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Friday, October 08, 2004

Playing with Beliefs

Last night, I watched a documentary on television called "Horizon" about how the dinosaurs became extinct. What, another explanation! A scientist was challenging the long held view that a meteor had hit earth at some point in time. She proposed that there were actually two meteors at different times, not just the one. One scientist, who held the "old" view, was desperately trying hard to find "hard evidence" to support his view, while the revisionist scientist was doing her best to support hers. Another scientist put forward another explanation that the cause of extinction was acid rain; while another argued that the extinction was part of evolution, hence, the meteor and natural disasters only helped speed up the inevitable. The programme concluded that the extinction was a combination of various factors: meteor, tsunami, natural disasters and evolution.

The way I see it, the scientists had their beliefs and were trying to prove their ideas based on what they believed to be true. Each scientist was able to support his belief with "hard evidence." I was definitely sold. They were all right.

A funny thing happened on the bus this morning.

I'm sitting beside this woman. There doesn't seem to be much room and her arm is squashing mine. I have what you would call twiggy arms. When I am experiencing myself as physical, someone with bigger arms pushing against me feels as if I'm being crushed.

Next, I shift my perspective into experiencing reality as formless. I feel myself being fluid. The squashing sensation is transformed into a gentle buoyant movement around my arm. I explore the wonder of our two arms merging and becoming one, like salt melting into water, which feels like a gentle stroke being shared between us. Yet, I am still very much aware of my own arm.

I shift perspective again. This time, I dismiss the woman's arm and the sensations as nothing. I feel nothing. The woman gets up and sits somewhere else. She is soon replaced by another passenger who is the same build as me. There's loads of room between us.

The experience on the bus was a demonstration of how different beliefs produce relevant experiences. I didn't judge any as good or bad, I was simply having fun.

One thing's for sure, no matter what I am experiencing, I am always the same.

I am Love,

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