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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Beggar Maid

Here's another poem I love.


Love EJ

The Beggar Maid
by Alfred Tennyson

Her arms across her breast she laid;
She was more fair than words can say:
Bare-footed came a beggar maid
Before the king of Cophetua.
In robe and crown the king stept down,
To meet and greet her on her way;
'It is no wonder,' said the lords,
'She is more beautiful than day.'

As shines the moon in clouded skies,
She in her poor attire was seen:
One praised her ankles, one her eyes,
One her dark hair and lovesome mien.
So sweet a face, such angel grace,
In all that land had never been:
Cophetua swore a royal oath:
'This beggar maid shall be my queen!'

Source: The Beggar Maid

The Tortoiseshell Cat

I've always loved this poem. When I first heard it at school, it was supposed to illustrate the use of imagery and metaphors, which went way above my head at the time. I loved it because it was a poem about cats. I love cats.

Thanks to our friend, the Internet, I can now share it with you. Hope you love it like I do.



by Patrick Reginald Chalmers (first published in Punch magazine, 4 March 1914)

The Tortoiseshell cat
She sits on the mat
As gay as a sunflower, she;
In orange and black you see her blink,
And her waistcoat's white, and her nose is pink
And her eyes are green of the sea.
But all is vanity, all the way;
Twilight's coming and close of day,
And every cat in the twilight's gray,
Every possible cat.


The tortoiseshell cat
She is smooth and fat,
And we call her Josephine,
Because she weareth upon her back
This coat of colors, this raven black,
This red of the tangerine.
But all is vanity, all the way;
Twilight follows the brightest day,
And every cat in the twilight's gray,
Every possible cat.

Source: Cat Quotations

Life Lesson No. 666 - To Get More, Use What You Have

"For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath." (Matthew 25: 29)

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." (John 1: 14)

In my previous Life Lesson, I wrote about how my Yahoo email storage space had been increased to take into account my current needs.

I have a thought. What if my need is the equivalent of my realisation of infinity? Infinity is way too abstract to be applied in a practical way. What if the way to translate the infinite into a concrete form is for me to use what I have and I will receive more? Does this mean I need to give to receive? Yes and no. When I give/or use what I have, it's in my conscious awareness what I have to use or give.

For instance, I've noticed when I have an idea about something, it only becomes more lucid when I write the ideas down. Then I get more understanding and further insights.

In the same way, my email storage appears to demonstrate the above principle to "to get more, use what you have." In theory, my email storage is a zillion megabytes, but this means nothing in practical terms. What's the use of having a zillion megabytes if you're not using it? (Bear in mind, I'm referring to the free email service Yahoo provides, as I'm sure they offer a lot more if you pay). I would imagine Yahoo only gets a fair idea of its users requirements when they show how much they are using the Yahoo facilities. Thus, my storage space is increased as I use it more.

I know that everyone has access to infinite wealth but it remains a theory if you're not practising using what you already have. How does one practise what one has? By experiencing one's identity. I practise by Contemplation, Realisation, Meditation and Imagination. I practise Contemplation when I am writing and sharing ideas about how I experience my truth. I practise Realisation when my contemplations give me insights into who I am. I practise Meditation when I am still. I practise Imagination when I am visualising myself as Energy. As I practise being who I am, which is the same as using what I have, I am translating the Infinite, abstract, into the concrete. This way, Spirit is made flesh.

At least, this is my theory of Life Lesson no. 666.

Love always,

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Life Lesson No. 989,888,990,001,987,123.00989

This is an important life lesson so listen well.

Yesterday, I had a thought that my storage size is decreasing as I have 238 articles in one folder alone, let alone the others.

Later in the afternoon, I tried to get into my Yahoo email account and couldn't. I could have panicked that I would never be able to access them again. Actually, I did for a few seconds, then I let it go. In any case, I have another Yahoo email account which I was able to access. How very odd! I tried my other account again and I couldn't access it.

This morning, everything is working well but there is a noticeable difference. My account storage size has been increased from 100 mb to 250 mb. Yesterday, I was using 11% of my account. Now I'm only using 4%. Yahoo! I've even noticed they've added new facilities that I really love.

I also note that in my other Yahoo account, where I haven't got much info, the storage size remains the same at 100 mb. The Universe is taking care of my needs automatically. Brilliant or what!

My life lesson is to never take appearances seriously. If at first you can't log in, you could very well end up with a nice surprise.



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Poems about Food

When I was growing up there were two poems which put the fear of God in me about eating. One reminded me what would happen if I didn't eat and the other if I ate too much.

Enjoy...but don't take them too seriously. I haven't.

Love EJ

The Story of Augustus, Who Would Not Have Any Soup
Heinrich Hoffmann

In which we see the inevitable result of not eating enough of the right stuff.

Augustus was a chubby lad;
Fat, ruddy cheeks Augustus had;
And everybody saw with joy
The plump and hearty, healthy boy.
He ate and drank as he was told,
And never let his soup get cold.
But one day, one cold winter's day,
He screamed out -- "Take the soup away!
O take the nasty soup away!
I won't have any soup today."

Next day begins his tale of woes;
Quite lank and lean Augustus grows.
Yet, though he feels so weak and ill,
The naughty fellow cries out still --

"Not any soup for me, I say:
O take the nasty soup away!
I won't have any soup today."

The third day comes; O what a sin!
To make himself so pale and thin.
Yet, when the soup is put on table,
He screams, as loud as he is able-
"Not any soup for me, I say:
O take the nasty soup away!
I won't have any soup today."
Look at him, now the fourth day's come!
He scarcely weighs a sugarplum;
He's like a little bit of thread,
And on the fifth day, he was -- dead!

The Vulture
Hilaire Belloc

This one belongs on the refrigerator door.

The Vulture eats between his meals,
And that's the reason why
He very, very rarely feels
As well as you or I.
His eye is dull, his head is bald,
His neck is growing thinner.
Oh, what a lesson for us all
To only eat at dinner.

Source: The Book of Virtues

Monday, November 29, 2004

It's Only a Game - Part 2

In Part 1 of, we talked about what it means to experience life. I then asked how one can take control of one's life. How can one live consciously?

Let's start with recapping what I said in our previous dialogue. To experience life you need to have a desire. Since you are Source, desire has to be only make believe, as you cannot have a need for something when you already have it. You have to pretend you don't have such and such and wish to experience it. This wish or need is projected into your movie of life so you can experience it as a form. This is experience of life in the physical universe.

To be in control of your life, you need to have a constant awareness that you are All There Is. In other words, All There Is is your consciousness of Source. All There Is is Enocia. This means Enocia's consciousness is always in communication with Enocia's consciousness.

Remember the example of you wanting to find the ladies' toilet. You pretend you want to find the public toilets and you are already there. You as Enocia at the toilet, flashes out a signal to You as Enocia pretending to want to use it. You follow your own signals and find it. This is "like attracting like." Then you pretend to yourself how clever you are for finding it. Of course you're clever, you're only looking for yourself? Can you lose yourself when there is only you?
When you put it that way, it sounds like this game of life is a mad chase to nowhere.

Well said.
So I'm pretending to be what I already am. How do I become aware that I am playing a game? How do I prevent myself from being sucked into the movie instead of having fun with it?

You need to be aware that life is exactly like in a sleeping dream. Forget all the symbols and what a dream appears to be saying. Your dream is always about you. You are the one creating symbols to convey your own meanings. You are the dreamer and it's always about you and your take on reality. While you may from time to time pick up on other people's stuff, it is because you are choosing to. Start from the premise that there's no one else but you. Only One exists and it is You.

Second, since there is only You, everything that happens is about you. The universe has enough space for everyone to interact without interference. You all appear to be sharing lives but, in truth, each of you is dreaming your own dream. The game of life is Self-expression.

Though each of you has your own dream, your dreams are sometimes fulfilment of another's dream. The fact that you are here experiencing life is fulfilling your dream of self-expression on the one hand, while fulfilling your mother's dream of self-expressing as a "mother," on the other. You are expressing your joy of writing, which might fulfil another's love of exploring new ideas. You are dreaming possibilities for one another so you can all have fun together or apart. Yet, what you are dreaming are dreams only. A dream enables you to pretend to create what you believe you don't already have.

To wake up from the dream, first, you need to be aware of your real identity - the One who already has it all. Second, that your dreams are games of make-believe, which you use for that purpose only but don't take them literally.
I understand all this. What if I no longer wish to play the game? How do I opt out?

By choosing not to play it. Let's say you've believed so long that sickness is real. Since all around you is a dream, you know that sickness is not real. You've simply forgotten your real self is wholeness. If you're seeking health, you're actually pretending to be in need of health, which is another illusion. Wholeness knows neither sickness nor health. Wholeness knows no duality.

You're awake and no longer wish to play that game. How do you stop the pain or illness now that you know you've been playing a game? You have to let go of that particular dream. Another word for "letting go" is healing. Let go of the dream and be yourself.

You remember in the first part of our dialogue, I asked you to enter the state of Silence, and you stopped having the desire for chocolate? That is always the first step, to be the You that is consciousness, the observer who knows the truth that it is all a dream. Next, you may choose to continue to playing the game while being yourself.

