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Monday, October 18, 2004

Alien Abduction - An Alternative View

I've read many books and accounts of people who claim they had been abducted by aliens. One thing that's fascinated me is the loss of time. Abductees describe how they "return" to normal awareness and realise they've been gone for hours and yet have no memory of the event. Hmmm! Here's an insight I received the other the bus.

On my journey I decided to play a game of purple. I wanted to see purple all around me. Boy, oh, boy! I never realised so many people in London drove purple cars. Or had they appeared because I had put out the intent?

Anyway, when I got on the bus, two coppers (policemen) got on. I thought to myself, "you ain't getting any action here." About 20 minutes into the journey a car pulled up beside the bus. The two coppers ran towards the driver asking him to let them off. They jumped off and went into the car. This car was no ordinary car, it was purple with sirens. As far as I know, police cars in the UK are not purple. I am aware some police officers drive ordinary cars, but the fact that this particular car was purple beggars belief.

My bus drove by a parade of a group of Africans. Going by the women's outfits, I would say they were Ghanaians. They were marching and singing and were accompanied by a band. The remarkable thing about this parade was the colour of their outfits - white and purple. Say no more!

You might ask, what has this got to do with alien abductions? Everything. How do you know that when abductions occur, some entity wasn't having a human day; just like I was having a purple day and attracted purple experiences? Let's say an ET is a tad bored and he thinks, "hey, wouldn't it be fun if I could attract loads of humans?" Those humans who are open to the idea are drawn to the intent. Before you can say "ET phone home" the humans are in a trance and end up losing all sense of time.

I started to think. Hmmm! I wonder if the people in the parade and the drivers of those purple cars were all in a trance thinking "purple."

Later that evening I spotted a cute campervan which reminded me of one a friend used to have. It was even the same colour (not purple, I hasten to add). As my bus was going to make a detour picking up other passengers, I put out an intent that it would be lovely to get a closer look at the campervan, for old time sake. When my bus got back on the main road I saw the campervan ahead. The traffic lane the campervan was on came to a standstill, while my bus, on the other lane, drove past. I had a peek and then blew it a kiss goodbye.


If you ever find yourself thinking "purple" and miles away from where you intended to be, you may have entered the Twilight Zone.


Enocia, the Extra Terrestrial

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