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Thursday, August 19, 2004

How Like-Minds Attract

It's wonderful how you can attract people who share your joy, even if only for a moment.

I was in the bookshop about to browse. I went past a rack and looked longingly at Herge's Adventures of Tintin, comics I used to enjoy reading as a child. I 'accompanied' Tintin on numerous thrilling adventures around the world. I remember reliving each story with my older brother, who was also a huge fan. I can barely remember the details now but I still recall the joy I felt as a child.

I sat down in a chair to browse. A while later, someone sat on the next chair beside me, but I was too engrossed in what I was reading to pay him any attention. As he was about to leave I noticed he had a Tintin comic.

"Are you into Tintin then?" I said.
"Yes I used to love reading Tintin as a child," he said.

I recognised that look - the joy of Tintin in his eyes. He said he couldn't afford to buy them but he was chair hopping while he indulged in his childhood passion. For a few moments we connected simply because of our love for the private investigator, Tintin; his dog called Snowy; Captain Haddock who was fond of saying: "thousands of blistering barnacles!"; the absent-minded Professor Calculus; the accident prone Thompson Twins; and the butler, Nestor. Pure bliss!

The interesting thing is I once had a relationship with a guy who had the same red hair and quiff as Tintin, though he was a lot taller. He said many people thought he looked like Tintin. His name was Tim but I sometimes called him Timtim.

I had ginger hair as a child; my nickname as a child was "ginger." But my hair grew darker out of pure peer pressure as it wasn't the norm for black people to have ginger hair. Years ago I went through a phase of dyeing my hair ginger and styled my hair in a Tintin quiff. That was fun!

I think it's marvellous when you meet someone who shares your passion.

Have a joyful day,
Love EJ

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