You see, when you experience Silence, you stop experiencing the dream. In other words, you create a new reality. But once you're out of the Silence, you're back to the dream realm. The dilemma is do you stay in Silence? Yes you can stay in Silence and operate from Silence. You can be aware that you are pretending on the one hand, and not pretending on the other.
I thought we established that you can't feel desire and desirelessness at the same time?

Are you having any thoughts now?

You are typing this article effortlessly, are you not?
I guess.

It's because you are in a state of Silence. You started off with the premise that you wish to pretend you are expressing Wisdom. Then you let Wisdom express through you. You're still playing the game, however. If you want to completely opt out of the system, you're going to have to be in Silence forever, or "rest." I take it you have no intention of taking a "rest" any time soon?
Absolutely not!

That's what I thought. Inner Silence enables you to be in the system and yet out of the system. You realise that you're playing a game. You choose the game you wish to play, and you play the game in Silence i.e. let it express through you. You are now focused on being the You that is no longer playing the game on someone else's terms but on your terms only.
What do you mean by "You are now focused on being the You that is no longer playing the game on someone else's terms but on your terms only."

Let's take your love for chocolate as an example. You know that you like it because you wish to experience it, not because it can make you feel good about yourself. You know that you already can feel happy without chocolate. This is playing the game on your terms. Since you have decided to continue playing this game, you can always choose whether you wish to or not. If you get an urge for chocolate, you can check whether you really want some or whether you don't because you know you don't need it. There may come a time when you'll stop playing that game.
As a matter of fact, I've gone for about five years without thinking about chocolate.

Precisely. It always depends on what game you wish to play. Whatever game you play, always ensure that it is on your terms and not someone else's.
As a matter of fact, if All There Is is me, am I not therefore always always playing on my terms only?

Yes you are. You have been listening. (smile)

Let's continue the discussion about health. You have pain and you wish to be healthy. This is because you wish to stop playing the game of illness. You revert to Source. You let Source as health express through you. Note that you are playing a new game because there is no such thing as "health." Source knows neither sickness nor health, but you are choosing to play this game.
What if the dream reality tries to distract you?

Pay no attention to the dream. Do not react against the dream. Do not try to change the dream. Simply focus on who you are, consciousness experiencing reality in a detached way. When you react against the dream, you are forgetting that All There Is is You. Be the dream you wish to experience.
How do you opt out of a reality that you have been collectively dreaming?

By realising that only One is having life. There is only You, EJ, in the universe. You focus on who you are. You let whatever you wish to experience, whatever need you are creating, express through you. You don't listen to others because no one else exists, or they exist because you're dreaming they exist. Have you not noticed that you only see what you want to see? Someone might be standing in front of you and you pay no attention. Only if the other has something for you in terms of information does he come into your awareness.

When you live with the awareness that "Only You exist", you will find things happening when you need them. You will find roads clear up when you need to cross; the rain stops when you wish to go out; money is available when you need it; a train/plane seat available when you need to travel; business opportunities etc. This is because there is only You having life. You are watching the movie from your perspective and enjoying the movie. The same is true for others, naturally.
That sounds cool. It involves a lot of trust.

Remember, since you're pretending to have needs, you're going to have to be specific about what needs you don't have so it can be expressed through you. If you have a need that you don't have a home, you need to be specific about what kind of house you want. Ditto boyfriend, car, food, friends, body weight, etc. Once you are aware of what you wish to experience, there's no need to think or trust. You simply know that you are experiencing life how you wish and it is done.

One final thing I wish to discuss is how to stay connected to Source. You are of course Source, but while you're living in a dream, you need to have a strategy to remind yourself that you are Source. One way is of course being in Silence. Since being in Silence is not always practical, there's another way.

Imagine you're standing waiting for a bus. Imagine your hands and feet are like roots and branches of a tree connecting you to your surroundings. Know that you are connected to an Energy grid. Though, you appear to be moving around, you're a mass of Infinite Energy that is stillness. You are the totality of Energy, All There Is, Source.
This is great. I feel that way sometimes when I feel myself so at one with everything. I then have no sense of hot/cold, up/down, time/space, I simply am.

Source knows no duality. There's no need for you to feel the changing temperature unless you wish to play that game. Practise feeling yourself as Energy in motion. In truth, you are always still.
Thank you.

It is I who should thank you for giving me this opportunity to pretend that I am Wisdom expressing through you.
I am All There Is,

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It's Only a Game - Part 1

It's the previous day. I'm about to catch my bus at a station, but I feel the need to have a pee. I see a sign pointing to the ladies. I'm off looking for it. The sign points to a local shopping mall. I enter the mall. Now where is it, upstairs or downstairs? Without thinking, I let my legs lead the way. In a few seconds my legs take me to the toilets. How did this happen? Was there an invisible force pulling me to where I wanted to be?

You were only playing a game.
What do you mean?

You heard me the first time.
Now you're talking in riddles, and you know how I hate riddles!

Isn't that interesting? You say you hate riddles, yet, your life is a riddle.
Now, you've lost me.

OK, I'm going to give you a quick exercise. I know how much you love chocolate. I want you to imagine you have a strong desire for chocolate and that you need to have some right now or your life wouldn't have any meaning.
Yup, I'm there. I really want some chocolate. Now what?"

Now I want you to enter that space of Silence. Be in that state for about a minute. [Pause}

Now come out of that space and continue this dialogue. Tell me, did you feel a desire for chocolate when you were in Silence?
Of course not!

Because when I'm in Silence, I have no desires. I am complete and whole and therefore in need of nothing.

If you can have no need while you're in Silence, who is the one who had desire for chocolate?
Good question. I know I can't have a need and have a need at the same time. I either want something or I don't. That's very interesting. Go on, you tell me Ms Know It All, how come I have a need and I don't have a need.

Because you're pretending you have a need. In order to experience life as form, you have to pretend you have a need. In truth you have no need. But if you were to have no need, there wouldn't be any point expressing life, so you create an illusion of needing something, or having a desire to express yourself, in order for the game to continue.
This makes so much sense. I know that life is like a game of pretence. I wish to experience a certain state of mind, I pretend I don't have it. Hang on, there's another way to look at it. I already know I am all there is. So when I have a need for something, I usually feel my oneness with whatever it is, then I project that oneness outwards so I can have the experience in form. I can't pretend when I am consciously projecting it outwards and wanting to experience it, can I?

First, why have a need when you are already what you need? To experience whatever you desire in form, you still have to pretend you have the desire to experience it in form.

Second, why experience what you need in a physical form? Don't you know that by thinking an experience, you are already experiencing it. There's no need to experience anything in form. If you can think it, you already know what it feels like. Physical forms are solid thought-forms. You could choose to experience forms in idea forms and still have the same realisations as when you experience them as solid thought-forms.
Then why do I need to have the experiences as solid thought-forms?

Why do you?
Because it's fun to experience life as solid form. In the same way that it's fun to have a solid body.

In that case, if it is fun, why complain when things don't happen as fast as they do in the state of ideas?
Oh, I don't know! I guess I want to test out whether I can make things happen as quickly as they do in the idea state. I guess I wish to prove to myself that just because I appear to be physical doesn't mean I am. I am Spirit in form.

That is a great realisation!

It still doesn't answer why you need to experience life as a thought-form - solid or ideas. You know you are already one with all. Why bother expressing yourself in a long-winded way? Why create a need or desire for something when you already have it all? I will tell you. Because you are here to play a game of riddles. Even when you know you are all there is, you have to pretend you have a need to create something.

Right now, you're playing a game of communication on the Internet. Why bother writing something when you are all wisdom? You have to pretend that you need Wisdom in order to understand your life as human. You could let Wisdom sort out your life; but even that is a game as Wisdom needs an instrument to work through. If you didn't have a form there will be no need to express Wisdom.
It sounds like the universe was created this way in order for Source to express Self. The universe is a simulation that Source uses to have different expressions.

Exactly. Everyone is part of the game. The universe has been specifically designed in order that life can be expressed as forms. It's an opportunity to test out ideas. You can then decide how you want to play it, by prolonging the process or breezing your way through it.
I don't understand what you mean by "breezing your way through it."

I meant, do you take the easy route or hard route. Let me give you an example. Have you noticed that in an Internet forum, the Administrator usually assigns ranks to members based on their number of posts?
Yes. So?

Let's pretend that the Administrator is following a discipleship hierarchy. You could start off being an initiate, then a disciple, a chela, a teacher, a guru etc.
If I were the Administrator of my own forum, I would have a rank system based on the adage: "empty buckets make the most noise." So members start with their buckets full and the more posts they write, the emptier their buckets get. I would ensure that the highest level, "empty bucket," is diffcult to achieve. I will keep moving the "goal post" from, say 2,000 to 5,000 etc. I wouldn't want my members to feel insecure, would I?

Very funny. There's nothing stopping the members from creating new usernames so they always appear intelligent i.e. at the "full bucket" rank.
Very true.

Isn't "moving the goalpost" what humans do? If things are too easy you complain there is no challenge, so you create challenges.
If humans are creating challenges, surely it is because they are part of the system that creates challenges for challenges sake? As you said, the universe was created purely for the sake of make belief - to pretend you need to experience what you already have.

This is only partly true. You see the universe has been created as a simulation. The problem starts when you take the simulation as gospel truth instead of a projection, a manifestation of solidified thought-forms. You're meant to use the projections as tools to experience life not life itself.
You say "You're meant to use the projections as tools to experience life not life itself." What is life?

