Vector8 Journals

Friday, October 01, 2004

Cherished Memories

One day I sat in a park
Watching the kids on their bikes.
I always wanted one as a child
But we were too poor to afford a cardboard wheel,
Let alone a two-wheeler.
It would be such fun to be a child for a day
And ride a bike for a few moments.
Now that would be a dream come true.

A few days later I was taking a walk
Through the local marshes,
Going deeper and deeper, getting lost.
Someone appeared and pointed the way
In the opposite direction.
A young man approached me, a bike by his side
He was lost, could I show him the way?
"Follow me!" I said, the blind leading the blind.

As it was a long walk back, the young man suggested
How about if he gave me a lift on his bike,
I could sit in front and he could cycle behind?
I jumped at the chance.
I was excited and scared, felt unsteady and strange,
"Don't worry" he said "I'll take care of you."
After a while I said, "Do you mind if I walk?"
He said "OK, but let's rest a while and talk."

We found a secluded and grassy spot.
He took off his jacket which he spread
On the grass for me to sit on.
He asked me if I would go out him.
I lied and said I was already attached.
(Cute, great body, but not really my type).
We exchanged stories of places we'd been
He told me he was originally from Germany.

I marvelled at his biceps, three times my size
He confessed he was an up-and-coming
Local heavy-weight boxer.
I listened in awe to stories of past bouts.
He lifted me, firefighter's style, around one shoulder;
I shrieked "Put me down! Put me down!"
We rolled and wrestled on the grass -
He was like my little, big brother.

I lay on the crook of his arms,
We gazed at the clouds and
Shared more life stories;
I laughed till tears ran down my cheeks.
After an hour he said he was off to the gym.
Would I like a ride back?
I'd had too much excitement that day,
So I said if he didn't mind, I would rather walk.

With a big bear hug
And fond farewells
My childhood friend for the day
Cycled out of my life,
But straight into the shed of my heart.

Enocia Joseph 2003