Vector8 Journals

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Astral Travel

A few astral travellers trying to show someone how to get to his destination.

A: Let me show you how to get there. Turn right, or left; go up or down and you'll get there.

B: No you've got it completely wrong. Why don't you broaden your horizons instead of doing everything in an astral way? Get on the bus and when you get to that old church, the place you need is three stops behind.

C: You've both got it wrong. This is how you get there, it's here.
A & B: Where?
C: Here.
A & B: What do you mean "here"?
C: I mean here, you're already there.

ps: after all that, the one they were showing got lost.

D: Sorry guys, I tried to astral travel but couldn't get there.
All: Forget it, it's the thought that counts.


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