I'll give you an analogy. Imagine you're at the cinema. The cinema is packed full and you're all watching the same movie. Each of you has his own interpretation of the movie. When the movie is over I arrange a discussion panel so you can all share your perceptions of what you've witnessed. I'm sure you will all agree on the main theme of the movie. When it comes to interpretations, some of you will agree and many will disagree because of your disparate beliefs.

Life, as you are experiencing it, is like watching a movie. The only difference is you're interacting with the movie. Each of you is creating your movie reality by interaction, identification, interpretation, and detachment. You have forgotten that the movie is hypersensitive and is influenced by your thoughts. You have forgotten that, if you choose to interact with the movie, you can consciously influence the movie the way you want it to go. You have forgotten that you can choose to opt out of a scene at any moment, by detachment. You've forgotten that the objective of the movie is to enjoy it for what it is.

Think of life as your dreams. You are always the star of your dreams. Whether you are conscious that you are the dreamer or not, you're either dreaming experiences you like or ones you are scared of. You are still the dreamer. In the same way, you're the star of your life and in complete control of how you wish things to appear. Your life as a physical form is another dream world where you can make things happen exactly how you wish, or they will happen unconsciously based on what you are fearful of.

You asked "what is life?" Life is consciousness; consciousness is the way one experiences one's life-movie.
How do I consciously experience the movie of life? How do I take control?

This is a subject we shall discuss in the next part. Is there anything else you would like to ask?
I wish to recap. I started off by asking why I had been drawn to the ladies toilet when I had no conscious awareness of where it was.

And I responded that you were playing a game of needing to use the toilet. As you are All There Is, you already knew where the toilets were. You were effectively pulling yourself to where you needed to be. I will discuss this in the next part of our dialogue.
OK. So what you're saying in this part of our dialogue is that I am playing a game of make-believe. You're saying that I am already complete and need nothing. When I have a need, I'm playing a game of need. You're saying that I could easily create this need as an idea which will fulfil that need but I take it to the next level of creating it as a solid thought-form. You're saying that this physical universe is a device created so we can play this game.

Yes. The physical universe has been created so you can pretend to have a need and create it a solid way. Creation depends on whether you feel it needs to be done the hard way, by physical or mental means; or you can try the easy way by letting it happen, the way things do so effortlessly in your dreams.
You also said that life is like a movie where we are influencing the simulation based on our beliefs and thoughts. You said that life is the consciousness influencing the movie, not the movie itself.

I look forward to our next dialogue.


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Saturday, November 27, 2004

How do you know there is a Higher Self?

I read the following in a discussion forum which I have copied here. I also attach my response to this question.

"A reader emailed me this question:
How do you know for sure that there is a higher self, and not just certain impersonal qualities that can be manifested as product of one's mind?

We can believe that there is a higher, more perfected aspect in ourselves and simply come into play with it through suggestion...that's not impossible.

If the ego is one's mind, as they are interelated supposibly, you can't tell whether it's your mind convincing itself of a higher state in itself, or actually the higher self through intuition, if there is such a thing.

From a broader perspective history constantly repeats itself, and society is always looking for itself through new beliefs or old beliefs. People need something to hold onto and believe in, in other cases it is a way to create fear in the general public, hence order. This concept of the Higher self is a new belief, a new concept in could be just another form of escaping from reality, (or of salvation) eg-not listening to one's lower self, mind, ego which go so hand in hand with reality, as it is reality as a mirror that causes so much suffering, and hopelesness.

Do you astral travel? I have not been able to personally, though maybe there, there is Truth, as this plane has a mass of confusion, distortion from Truth, in all it's forms.

ps-I hope we are not escaping from the emptyness that every human being carries inside, or the lack of sense that there is outside, by putting false tangling beliefs of sense,direction and meaningin order to keep one busy and away from madness. It's saner than drugs and alcohol, that's for sure."

Hi Susan,

This is a great question! I would like to focus only on the "higher self" if I may.

First of all let me state my belief. I believe that Source is all there is. What is Source? Source contains and unifies all realities: form and formless. Since Source is all there is, I am Source. On the other hand, I am my perception and experience of Source. My perception/experience of Source is what I believe to be my real personality/identity. This doesn't mean, however, that my personality is a form. While I sometimes use symbols to represent my personality, I know I am inherently formless. When my personality is, however, projected outwards to experience life as form, as it is now in this human body, my unique personality emanates an energetic frequency that is uniquely mine. I also sense unique frequencies emanating from other people, and it is how I can read someone's telepathic signals.

Reminds me of an episode of an American tv series called "Smallville," which depicts the early years of Superman. In one episode we learn how the young Superman gets his super-hearing through some kind of reaction to a frequency. It starts off with him hearing loud noises that drive him up the wall. He is not able to distinguish between the sounds. Then he learns to focus on what he wants to hear, while tuning the rest out.

You wrote:

"This concept of the Higher self is a new belief, a new concept in could be just another form of escaping from reality, (or of salvation) eg-not listening to one's lower self, mind, ego which go so hand in hand with reality, as it is reality as a mirror that causes so much suffering, and hopelesness."

It's an interesting point you raise there, whether the higher self is a concept. I believe it is. My sense of self is that of my personality which comprise of my unique view and experience of Source. Who I am knows nothing of higher or lower self. While I can distinguish another from me, it doesn't mean I'm higher or lower than the other. The "higher self" is therefore meaningless.

I perceive all realities of forms in the universe, whether you are aware of them or not, as dreams. In whatever dream you are living in, you can create what you like and be the best you want to be, according to your standards. Let's say your understanding of a "higher self" is a state where you're always being loving and peaceful and wise. If one is always loving, is that not choosing one polarity over another? Besides, what is love? People have their own ideas about love and we don't always agree on definitions. So the individual has to decide what love means for her. Then she can choose whether to experience her dream of a "higher self" or another dream.

I see Source as the ultimate reality. Source unifies all realities. Source is impersonal and knows nothing of duality. I believe evil is to have a knowledge of duality: good versus evil; right versus wrong, etc. It is my belief that Source embraces all realities as experiences only, without judgment.

In conclusion, I believe that Source is all there is. I also believe that my personality/identity is a combination of my perception and experience of Source. I therefore cannot accept "higher self" as real. I believe "higher self" is a construct of the human dream.

Thanks for raising this point.

Love always,

ps: I have copied this to my blog.

see Perceptions of Me Versus the Real Me

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Working with Source Energy

I see Source as containing all realities, whether we are aware of them or not; whether they already exist as forms, or are only ideas or possibilities. Everyone has access to Source but our experiences of Source is subjective.

This happened about a week ago. I'm thinking about the various ways to use Energy. I imagine myself bathed in purple light like the character in the movie She, starring Ursula Andress. I start visualising the movie in detail. In case you haven't seen it, Ayesha ("She Who Must Be Obeyed") is the immortal and ruthless ruler of a mythical lost city. She's been waiting for centuries for her lover to be reincarnated so they can be together and rule for eternity. When they are finally reunited, Ayesha makes the fatal mistake of bathing in the blue light, which had made her immortal. You only need to bathe in it once. The effect is the reverse of immortality, and she rapidly ages in a gruesome way until she is destroyed. (Shudder!)

It's the day after and I am browsing at a bookshop. I pick up a book called "Soul Mates." In the first chapter I am guided to read, the author refers to the same movie "She" starring Ursula Andress. He talks about soul mates reincarnating together. Isn't it incredible how I had been "directed" to a book reflecting my thoughts?

I've noticed whenever I am thinking about something I reach out energetically for all relevant information available on the subject; or is it all information available on the subject and I merge into one? Oneness with whatever I seek leads, me sooner or later, to the form equivalent, when I am guided to pick up a book at random, or so I think. If I'm drawn to read a book, it doesn't mean I always share the same interpretation as the author, since we are all unique, but I'm lead to that source anyway and it's up to me to decide whether this is the information I seek.

A few days ago, I wrote an article called What is Love? The next day I was at another bookshop and picked up another book called "Soul Mates" (not the same one as before). In my article I talked about two types of love: personal and impersonal. This book talked about two types of love: "personal and impersonal." While we agreed on the fundamental principles, our approaches were totally different. Thus, it is the same Source but how one expresses Source is an individual matter.

I see Source as an eight pointed star above my crown, expressing infinite rays of purple light. Each ray represents whatever I wish to experience in life.

Let's say I want to experience eternal youth. I see myself looking eternally young as whatever age I wish to appear as. Then I see that eternal self as a ray of energy emanating from Source (star) and expressing through me for eternity. Since the expression is for eternity, there's no longer any need for me to think about it. I trust in Source to do the work.

I can use the same technique for everything and anything. Thus, I have a ray for perfect health, a ray for unlimited wealth, a ray for love, a ray for friendships, a ray for peace, a ray for business opportunities, a ray for wisdom, a ray for joy etc, etc. As soon as I think about something I would like to experience, I give it a ray, knowing that it is forever being expressed through me.

Isn't it wonderful how Source makes it so easy to look after me and you and all of us? It's a matter of trusting and it is done.

