Vector8 Journals

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Resist Not Evil

"But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil." (Jesus, Matthew 5: 39

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts." (Zechariah 4:6)
I was on my way home from the west end in London. I hopped on a bus. I chose a seat next to a young man who had just come from an anti-war demonstration.

"Do you mind moving your demo placard," I said to him. "It's blocking my view." He shifted it slightly.
"It's still blocking my view, can't you move it further away?"
"No. If you don't like it, sit somewhere else there's loads of other seats."
"I''m staying right here," I said. "Why don't you sit somewhere else?"

Our glares locked horns in a silent battle; neither of us was about to give way. I figured if I couldn't win this battle of wills there was only one thing to do.

"So tell me," I sneered. "What exactly motivated you to attend this peaceful demo in the first place?"
"Because I think going to war is wrong," he said.

He explained he had gone to the demo off his own back and not affiliated to any political party. He asked if I supported the demo or indeed attended any demos. I said I used to during my college days but I was now involved in meditations for peace.

It was as if I'd said the key word. Suddenly the tension melted and we were soon discussing our spiritual beliefs and life in general. We were old friends who had recognised each other behind the human veneer and were renewing our friendships as Spirit beings. We also discovered we shared interests in personal development courses, particular ones developing one’s mind power. He has been on a fire-walking seminar; I have attended seminars teaching you how to use the mind to bend spoons (i.e. the "spoon is not really there!") and breaking an inch thick board with your hand. (A couple of days later, I received a brochure from an NLP company inviting me to a seminar to do fire-walking, spoon-bending and board-breaking, but I passed on that one - been there done that). The bus journey with my new friend was the most fun and exciting I'd had in a long time and we didn't want it to end. Just before he got off the bus we exchanged big hugs and kisses.

I’d be hard pushed now to remember the young man’s face or his name but the one thing that will stand the test of time was the reminder that to win any battle you cannot do so by might as your opponent might be wielding a bigger or more dangerous weapon, just like my friend and his placard. It’s no use trying to use thought power, mind techniques, or mental powers as the other might also be more adept at mind manipulation. As it turned out my friend and I had both attended the mind power courses and bought the t-shirts. The only way you can win is by Love and then you realise that there was never an enemy in the first place nor is there ever a battle to be fought; just like my friend and I discovered that we were actually Spirit friends who hadn’t recognised each other behind our personality masks. This is what happens when you “resist not evil.”

Some time later, I started experiencing the first symptoms of a cold. It’s been years since I had a cold because I stopped believing in it. There are times though when as soon as I’ve felt the first symptoms like a sore throat I would quickly apply one of the many healing techniques I have collected over the years and I would be back to normal. This time the inner voice said “You’re not going to use any of your healing techniques, nor are you going to pray for healing. You’re going to relax in the truth of who you are, that you are already whole and perfect, therefore nothing can be added to you nor can anything be taken away from you.”

I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a go, how difficult can it be? I know that God/Spirit is who I am so it’s just a matter or realising this truth. I also know that having a cold is merely a symptom of the mass hypnotism of the race or carnal mind that leads people to believe in the law of disease, contagion, climatic conditions etc. But it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. In the meantime my physical body was getting worse, I ached all over, my nose was all bunged up, I was coughing and feeling pretty miserable. My mother called and “diagnosed” that I had the flu. Great! The inner voice kept telling me to rest in stillness and “resist not evil.” I was told to deny nothing and not to use any mental powers by trying to fight error with truth as it would be giving power to the illusion. Spirit is the only power.

I was sick for two days. During that time I observed myself as two selves. There was the Me who was observing the whole drama dispassionately and was in total bliss. There was the other self struggling with the belief that I was my body so if my body ached I ached, and feeling pretty miserable at finding myself in this situation. This conditioned self is the sum total of beliefs held by majority of us that one needs to fix the body by any means necessary be it allopathic or complementary, mental powers, prayer or otherwise and this self has no idea how to go au naturale. At one point I became delirious and the conditioned self got me to list all my healing techniques. "Go on use one of them." She said. "Surely God doesn’t want you to suffer! Doesn’t it say that God helps those who help themselves? Who’s gonna know? You can even phone a friend!" I wouldn’t listen. I knew that there couldn’t be two of me. One of them was most definitely a counterfeit version and I knew that the Self that was in bliss and wanting me to rest in stillness was the real Me. When I fully accepted that realisation all the symptoms disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

For the first time I have to say I felt truly humble. I realised that I was only a minute part in the whole drama of manifestation. Infinite Intelligence doesn’t need to be told what has to be done, nor does It need assisting, It is doing its job perfectly well without any interference on my part. How could I ever have imagined that I knew anything about health or indeed how to heal. I mean if you think about it, Consciousness is what is appearing as the world we see around us but this consciousness is the unmanifest state. This unmanifest state is unmanifest perfection, wholeness, peace, love, truth, joy, abundance, all there is that is all good. It is like having a bank account with billions of Pounds that has been stored for your use and remains unclaimed because you prefer to earn the money your way, to be independent. When you allow the unmanifest state, be it wholeness or perfection, to take form you are letting your real Self run the show. When you get in the way by applying healing techniques or think you know what is best then you block whatever good that is yours by right and you end up being stuck in the human dream whose wisdom is infinitely limited. We are the unmanifest and this means that what is in manifest state is nominal and doesn’t even make a dent on infinity. Even scientists have acknowledged that the majority of the universe is anti-matter which is the equivalent of the unmanifest state. With that information doesn’t it sound foolish trying to instruct Infinity on how to run the show?

After the healing experience the first temptation hit me the very next day I went out. I spotted a woman taking her poodle for a walk. He was really beautiful and I asked if I could stroke him. While I stroked him she relayed to me what was wrong with the poodle.

"He’s been ill you know and has lost so much weight and the poor dog is now a former shadow of himself. The medication the vet has given him causes alopecia. Poor love, he’s a bit shy now that he’s looking so skinny and pathetic; these types of dogs are usually very vain. I’m sure he feels really good that you’re giving him all this attention."

I nodded politely while secretly realising the truth that Consciousness was appearing right where we were and the truth about us is that we are perfect and unconditioned. I then wished them good day and went about my business.

Temptations continue to appear everywhere I go whether in the form of disease, sickness, aging, poverty, etc and all these are reminders for me to stay in the truth of reality that Spirit is the substance of all that is appearing in the manifest world.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if we are going to change the world to the peaceful state many of us dream of, we’re going to have to relinquish all power and let Spirit do its work. Humanity is currently in the mental state where they are using mind power and thoughts to change their environment or their lives. The last thing we need are new techniques, new inventions or new technologies. What mankind needs badly are people who are courageous enough to “resist not evil” and let go of all they thought they knew and submitting themselves to Consciousness, that which is infinite intelligence. Healing within the spiritual realm is about leaving effects alone. You never try to change what is in the material realm of existence. You simply rest in the Truth of who we are and this Truth will then be made manifest as harmony and love on earth. Man will become the blissful creature he innately is and the world will be transformed accordingly.

The principle of “resist not evil” is not an easy one; it is one that leads you to walk the narrow way of Life. It is a lonely one that many are not prepared to take but this is where humanity’s freedom lies. Sooner or later we are going to have to take that step and wake up from the material dream with its weapons of mass destruction in material and thought forms, to the spiritual reality which is pure consciousness, pure unmanifest energy, pure love and bliss.

I believe it is possible for humanity to wake up and the reason I do is because that reality already exists Now in the unmanifest state. We simply need to "let go and let God."

Enocia Joseph