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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Three Wishes

I hope you still love me after you've finished reading this story.

Yesterday, on the bus, I had a remarkable experience. All good things happen on buses, didn't you know?

A genie appeared. He granted me three wishes and cautioned me to choose carefully. Three wishes, I thought? It's a piece of piss i.e. piss easy, I am discerning enough to make wise choices.

My first wish I thought had to be personal. Charity begins at home, and all that. So I said: "I wish to have chocolate all around me, nothing but chocolate."

Zap, there was a smoke of purple energy and there was chocolate all around. The only snag was the genie had misconstrued my desire and transformed the whole world into chocolate. What's a girl to do? I didn't have that much of an appetite. Besides, it wouldn't be any fun without humans, so I had to consider a self-sacrifice.

My second wish was: "I wish everything to go back to normal."

Zap, a purple cloud appeared and the world was back to normal.

Damn, I only had one more wish. The genie reminded me to choose wisely. I thought hard about my last wish. Then would you Adam and Eve it (believe it), a man sat beside me and got on his mobile phone. He was speaking rather loud and I thought to myself, "I wish he wouldn't speak so loud."

Much to my dismay, I noticed another purple cloud and my wish was fulfilled. But, but, I didn't mean it. The genie shrugged and disappeared into his bottle.

What a bummer! Sorry folks, I had the opportunity to save the world and I blew it.

I wonder what you would do if you had three wishes?

Wishing you the very best,

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