speaking term and ready to strangle each other. IC was the furthest thing from my mind in those days. There was only one thing to do so I prayed: "God you brought us together and you know how much I love this man, please help us to remember who we are." Immediately a picture flashed in my mind of my boyfriend standing behind me with his hands around my throat. Great, I thought, I'm being shown a picture of how I'm going to meet my maker! Soon after he stopped the van in a town so we could have a rest. I was feeling very hot and bothered by then and had this headache that wouldn't go away. As a chiropractor he offered to massage the back of my neck and my throat and so stood behind me to do it, which broke the ice between us. I then realised that that was the picture God had shown me in response to my prayer. But it doesn't end there. See when I first saw the picture, my human mind conceived it as very 'bad' and who knows if I'd continued to be petulant, death by strangulation may have occurred. However, the image was a demonstration that what is from God has to be made manifest. God who showed me the picture also created the situation so we stopped the car and because I had a headache (which God did not create of course), God as my boyfriend responded to my needs and we remembered who we were. Do you see what I mean? God was appearing as both of us, the road, the van, the town that was close by and was my boyfriend's hands that massaged my neck.

A few days later we got into another rut when we weren't speaking so again I said "God help!" Again God showed me a picture of my boyfriend giving me a loving hug. I thought "yeah, like that's going to happen, we're not even speaking to each other!" Soon we stopped at a "lookout" the Aussie term for a scenic view usually quite high up, and we got out to take a walk. By that time I'd seen so many lookouts I felt like jumping off one. Anyway, we spotted a lizard which amused me for a while then he noticed an injured beetle which an ant colony was about to make their supper. He picked it up and moved it up a branch of another tree. We were both so enthralled by the scenery, the plants, the animals, the insects and all the beauty around that we hugged. There was no way I of myself could have achieved this result. I had made the only first move I could muster by crying out for help, and even though I had a mustard seed faith I was open and God created the perfect situation and appeared as all the roles: both of us, the lookout, the lizard, the insects, the fauna and the atmosphere of love that we couldn't help but melt.

God is all and has created the many roles that we are currently playing just as Shakespeare wrote "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." If you want to experience people as God made manifest ask God to reveal it then sit back and enjoy the movie. You're in the office and you're not happy or you think someone is getting on your nerves, ask God to reveal HimSelf in you and your colleagues and then sit back and watch the

LOVE Action Movie
Starring God.


God as Consideration - your boss extends the deadline
God as Cooperation - your secretary is doing the best job she can
God as Joy - the man you thought was a right wally is actually making you laugh
God as Peace - the phones have suddenly gone quiet
God as Gratitude - your boss says thanks for all the good work

The cast is endless.

This is what prayer is: asking the script writer to write a new situation for whatever to be experienced and then don't try to do your bit, and make things happen just sit back and watch as opportunities are created so that God can star as HimSelf and appearing as everyone.

Remember that God will appear as Himself and will not tempt you. By this I mean God will not create a situation so you can demonstrate Love, i.e an irate customer so you can show patience. What's the point of that? That is the long-winded and difficult way. It's much easier for God to transform the customer to a loving man, or transform you to be so peaceful that whatever that the customer is transformed. God keeps things simple.

Now a word of warning, there are prayers that God will never answer. Let's put it another way there are many wishes that people have and while many of them come true not many of them are of God but the human will. A drastic example is imagine you are someone who works in the Mortuary of a hospital and business is very slow. You can't start praying for more action, this will be going against God's laws of life, harmony and health. No, these are the types of prayers that God ignores but if you're persistent your wish may come true but then as you're helping to create karma, you will have to suffer the consequences of your actions sooner or later. Ask in accordance with what is good for all. If you're not sure what to ask for then ask for Love and you can't go wrong since it's the highest you can go. Then sit back Baby and enjoy the movie!

To recap, this type of IC is to recognise that God is appearing as all in different guises. Since God is everything then he is the "author and finisher" of all experiences.

Pray in accordance with the good of all then be open for whatever instructions you receive. They may come as pictures, ideas, books, or an urge to do something so you follow that instinct. Your instinct may appear to take you in the wrong direction but trust since no one can ever be lost since God is everywhere and it is your little will that is deceiving you.

It doesn't matter if you have little faith, remember my Aussie experience I had little faith in the outcome yet it still manifested according to God's plan.

Observe as God creates all the opportunities required for such and such to happen and when you are allocated your role, act accordingly. I recently wrote a poem about a desire I had about wanting to experience riding a bike? I thought I was lost for a while then I met a stranger who also appeared 'lost' and we helped each other out and he gave me a ride on his bike, and we had fun for a while. That's because God was appearing as all and so there was no need for me to fear him.

If you prefer to visualise by all means do so but ALWAYS offer your vision to your Higher Self or God to perfect and then again do nothing. Just wait until you're guided to take the right action in the situation that God would have written just for you.

So dear friends, make IC part of your daily experiences wherever you are and whatever you're doing. You will notice you will become more and more conscious of events unfolding around you.

Remember to choose interesting scripts, OK?

Enocia Joseph
August 2003

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