Vector8 Journals

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


The internet world has its own jargons, enough to baffle anyone new to the language. There are even dictionaries for those of us who are too slow to understand.

I have come up with a few alternative meanings and new jargons.

BTW = Back to Work. This is when you've been using the internet at work and your boss walks in so you end the conversation abruptly.

LOL = Lots of Lolly. (Lolly is a British slang for money); Lucky on [the] Lotto - this is when you're trying to make others envious.

IMAO = Imagination Maketh an Orangutan - in those moments when you're experimenting with surrealism.

IMHO = In My Hamster's Opinion - again a moment of surrealism.

IMEO = In My Exalted Opinion - the state I'm constantly in.

Here are a few you won't see on the Internet:

WTF = What the Fuck is she on about etc?

TIT = This is Terrific/Terrible!

TIN = This is Nonsense!

TIF = This is Fantastic!

TIC = This is Crap!

WAP = What a Plonker! (plonker is a British slang for "idiot" )

BAR = Blowing a Raspberry (which is a British slang for: "flatulent imitative sound made with the lips and tongue, either expressing derision or used humorously for its rude associated qualities. From the rhyming slang raspberry tart meaning 'fart'. {Informal}" )

So there you have it, more jargons. I would love to hear if you've got some new ones.

LOLAHAKAL = lots of love and hugs and kisses and laughter

ps: Don't even think of responding with TIC, WAP!