I am Source,

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Life is Art

The world is only art
painted by the eye of the beholder
all things are just colors
and shapes on a page
some view it as peaceful
some view it, and are outraged
in the eye of the beholder
the weight of your beliefs
are carried only on your shoulders

(From: "The World is Only Art" by Shyloh)
A while back, I took my mother to see an art collection at Kenwood House in Hampstead Health in London, which holds works by Turner, Rembrandt and others.

When we came out of the House, we went for a walk around the woods. I compared the picturesque surroundings of the woods, the lake and visitors with the paintings we'd just seen. My mother agreed. We could very easily have been moving in an interactive painting.

I believe life is like art appearing in innumerable shades of light. I like Turner's paintings because there is a fluidity to his work which suggests creation is in constant motion. I guess it is how I perceive the universe - a constant flow of shapes and forms emerging from and merging into masses of light. Here's a picture I like by Turner called Shipwreck, which illustrates the movement of creation.

I see my life as art in motion. I, the Artist, create what I would like to experience from what already exists as formless Energy/Light. I, the Artist, am the source of all Inspiration. Every moment I, the Source of inspiration, am pouring out ideas. Inspiration needs an instrument to work through, which is my personality self. I believe it is our personalities which give art its diversity, dimension and depth. If everyone thought the same way, all art would be the same. There wouldn't be any point expressing art. It is my personality, my way of seeing, which makes me love Turner's paintings.

How do you see a painting? Are you into analysing art? Do you put the art into a historical and cultural framework? Are you interested in what was going on during the period the painting was produced? How did that particular epoch influence the artist? What does the art say about the artist? Does the art stand the test of time? How does your view of reality influence the way you see the painting? Is it good or bad art?

One can analyse one's life experiences the same way one does art. Do you blame yourself for your experiences? Do you accept your choices because you know you're doing the best you can? Do you judge others or are you accepting of others? Are your experiences steeped in regret? Do you believe your past affects the present or future? Do you believe every experience is new and self-contained, and bears no relevance to another?

Does it matter what the painting looks like? Why not enjoy the art for what it is, as Art seeking expression. I see Art as Energy which is forever seeking channels of expression. How Art is expressed depends on the instrument/personality. It, therefore, shouldn't matter whether the personality was feeling anger, fear, shame, or joy while painting because one's emotions help give the painting depth and authenticity. Remember, Art is pure Energy pouring through different chalices without judgment. Whatever is in the chalice is what will be manifested on the canvas of life. It doesn't mean the painting is good or bad.

If you apply the principle of "enjoying art for art sake" to one's life, does this mean you shouldn't change your life paintings? Trying to change a painting on a canvas is like trying to change Turner's Shipwreck because you don't agree with the theme. Why bother? Why not enjoy the painting for what it is, as a representation of what was in the artist's mind at the time? If you want to produce a new kind of painting, fill your chalice with the relevant thoughts and your next life painting is a new expression.

One thing I've never understood is the value placed on certain paintings over another. I've heard of paintings sold for millions of Pounds, while others don't even get a look in. Since all art is coming from the same source and only different because of the chalices (personalities), why should one painting have more value than another?

This is what happens in life, where professions are not given the same value. Actors and performers are paid exceedingly more than, say, a doctor or a teacher. Maybe, entertainment is considered more important because it gives you temporary freedom from whatever reality you find yourself in, which people value over, say, a politician.

It still doesn't explain why one profession is given more value than another. Do we not all emanate from the same source? We do but our motivations are different. Let's say, a teacher gives out an assignment to her class to write an essay about the same topic. The teacher grades the essays according to standards set by the local educational authority. She ends up giving top marks to a few pupils. Let's say I am an external examiner asked to give my unbiased opinion. I may very well agree with the teacher's assessments. Why have a few pupil's essays been judged "excellent" while the majority are considered "mediocre?" It is possible that the pupils who excel are encouraged to be the best they can; and there are those who are not encouraged or who believe they are not good enough. A pupil's mental attitude is bound to affect his performance.

When I was at secondary school, I had two friends who were the top students in my year. One friend's parents expected her to be the best. She was also very intelligent. She was only allowed out on a rare occasion. Her parents believed she should stay home and study.

My other friend's parents believed she should go out and have fun, but encouraged her to do her best. She always had top marks in her tests. Not only was she very generous and loving, she was also one of the most popular girls in school. I couldn't believe it when, in our final year, we became best friends. She taught me that love was about not judging anyone.

Now that I have read the essays and judged them according to human educational standards, am I saying one essay is better than another? Certainly not! Just because Turner appeals to me doesn't make Turner more arty than Dali. I wouldn't call Turner's paintings "art" and Picasso's "houses." Art is art is art. It's up to individuals to appreciate art for art sake, or judge them as good or bad. In an ideal world, a teacher will appreciate all essays as examples of different styles of writing essays; not good or bad essays. Just as there is no good or bad life, just people choosing to live in different ways.

In a reality of choices, is it possible to experience a reality where people are paid the same money or are equally appreciated for their contributions to society? Can a Rembrandt painting be given equal value to a Turner painting? Of course! This is already happening among people who judge nothing as good or bad. Whether this view will become the norm for the majority is based on choice.

It would seem that life, like art, is already perfect. We appear to live in a reality where people are not equal, but that is only because of people's perceptions of reality.

Life is art. How one experiences art is truly "in the eye of the beholder."

I am Life-Art,

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Hard Way or the Easy Way?

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts." (Zechariah 4: 6)
I'm sitting around doing nothing in particular when a genie appears.

"Hi Enocia," he says.

"Who are you?"

"I'm your genie."

"So? What do you want from me?"

"It's not what I want from you, it's what I can do for you."

"What do you mean?"

"What can I do for you? Name it and it's yours. Do you want money, your dream house, a gorgeous mate? Do you want me to fly you to the moon? Ask and it's done."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Of course."


I am deep in thought about what I want.

"Well?" the genie says.

"Well, I'm I you or are you me? I'm thinking, are you an extension of me or am I projecting my thoughts to appear as a genie. I'm thinking that if you manifest a house, is it I creating it or the universal intelligence within all life? I'm thinking..."

"Ah, forget it," the genie snaps. "Why don't you have a long think about my offer. I'm off to have a nap in my lamp. Give it a good rub if you ever need my assistance."

What's he getting so het up about? I was only trying to help.

Jokes aside, isn't that what we're doing. We're trying to get in the way of things happening, thinking too much about stuff. Wisdom is very useful when it's to help me see how dream-like appearances are. It is when I get too deeply into analysing stuff that I get in the way of things happening.

I'm about to have a bowl of breakfast cereal for my supper. I try to open a bottle of milk. The lid is tightly shut. I can't open it with my hand. I try a kitchen towel so I can get a better grip, it still won't budge. I say to the lid, "Open, will you?" I leave it alone for a few seconds. I try opening it again and the lid moves effortlessly, as if a genie has opened it for me. I point this out to my mother. She says "There's nothing too small for God to handle. It's a shame we don't ask enough."

I agree with my mother. It seems I can experience life in two ways, the hard way or the easy way. I can try to do things on my own, using my own strength and willpower or I can let Energy do the work as the following story illustrates:

"A Bhakta and a jnani (a follower of the jnana marga) were walking through a forest and became very thirsty. They came to a deep well with water far down and the sides overgrown with bush and briar. There was no way of obtaining water. The jnani overcame the difficulty by expending great psychic force to assume the form of a bird. Then he flew down through the bushes and briars, losing many feathers on the way. On the other hand, the bhakta yearned for the Lord's grace and called fervently on His name. The Lord hearing and responding, the waters rose to the level of the bhakta who was thus able to slake his thirst completely." (From: "Sai Baba, Man of Miracles," by Howard Murphet)
It was my faith in the infinite intelligence of Universal Energy that opened the bottle of milk. I could have tried to figure out mentally, but what's the use? Why not let it open itself?

Have you ever heard kids praying? They don't pray complicated prayers or try to understand how it happens, they just ask and expect results. I pray that way sometimes, by simply thanking Universal Intelligence for doing such and such and it's done.

Last night in my dreams, I was aware of two versions of myself. There was the me analysing stuff in the dream, then I woke up and thought of the many levels of the dream state. Another part of me said all realities are dreams. I went back to sleep and I was aware of a voice reminding me that every scene was a dream.

Now, in this reality, I don't swim. I'm not scared of water or anything like that, I'm just not into swimming. I am an excellent doggie paddler though. I've had lots of dreams where I can swim. In one dream I had last night, I came across water that looked very murky. I thought I could wade across but it was way too deep. A man took such delight telling me that the water was too deep for me and, at that level, I should expect that kind of depth. He said I would never be able to swim across so I should just forget it. I gave up on the idea and watched others swimming across. Then I heard a voice telling me it was only a dream, and I could change the dream to appear how I wanted. I decided to think myself to the other side. No point getting yourself wet if you don't have to.

Since all levels are dreams, and I can consciously change the events with thought, surely I can apply the same principle to this dream reality we call Earth? This is why I can ask the bottle to open and it does. My dream is to become like my idol, Mary Poppins, whose oneness with all enables her to change her reality instantly.

On second thoughts, maybe I should just get that lazy sod of a genie out of his magic lamp. Hey genie, come out, come out wherever you are!

With love,

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Problem is Your Browser

This piece is dedicated to my Beloved Friend - You know who you are. I love you!


