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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Tip of the Day

I thought I would share a helpful tip for those of you interested in papier mache. Note that previous experience is not necessary but a desire to explore uncharted territory.

1. Take a piece of soft tissue, or any tissue you feel is soft.
2. This is when you get adventurous, chew it to a pulp. Those of you who are already Pica in temperament (i.e. people who crave non-food items like paper, wool etc) will enjoy this.
3. Don't swallow, no matter how tempting it is, just use your teeth to form patterns around the pulp.
4. Remove your chewed tissue, and store somewhere - in your pocket, bag, anywhere - for a few hours.
6. Eh voila, you have created a papier mache. You can paint it or do as you please.

There you go, the most inexpensive way to create your own papier mache!

Have a lovely day,
Love EJ

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