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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Big Picture, Detail or Both

Have you ever wondered whether the way you process information makes you are a Big Picture type, a Detail type or Both?

Though I can be very analytical, I'm very much a Big Picture type. I read about people experiencing nature and they describe the different feelings, textures, sights and sounds and I think, "gosh, how did you experience all that?" As for me, I go on a walk and I see trees, birds, and flowers. I've tried writing fiction using descriptive narrative. While I was very good at it, it felt like eating someone's cooking and not liking it but you're trying to be polite and not offend your host. Since writing narrative didn't give me joy, I stopped doing it. Besides, it's really not how I see the world. I'm more into abstract ideas. The universe is a huge blob of energy.

Years ago, when I was on a trip to Australia, I was with my boyfriend at the time, who was a Detail kind of guy. I believe he studied zoology or biology at university. I pestered him about what's what. On one of our many walks in the forest I said to him, "Can you hear the sheep?"
"Yes, yes" he sighed. "I can hear the crow."

I've returned from my mission on earth to Planet Vector8. I am having a meeting with the Council of 12. They ask me what earth was like.

"Well, Earth is made up of water, land, animals, birds, nature, people, buildings, various types of transportation and stuff."

The head of the Council of 12 raises his pointy head. "Is that all?" He squeals. (Squealing is how Vector8 beings communicate when they have to). "Surely, there has to be more to earth than that."

"Hmmm! Let me see now." I'm frantically wracking my brain for more details. "I've just remembered. There are lots of red double-decker buses and people with mobile phones."

If I had the belief that I put myself in a situation to learn a lesson, then I would say I chose my mother to test me. My mother is a Detail person. She is also very much into dates and time, while I don't give two hoots about them. The best watch I ever had didn't have any numbers. I would guess what the time was, which was great. The funny thing is I always arrive on time when I have to. I don't wear a watch now but I have a little time piece in my bag. It glares so much that when someone asks me the time, it takes a while for me to tell the second hand from the minute hand. I tend to keep it in my bag. Besides, there are lots of clocks everywhere just in case.

There are times when I need details and when I do, I either check the Internet or ask someone. Besides, there's a part of Me that knows when the buses run and what's in stock at supermarkets, so I don't need to worry about details, I only need to tune in, as and when.

So I guess I'm a Big Picture type. I still love observing people and events. Here are a few:

The other day, I eavesdropped two women discussing a gardener.

"Is he any good?" one said..
"He's a bit of a hack-merchant."

That made me smile. A hack-merchant sounds to me like a con-artist passing himself off as a gardener, and going about hacking every shrub in sight.

In a particular part of North London are two Doner Kebab takeaway shops, directly opposite each other.

One has the sign: "Probably the Best Kebab in the UK."
The other one has a sign: "The Best Kebab on the Planet."

Now tell me, which Kebab shop will you be drawn to? I wonder which shop is more successful. My view is the former attracts more customers because the Brits love underdogs.

I was about to do the vacuum cleaning the other day. I tried to psyche myself up since I don't like any sort of housework. While I was busy suctioning away the fluffs I had a thought. I wonder how the guy who invented it got inspired! I know...this is how it happened.

Picture this, a woman asks her husband for the umpteenth time to clean the carpets. He says he will. She's on her way out. He asks her for a final kiss before she goes out. She says, only if he promises that by the time she gets back the carpet will be clean. They exchange a long snog. When his wife goes out, the man sits staring at the dirt and fluff on the carpet. He's also thinking about the snog he's just had with his wife and a lot more to come later. He has a thought, wouldn't it be nice if I can snog those fluffs off the carpet? Now that's an idea, maybe I could invent a "snogger."

Not long after, the first "snogger" is invented. The inventor and his partner argue over the name. His partner doesn't think people are going to buy something called a "snogger." After much deliberation and brainstorming, the name "snogger" is replaced with "vacuum cleaner." This, in God's honest truth, is how it happened. Humour me will you, I have to amuse myself when I am doing the hoovering!

You know I have double-vision in one eye. I sometimes can't tell whether someone is going or going.

In conclusion, whether you are a Big Picture type or Detail't remember what I was going to say. Probably too much detail.

Have a lovely day,
Love Enocia

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