My friend and I have got similar blogs, but we have different experiences of our blogs. How? It all started when I tried to edit my blog template. I previewed what I had done and it looked as if the template had been updated. When I tried to view my actual blog, which is the web page people see when they log into my blog, I noticed the template hadn't changed. I checked my template and found my edits were not there. How odd! I re-entered the codes and saved them. Again, the edits weren't showing up on the web page. I asked my friend to log in to my blog and check whether I had edited the template or had I dreamt I had changed the template. She checked and found my edits. How peculiar! It kept happening again and again until we both realised the problem was the browser I was using, i.e. the programme that enables one to view websites on the Internet. The browser I was working on was, basically, shite! It only registers changes if I log off and log on again.

It was hilarious having my friend tell me she could see what I'd written, while in my reality, they did not exist. I was living in a physical reality which takes a while for ideas to be made manifest in order for me to experience them as real. To put it another way, my friend was vibrating at a higher frequency so she could experience far more than I could at my lower vibration. Sounds a lot like the 3-D realm here on planet Earth.

Browsers remind me of different paradigms of reality. Everyone has their dominant view of reality i.e. how you interpret reality. Your view might be influenced by a religious, political or philosophical doctrine, and this is how you will perceive reality. Someone else, who is not into the doctrines you follow, will see the world in a different way. What if you have no interest in that religion, does that mean you're not going to understand the other person's point of view? It depends. If you want to have an understanding of the other, you either need to have some kind of background of where the other is coming from; or you have to be at a level where you have an overview of all experiences.

What is this level where one can have an overview of all experiences? It is a level where all is in agreement, regardless of experiences. It is a level that transcends beliefs and doctrines. I believe this level to be Source. Source unifies all perspectives. Source appreciates all perspectives. Source judges no experience as right or wrong. Source embraces all.

Source is the ultimate all knowing, all seeing browser.

If you're ever having problems relating to someone, it could be your browser. I would recommend you try version SOURCE, and you will find you have no problems at all.

All my love,

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Money, Transaction and Free Market

Money, that thing people strive for. You fight to have it, work hard for it, con people to get more of it, and even kill for it. Is it worth it? Well, we live in a reality where everything appears to have a price.

Speaking of killing for money, I watched a movie recently called "A Perfect Murder." Stephen Taylor, a powerful businessman, suspects his wife, Emily, of having an affair. Emily is having an affair with an artist called David. Stephen is in financial crisis and hires David, of all people, to murder his wife, so he can inherit her wealth. After the first attempt when Emily kills her assailant, she discovers her husband is in financial dire straights. Emily suspects her husband of hiring someone to kill her. When she confronts Stephen, he denies it. He says, "there's a sea of money out there, I can make it back anytime." Stephen's idea of making money is to have his wife killed. Unfortunately for him, his wife is no push-over; she ends up killing him. I liked the line "sea of money." Imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought of the universe as a sea or ocean of money! Hold that thought!

Look around you, what do you see? Do you see people, cars, businesses, houses etc? I see money. Money, money, money everywhere! Naturally, not all forms appear as bank notes. To have those readies, you need to convert them. An individual's market value is based on one's qualifications, skills and experience. You convert your skills and experience into a job; and in exchange you get access to readies, which you convert to another commodity like a house, food or clothes. Transaction is how majority of people experience this reality? Is transaction the only way? Of course not. I will discuss the free option later.

There are other ways people have created to have access to their good. They have come up with tithing, where you are supposed to give God 10% of what you have, which will be returned to you multiplied. As it is written in the scriptures:

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. (Malachi 3: 10)
Why would God, who is supposed to have it all, want anything from us? Unless tithing was a means of getting people to give to those self-professed mediators, who stand between man and God. I've never bought into tithing. It reeks of manipulation. Besides, it is another method of transaction.

Humans have also come up with the idea of giving and it will be given to you. You can give to others whatever you choose or you can bless others. (Tithing is part of this system). Those who follow the biblical Jesus' teachings will remember that he says:

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. (Luke 6: 38)
I see this as another example of exchange. You give and it is given back to you. That's cool! But what's to stop you from expecting what you have given to return to you multiplied a million-fold or more? Who makes up the rules about how much something should be multiplied? Hey, why not go for broke and demand that all your good deeds, as we collectively understand good deeds, be multiplied and return to you NOW? It is your life, you make the rules up. Don't let someone else tell you what or how you should receive.

Now it's become popular for people, particularly those within "spiritual" communities, to provide a service and, instead of asking for a price, they ask for a donation. That confuses me. It's like going to church and in the middle of the service, the collection bag comes round. How much do you give? What if you don't want to give? You end up feeling guilty for not doing your part. You even believe God is not going to bless you as you haven't tithed your 10%. You've been given a service you thought was free but it wasn't. Why don't people who ask for donations just come clean? You have provided a service and you want something back? Put a price on it, whatever you think it's worth. No one's going to judge you for it because everyone knows that in this reality you need money to survive. Your service is not free if you are expecting donations!

I have to hand it to the Hari Krishna religion. I used to go to their temples to chant. They believe in exchange of services. All those people you see chanting "Hari Krishna" do their part within the temples and within the Hari Krishna community, working for Krishna. You might get food but you're expected to give something back in return.

There are some organisations that ask for donations and have a suggested amount. That's fine. It's the ones that don't state an amount that I'm suspicious of. Why? Because I know what goes on behind the scenes. Believe me, I've paid good money to be taught how to programme people. Did you know that you can programme brochures you send out so that people are attracted to your course. Now don't go analysing brochures, flyers or newsletters for the embedded commands, as you're not going to find them. It's a lot more sophisticated than that. Programming is done at a subliminal level. It is called the power of intent. It is like prayer but a lot more sophisticated. I can write an article, for instance, and intend that people reading it will feel x or y or they will do z. You can intend anything you like, if you believe it is possible. So those organisations that don't ask for a specific amount can easily intend how much they expect to receive from their clients and they will have it.

I respect spiritual organisations who are very committed to their cause and know how to have their needs met. Take the one that promotes the teachings of the ascended masters. They teach decrees you can use to have your supplies met.

BELOVED Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Mighty Victory and Your Limitless Legions of Cosmic Victory, I command the Ascended Masters' Indestructible Victory of Perfection without limit of all the Cosmic Supply, riches, and money I could ever require in my service to the Light! You release into my hands and use now, tax free, the millions of dollars that I desire to assist beloved Saint Germain in His Great Work of the centuries! I demand the Ascended Masters' Indestructible Victory of Eternal, ever-expanding, never-ending Supply, come into my hands and use now! Charge me with the Ascended Masters' Management of all the Supply, riches and money that You release to me! And charge me with Your Ascended Master Judgment and Wisdom of how to use this money! (SUPPLY)
With such a decree, do you think this organisation will ever go without? Not blooming likely!

Is it possible to live in a reality where all things are free? Of course it is. If you can ask the question, it already exists. It is just that people are not open to this possibility. People who are living in this reality give without expecting anything in return. In this reality, everything is free, and I mean everything: money, fuel, clothes, housing, healing, travel, food, ideas etc. The way it works is you either receive what you need for free or you receive free money which you end up converting into whatever you need, since we live in a reality of conversion and exchange. As this reality is free, you wouldn't dream of asking for something back, unless you have to (which I shall discuss shortly). I guess it becomes so ingrained in you that you naturally give everything for free.

Just because majority of people are experiencing a reality of exchange, doesn't make them wrong for doing so. Someone is not bad because she wants to make heaps of money in the world's sense of transaction. I will always support the rights of individuals to experience life according to their beliefs.

In a similar vein, If you decide to experience a reality based on everything being free, then that is also your choice. Let's say you are living in a reality of giving without expectations, but the one you're giving to is of a transactional mentality. What usually happens is that when you give for free, the other will feel inclined to want to give back in return. I hold no judgment if someone reacts in that way. I will graciously accept the offer. On the other hand, if someone of a transactional mentality gives expecting something in return, I will have to give according to her expectations.

I believe a reality of transaction is not better than a reality where everything is free. When you think about it, even if you were to spend every moment of eternity giving, you won't make a dent on infinity. So it makes no difference how you choose to give. I say, let people experience whatever reality they believe to be true.

I believe money is very important and is neither good nor bad, it's how you choose to use it that counts.

I am Money,

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Eight-Pointed Star

One way I see myself is as an eight-pointed star. This eight-pointed star is my personality Self which is all love, power and wisdom. The eight-pointed star is me as Source.

Every moment, liquid light is being poured from this star like a shower all over my body. I feel the liquid light is purple, a colour I can resonate with. The light never stops pouring through me. It is like a volcanic eruption which concretises any thoughts or beliefs I have, like molten lava solidifying into rocks. Since the flow is continuous, this means every moment I have the opportunity to create myself anew.

When I have no thoughts or beliefs, the flow is effectively my Perfect unlimited Self pouring through. When I am writing, it is the liquid light I am transmuting into words. If I ever have a moment when I need clarity, I have to remind myself that the liquid light is forever pouring through me and ask it to become the clarity I need, and it is so.

I also use the eight-pointed star during healing. This morning I felt stiffness in my back. I moved the Star to my back and let it permeate through me and I was instantly healed. I now realise the Star can be called upon to do so much more. It gives its impersonal love to me, according to my expectations.

