Vector8 Journals

Friday, October 01, 2004

I'm Right There With You

I am Truth.
You seek me everywhere
You think I am elusive
But it's easy you see,
I am right where you are.
Let's say Truth is like
Life here on Earth,
How would you experience me?
You could travel by air, sea or land
You could burrow beneath me.
Rest assured you will find me.
Whatever route you take,
I'm right there with you.

I have devised many forms
For you to experience me.
You could be a fly, mosquito or bee
You may crawl like a snake, a worm or a snail.
How about a lion, elephant, or sheep?
Oh, what fun it is being a shark, whale or jellyfish;
Or be disguised as an owl, eagle or sparrow!
You could stand tall, sturdy as an oak tree,
Or as graceful as a Lilly.
It makes no difference to me
How you appear.
I'm right there with you.

Hey have you forgotten I created humans too?
(Hmmm! Not sure what I was thinking of).
You may be any race
Any religion, you choose.
What nationality do you fancy?
Maybe you're male or female,
Rich or poor -
You're totally free
To believe what you wish.
Doesn't matter to me
What theories you dream
Up of who I am,
I'm right there with you.

I am Truth
I am easy to find.
Right where you are,
Is where you'll find me.
If Truth is like
Life here on earth
There is only one answer:
It is I expressing myself.
Don't you realise
All there is, is Me?
So what difference does it make
What method you choose?
However long it takes you,
I'm right there with you.

Enocia Joseph