I am aware that everyone has their version of Source. You might perceive Source in a different form but it is present. For Source is who you are.

I am the Eight-Pointed Star,

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Perceptions of Me Versus the Real Me

Have you ever wondered how others see you? Maybe people see the outer shell and draw conclusions from that shell. Maybe others get a glimpse into what you are like behind the shell, and it is that person they love. How do you see yourself?

As I am in a black body, I would imagine there are many who perceive me in a particular way, based on their perception of what it means to be black. I used to identify myself as black and took things so personally when my "black brothers and sisters" were racially abused. Then I moved out of that identity. I realised I was a lot more than a skin colour.

I also went through a phase of trying to understand myself as a woman. I felt I was treated differently because I was a woman and I wanted to understand why.I studied feminist ideas, joined women's groups and got outraged. Then I realised I was a lot more than a gender, so much more.

I've been told by many people that I either look like a student or a teacher. I remember meeting a man who was interested in going out with me. He said I looked like a teacher. What does a teacher look like? I am very curious because as a child I always knew I would be a writer, but I also had fantasies about becoming a teacher.

I spent hours and hours playing with my imaginary friends. My "friends" were my pupils and I was a primary school teacher. My pupils were as thick as two short planks. As they always got my questions wrong, they always got whacked. I was a strict disciplinarian, like my real life teachers who doled out corporal punishments at the drop of a hat. Just as well my invisible friends didn't have physical bodies.

So, when a few people have said I look like a teacher, I wonder whether I look like a stern, no-nonsense, type; or a kind, very accessible type. What difference does it make? It's only another mask of how others perceive me. It is not who I am.

I've been told by others that I could have been a model. I have been told I am very pretty in an exotic way, whatever that means, and I would make a good cat walk model. Again, that's another way of perceiving me. I personally think my physical body is very attractive, but then, so what? It is not who I am.

Others who I haven't met in person have drawn conclusions from my writings. While my writings are part of me, they are an infinitesimal part of who I am. I am a whole lot more.

One question I have asked myself is "what do I really look like?" I have had various bodies presented to me, no doubt, based on my belief at the time. I see myself as a body of light. I see myself as a diamond. I see myself as a purple amorphous mass. I see myself as an eight-pointed star. I see myself as White Light. The latest is that I am a symbol of Infinity. One thing I've never seen myself as is a humanoid form. I have imagined myself looking like a real babe, but in reality, it is not what my real identity is. Now that I know what I look like in reality, I can create my physical body to look however I want, as my physical attributes have nothing to do with who I am. My body is just an illusion.

How others see me depends on their beliefs and expectations which is meaningless. How I see myself is based on changing beliefs, which is also meaningless. But the real Me is not confined to a body in time and space. The real Me is unlimited. That sounds good to Me.

I Am What I Am,

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Freedom - Breaking the Habit of a Lifetime

Two days ago, I met a lovely woman on the bus. She was from Bulgaria but now lives in Germany. She and her husband were in London for two days. She was trying to get to a toy store in central London. As our bus had only gone part of the way, I offered to walk her to the store. She was looking frazzled as she was supposed to meet her husband outside the store, but she was running late. She said she was always late and her husband would have left by now. I tried to reassure her that maybe he was still waiting for her, but she was adamant he had already left. She said she tries her best to be punctual, but there's always something preventing her from being punctual. There had been a problem on the tube (underground train), that's why she ended up coming by bus. When we arrived at the toy store her husband had already left, as she had expected. We exchanged hugs and best wishes and I left her to enjoy her shopping.

Later, I pondered over habits. Was my friend always late because she's got into that habit; and was her husband in the habit of expecting her to be late? It would seem that the Universe was helping her to turn up late. I would imagine there is always the option for her to be on time, but she is probably so used to being late, she ends up creating tardy experiences.

How do you break away from a habit that you consciously don't wish to experience? Breaking away involves freeing yourself from that reality, but in order to be free you have to be disciplined. It sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it? How can you experience freedom and discipline when discipline suggests rules and regimen?

Let's take the example of the woman who is always late, though she tries her best to be punctual. She has got into the habit which has become automatic. Even when she consciously wishes to be punctual, the habitual pattern of being late seems to be in control, or is it? From my experience, I know that any decision one wishes to experience already exists. However, if your belief is not congruent with your goal, you're likely to create a parallel reality opposing your goal. When you are focused only on your goal you end up creating it. On the other hand, if you wish to achieve such and such and have doubts that it will manifest, you are likely to create that which you give more attention to. "Where attention goes, energy flows." For the new reality to manifest, it requires discipline.

The woman who was always late has to see herself arriving on time and knows she can do it. I'm sure there have been many times when she has arrived on time. She might have had a job when she had to be punctual. She, therefore, has evidence of punctuality. It's a matter of transferring evidence of punctuality over to the way she relates to her husband. She might even want to ask her husband to recall times when she was on time. I'm sure there have been many, it's just that her husband only focuses on the times when she is late, which becomes their shared reality.

Discipline, in the above example, is a willingness to be open to a new reality, a determination to be focused only on what you choose to experience. Discipline is also a willingness to find evidence that the reality you wish to experience already exists. If you can see it, you can have it.

I have had experiences of following a particular teaching then I realise I wish to relinquish that paradigm and experience a new reality. I've found the transition period hard - letting go of old ideas and friends associated with that school of thought. I have found that I have had to be ruthless. Fortunately, I have a lot of evidence of ruthlessness.

For years, I did contract work and I got into the practice of disconnecting from the company and my colleagues the moment I walked out of the door. Naturally, I developed good friendships in majority of my contracts. The friendships which survived were those that were open to new experiences, not simply confined to our shared work reality. I have a dear friend I met at a contract nearly 10 years ago who I've stayed in contact with. We don't see much of each other but we keep in contact by email. We've both changed a lot over the years yet our friendship has sustained because we appreciate each other's experiences.

In terms of leaving a paradigm, just because you are no longer physically with a group doesn't mean you're not still connected to that group. There have been times when I have found myself being influenced by the group or school of thought, even when I was physically disconnected. In that case, I wasn't free, I was still in mental bondage to that group. To be mentally free is when you are able to express yourself in your unique way without reverting to a group's idea of how one should live one's life. I am free when I do what I love in the way I choose. I am free when I wish people in a particular group all the very best in their choices and have no desire to be in that group.

I have experienced freedom in two ways: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is when I have tried to be free by mentally freeing myself. I will find myself thinking of x that I wish to be free from and have to develop strategies of not thinking of x. Or I try to understand the truth behind why I'm still attached to x. While some techniques work they are only temporary or I end up only getting over x by replacing x with y. And so it continues.

When I studied energy healing, we were advised how to cut the energetic strings that attach you to ideas and people. A healer, for instance, must disconnect from her patient or she is likely to fall ill from the same disease or worse. In the same way, we were taught how to instantly disconnect from recurring thoughts and habits that you no longer wish to experience as reality. The problem with old habits is you disconnect and disconnect and they're back for more. This is the hard route of attaining freedom. This route reminds me of the Jnana path of yoga where you are seeking freedom through your understanding of truth. It could take you ages.

The second approach to freedom is very easy. It involves submitting to Freedom. I trust in the concept Freedom to do the work. So if I have a desire to be free of a certain idea, I become one with Freedom from the idea. My oneness with Freedom removes the desire to have the experience. Where there is no desire for experience, there is no longer an attachment to an idea. For instance, if you are trying to give up smoking, you can try to understand why you smoke and the benefits of smoking, or whether it is true that smoking kills. Or you can be at one with Freedom from smoking, where this oneness removes the desire for cigarettes and beliefs that smoking kills. You end up living in a reality where smoking and its related beliefs have no existence. Freedom has effectively wiped out all memories - personal and shared - of smoking. This approach reminds me of the Bhakti path of Yoga, which is the path of Love.

A word or two about memories. I believe we only have memories because we've got into the habit of believing memories enable one to experience life. You could say, another word for memories is lessons. I observe humans to have two types of memories: ones that help you experience life, and ones that are meaningless.

Brushing one's teeth is the first type of memory. I brush my teeth every day. I have it on memory how to do it so I don't have to think about it. I only think about brushing my teeth when I need to. Memories can be stored away to be used as and when.

The second type - meaningless memories - are ones I can't do anything with. I see hundreds of people every day. While part of me records them, I don't consciously feel they are relevant to my life. The experiences that mean anything are those that are part of my life experience, like the encounter I had with the woman I described earlier.

Do we really need memories to experience life? Do I need to remember to brush my teeth or how to brush my teeth? I believe we don't. I believe that when I trust implicitly in Freedom, It will annihilate all memories and I will have a different experience of life. What do I mean? How can we not need memories? Are you losing your memory?

I believe when I experience Freedom, every moment is new. I believe eternity is unchanging and every moment emerges from and dissolves into eternity. Each moment is a stand-alone moment that is pristine and new. Let me put it another way. I believe I have infinite bodies that are beautiful, perfect, ageless and unlimited. Every moment, a body emerges from Infinity, which should wipe out all evidence of aging. The reason why it doesn't happen is because of memory. You have on the one hand infinite beauty, perfection, eternal youth and freedom being thrust upon you; on the other hand, you have the memory body fighting for dear life, reminding you that every moment you are aging and approaching death. Who wins? Immortality in the long run. Instead of experiencing immortality at every moment, we experience immortality in segments. These segments are popularly called lifetimes. You have a bit of life here, and another life there, evolving to become an immortal being rather than experiencing immortality now. I believe oneness with Freedom wipes out all memories, and every moment is new. Only then does mortality cease to have reality.

For argument's sake, I'm now experiencing immortality in every moment, where every moment is new, what is the point of recording life experiences in music, art and drama? Why write when every moment is new? Good point! I believe I record my experiences for two reasons. The first is pure narcissism - to record the fact that I have lived. The second reason is a demonstration of ever new experiences. You see, I have a ritual I follow after writing every article. After I have finished the article, I usually ponder over it for a short while, then I disconnect from the experience. Why? Because I know tomorrow is another day with new revelations. If I hold on to the old, I will not open myself up to the new. Thus, my writings are an opportunity to demonstrate that every day brings a new adventure.

I travel a lot on the bus and I can tell you that no bus journey is ever the same. I like to think of bus routes as eternity; they never change. But the actual bus journey is the equivalent of a day emerging from eternity, which is ever new and filled with rich possibilities.

What I'm saying is that when I submit to Freedom, I can experience untold realities because, in truth, every moment is new. It is the belief that memories/lessons help me to experience life which blocks out infinite possibilities. Imagine a reality where you can experience life afresh every moment. This will annihilate all memories or need to have memories. There's no need to brush my teeth when my teeth are forever sparkling and new. No need to have a bath as my body is forever perfect and clean. No need to eat as every moment I am energised and full. Imagine living in a reality where you are completely whole in every moment! Imagine living in a reality where you are already immortal! Surely that is what true Freedom is about?

In a reality where I'm whole and complete, would I need to have experiences of forms? Maybe that is the ultimate purpose of life, to experience freedom to the extent where you realise that it is pointless having a form experience since I'm already perfect. Or it could be that I am so whole and complete that I can see the dream body for what it is - a simulation; which I can choose to experience knowing full well that the simulation has no effect on what is already free. I can eat knowing full that the meal and the body are simulations. At least that's my excuse for indulging in chocolate. What's yours?

Breaking the habit of a lifetime requires Freedom. You need discipline in order to be free. If you are doing it the hard way, you have to be disciplined in your thoughts. If you are doing it the easy way you still need discipline in letting Freedom do the work, letting Freedom reveal to you untold possibilities.

I feel so excited thinking about these possibilities.

I now firmly declare, "Freedom, I am all yours. Let's do it!"

I am Freedom,

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

What is Love?

I've heard the word "love" used so many times. I have pondered over what love means and whether we all mean the same thing. I've come to the conclusion that, as long as I know what it means for me and live that principle, it's the only thing that matters. I am now going to share my understanding of love. If we share the same definition, good. If we don't, good.

I believe there are two types of love: impersonal and personal.

Impersonal love stems from Source, that which is the source of life and experiences. Source is Energy. Source is eternal, was never born nor can it ever die. It is Source that is having life as me, through my unique personality. By personality, I'm referring to my uniqueness as immortal Spirit, which is the real me. When I wish to have an experience, Source provides the Energy necessary. Source doesn't judge my experiences as good or bad. It is up to me, the personality, to decide whether I like that experience or I can choose again. This way, I am a free Spirit.

Impersonal love is therefore one that encourages me to be myself, to choose what I would like to experience, and to accept all experiences without judgment. In other words to express freedom. I believe impersonal love is my basic nature. No matter what I'm going through I always feel impersonal love. I believe impersonal love is the essence of all life.

The second type of love, personal, is what enables one to experience life. As my unique Spirit self, I can create universes, species etc. But to experience life in, say, a human form with other unique Spirit entities, there has to be a kind of symbiosis. This symbiosis is the second type of personal love, which arises from a personal desire to experience life. Personal love is a state of oneness, a temporary creation of one mind, where you have commonalities or share experiences, objectives and view points. It is personal love that enables humanity to survive, and all species for that matter.

I observe personal love can manifest in various ways, such as personal desires for something - food, writing, travel, politics, media - love for friends, family, nature, humanity, all life, etc. Personal love is motivated by desire for experiences and lasts as long as the experience. Thus, personal love is temporal.

I believe when many people describe love for another they are referring to personal love. You can't compel someone to love you since personal love is dependent on a wish to share an experience together for a while.

Take, for example, human intimate relationships. You are attracted to someone because he meets your requirements of a partner. It is possible you could have pre-arranged this meeting in order for you to experience life together. You are of one mind and are expressing personal love for one another. I have noticed some couples who are of such one mind that they start to resemble each other. What happens when the relationship doesn't work out? It could be that you have stopped feeling personal love for one another due to the fact that you no longer share the same desires or you wish to have new experiences. Although you no longer wish to be together, you still feel impersonal love for one another, the love that wishes the other well and respects the other person's choice to experience life. That is the ideal situation.

Unfortunately, for most people, when a relationship ends you are far from being in a state of impersonal love. You might be feeling hurt and you want to lash out at the other. Since you are not realising you are fundamentally impersonal love, who is here to experience life, and that all is free to experience life, you are only thinking of your personal love and want to impose that love on your partner. It is a bitter split and you never want to lay eyes on the other again. It might take you a long time to get over that individual.

Personal love can extend to include family and close friends only. This is why you will find a man who loves his family and friends so much, he will do anything for them, even lay down his life for them, but may appear not to give a hoot about his neighbour. It doesn't make him a bad person, it just means he's not aware of his impersonal loving nature.

There are people who feel intense personal love for a cause or belief. I've heard of animal activists who feel such personal love for animals and nature, they will kill to protect a tree or an animal.

There are those whose personal love reach far and wide to embrace their nation or humanity as a whole, where this love wishes to serve humanity. That is fine if that's what the individual wishes to experience. The danger is personal love can lead to mental slavery where some people want to impose their love for their country on another, resulting in ideologies where people are under control.

I believe the ideal way to love is realising you are impersonal love whose nature is non-judgmental, accepting of people's choices, considerate and free to experience life. When you feel that way, you allow others to be the same. So whether you choose to experience personal love or not, you are always being yourself - impersonal love.

While I was pondering over these ideas on the bus, I heard a young man on his mobile phone. He was speaking to his girlfriend. The intensity in his voice revealed his feelings for her. He was trying to reassure her that he would be at her place as soon as he could. He said "Promise you'll text me. Promise." After that conversation, his phone rang again. This time it sounded like a male friend. The conversation only lasted a few minutes which was straight to the point. His friend wanted information, he responded and that was the end of their conversation. His voice sounded brusque but friendly in a "guy to guy" way, as some men have been conditioned to behave. I observed the two phone calls as two versions of personal love: friendship and intimate relationship.

On the same bus, I noticed a man sitting near a window. Soon, another man and his young daughter got on and were looking for seats. The man near the window offered his seat so the man and his daughter could sit together. That was a demonstration of impersonal love.

Although I know my nature is impersonal love, I have fun with personal love. Sometimes it feels as if I'm only experiencing personal love. When I feel immense personal love, I feel joyful and playful. I am at one mind with whoever I'm communicating with and it feels magical, in the sense that we express each other's thoughts. Our relationship is easy and harmonious. When I feel personal love, I'm in harmony with whatever I am doing. It could be harmony with my fellow passengers, or friends, colleagues, and family. When I'm feeling personal love and I'm on my own, I explore things I love and have lots of fun. I attract people who love what I love for that moment only or it could be the beginning of a long friendship. No matter what, personal love is always fun.

There are many times when I feel impersonal love. If I am not in rapport with someone i.e. the other's behaviour is not in harmony with my personal choice, I express impersonal love. I see the other as a spirit being expressing himself the way he chooses and I give him the freedom to be. If someone is being critical of me, I become myself, impersonal love, where, again, I give the other the freedom to express self according to belief. My words, when I'm feeling impersonal love, might sound cold and detached, but that is me expressing what I innately am.

According to my understanding of love, I am always expressing love.

I am Love,

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Friday, November 19, 2004


I am my unique personality experiencing life. Every experience is supported by Source, which I believe is the Energy needed to experience one's objective. Source Energy is how I define Love. This Love judges no one.

I have heard it said that there is a God who gives you what is good for you, rather than what you want. What would be the point of experiencing life on your own if this God judges what is good for you? In any case, if "God" gave you what was good for you rather what you want, how come I've attracted circumstances in my life which I later regretted? I believe there is only Source and our unique personalities. I believe that it is I, as Source, giving myself, the personality the opportunity to experience life. Thus, Source says "Yes" to all experiences.

As I believe Source says Yes to all experiences I, the personality, have to say Yes in order for the experience to be made manifest. I call it being in the YES ZONE. I put out the intent and stay open for the experience, which is a state of oneness with the goal. If I block the "channel" by having conflicting feelings then I lose the opportunity at that moment to be in oneness with the goal, and attract a reality that is in opposition to that particular oneness.

One sure way I have found to be in conflict is when you are in a position of denial or defence.

Yesterday , I put myself in a state of defence. I guess it was playing on my mind on the way home last night. I saw a woman, I met recently on another bus, at the bus stop. She asked me whether I was getting a particular bus into the west end. I said no. I had a thought that maybe I should go into town and not go home as yet. But I was feeling cold and it had started to rain. When I arrived home, my mother was out. I only have the top key so I couldn't let myself in. I thought I would wait for her at the local station. I also sent a thought to my mother telling her where I was waiting.

I realised I had received the signs to delay my journey home but I had ignored them. In the meantime, it was getting colder and raining hard. At one point I could feel my bones rattling. The more I focused on how cold it was, the colder it became. Then I changed my thoughts. I thought about how warm I was feeling. Suddenly a waft of warm air blew in my face. Since I was standing outside, I knew it wasn't a physical heat. I was in the YES ZONE, where I was at one with warmth and it was manifested.

Another bus came along. I took it, hoping my mother had taken another route home. My mother had still not arrived. Again, I walked back to the station. I had a thought what time she would arrive. It had stopped raining. Was it my imagination or had it turned a lot milder? I felt warmth all over. I waited at the bus stop for my mother. When our bus arrived, I saw my mother. I hadn't noticed that she'd been waiting upstairs, exactly where I had been waiting earlier. It would seem she had received my "telepathic" message after all. I could have saved myself a lot of hassle if I had waited. She had also arrived at the time I had thought she would.

My mother said she would have been home hours earlier but her journey by tube (underground) was delayed. She had resorted to using the bus which had taken a long time. She also said she'd been expecting me to be in the west end. I now understood why I had considered going to the west end, which would have been an opportunity to synchronise our journeys. I had been in the YES ZONE all along but I had failed to listen to the signs. Instead, the state of defence I had been in earlier had distracted me into experiencing an alternate reality - failing to synchronise our journeys.

I believe Energy says Yes to all experiences. But in order for the experience to manifest, I have to be in the YES ZONE. The YES ZONE is a state of oneness with one's goal, which may or may not involve others. You could also define the YES ZONE as being of One Mind at that moment. In the YES ZONE I have to be open and not get defensive, otherwise I end up creating an alternate reality (or realities) in opposition to my goal.

The truth is the YES ZONE is always present.

Source says Yes to all experiences. It is up to me to shout Yes in return by being in the YES ZONE.

I am the YES ZONE,

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Are We of the One Mind?

The genetic mind is the equivalent of a universal belief system that penetrates, to varying degrees, the human instrument of all entities. In some, it immobilizes their ability to think original thoughts and feel original feelings. In most, it entrains their belief system to harmonize with the accepted belief systems of the Hierarchy. In a few, it exerts no significant force nor has any bearing on the development of their personal belief system.

...The genetic mind is different from the subconscious or universal mind as it is sometimes referred to in your psychology texts, in that the genetic mind has a peculiar focus on the accumulated beliefs of all the people on a planet from its most distant past to its present time. These accumulated beliefs are actually manipulations of the Hierarchy, which imprint on the genetic mind in order to cast the boundaries of what is acceptable to believe.

So compelling is this manipulation and the boundaries that are imposed by the Hierarchy that virtually no one is aware of the manipulations of their beliefs. (The Genetic Mind)

Have you ever met people who try to make decisions for you based on their beliefs? They think they are doing it for your own good. "We are all One, therefore, my idea of morality is your idea of morality." When you stand firm in your principles, you're considered an iconoclast, a rebel or anti-social. Everyone is free to have their own views and live how they want. I will not stand for anyone imposing their beliefs on me.

What people, who want us to think the same way, don't realise is they are also being manipulated by the "system." Before you know it, you hear people speaking and acting the same way. All forms of uniqueness have been stamped out. Why don't you just make people into robots and get it over and done with?

Imagine you're in a library and you get an urge for chocolate. Suddenly, everyone gets up and leave. What's going on, you wonder? You haven't heard the fire alarm go off. Why are they all leaving? You ask someone and he says he's off to the shops to get some chocolate. Small world, you think! You ask another woman and she says she's going to the shops to buy some chocolate. How bizarre! You ask a third person and he says he's off to get some chocolate. Incredible! Out of curiousity, you follow everyone and sure enough they are all heading off to the local shops. You notice people coming out of the shops eating chocolates. You enter a shop and you see a long queue; each customer is buying chocolate. You notice the shop assistants are also eating chocolate. It is then you realise that your desire for chocolate has inspired everyone to have chocolate.

How did this happen? Because you are the equivalent of the Queen Bee. Thus, whenever you have a thought, the worker bees, humanity, act on your thoughts. How do you feel having so much power over all? If you are a "worker" bee, would you like to be at someone's beck and call all the time? Wouldn't you like to have your own desires?

I'm a big fan of Star Trek. There is a particular alien species called the Borg. The Borgs are half-human and half machine. The Borgs go around assimilating other species. Their objective is to create a perfect One Mind species. All Borgs are connected to this grid system and they all share the same thoughts. Every Borg's objective is to act out the plan of the Borg collective. In a way you are never alone, but you never have any privacy.

I've been thinking, is this what the "hierarchy" referred to in the above quote, want humanity to be like, to have a Borg mentality? I am seeing this happen a lot where the government wants to do our thinking for us, and media companies want to select the kind of programmes we should watch, etc.

Let's return to the people who rushed off to the shops to buy chocolate. They had no desires of their own. Is this how Source, that which I believe is Energy and source of life, wants us to act? What would be the point of experiencing life if we all had the same thoughts and motivations? The game would be over, surely? I'm thinking that reality must have been designed in a way where everyone gets to experience life the way they choose. The plan must be that everyone is Source, while also having unique personalities, in order that there will be infinite experiences. More about our uniqueness later.

If I was designed to have a unique experience, what's all this about humans "falling from Grace," and that we are in lack because we have disobeyed the "Father's will?" If all is Source and Source has designed life so everyone can experience life how they choose, doesn't this mean we are experiencing the one will of Source? Can you be in lack when you are Source? Unless the very people who are teaching others how to live have been feeding their students misinformation, so they can keep people under bondage.

What do I mean by bondage? Bondage come in many ways. You could be led to believe you need a teacher, that you can't know yourself any other way. You could be programmed into believing you are separated from Source because of your self-will, and you have to surrender to the "Father's will," i.e. the programmer's idea of what the "Father's will" is. Maybe the teachers don't know any better and have also been programmed.

Well sod this for a game of soldiers! My bullshit-o-metre can see right through the scam. I see that there is no separation and no fall from Grace. I see that I am Source, have always been Source and will always be Source. The only separation that occurs is those who step in the way acting as teachers to guide humanity back home. I am already home. I am Source. I am to experience life how I choose to, knowing full well who I am. As Source, everyone has a choice. You can choose to experience a live of tests and lessons, or you can have a ball being yourself without limits.

The irony for those who impose their beliefs on others or believing thinking for others is for their highest good is that they are caught in a trap. If it is so ingrained in you that everyone needs everyone else to move forward or attain enlightenment, that is all you are going to experience. So in a way they are only acting out of what they believe to be true, they don't know any better.

Here's another irony. An individual who knows her identity as Source ends up, unwittingly, controlling the collective. How is that possible? The prevalent belief is there is only one Mind. One Mind means just that one Mind which does the thinking for you. When someone realises that she is the One Mind, effectively, she becomes the thinker. So whatever the thinker thinks, the mass will have to obey. It is the belief in One Mind that makes people think that the whole needs everyone in order to succeed. What if that wasn't the case at all? What if we were all individual personality Gods, since we are Infinite Energy/Source. How we experience life is up to us. You can choose to experience what it feels like to be of One Mind, or you opt out of it.

I believe that there isn't just One Mind, but you can create One Mind to achieve a goal. When a group of people are trying to achieve an objective, they are acting with One Mind. This is what also goes on in companies. Each employee has his role within the company and working to fulfil the company's mission statement. But it's a choice you make to be within that setting. When you have had enough or you wish to experience another reality, you can disconnect from that version of One Mind.

What I object to is when people want to force a One Mind view on everyone so they can think the same way in all situations. There is already collective consciousness or One Mind mentality in races, cultures, gender, sexuality, family, politics, philosophies, medicine etc. Now they want us to be One Mind humans. What about our uniqueness. Am I supposed to squander my uniqueness for a One Mind reality?

I believe we are all unique because of my personal experiences. It could be argued that I see people as unique because I have that belief anyway. Be that as it may, this is my experience. Anyway, just last night while I was on the bus, I had a thought about a man I met recently. He's only an acquaintance but he came to mind. A few stops down, he got on the bus. Why had I thought about him? Because I had sensed his energy signature which is uniquely his.

A few days ago I had a thought about my mother's niece. I wondered whether my mother had been in touch with her when her brother died, as she hadn't telephoned. My mother was out at the time so I made a mental note to ask her when she returned. The phone rang while I was having this thought. I let the answer-phone pick it up. Since it is an internal answering system, I couldn't hear who the caller was. Later I asked my mother about her niece. She went to pick up her phone messages and found a message from her niece's partner, who had called at the very same time I had the thought earlier. The interesting thing is I have spoken to her on the phone a few times, but I have never met her in person. Yet I was able to pick up on her signals, albeit through her partner, whom I've never met either. How had I picked up on her signal? Because of its uniqueness.

I pick up people's signals all the time. Many times I choose not to respond or filter out the signals. Just like material science proves we have unique finger prints, I believe we all have energetic "finger prints" which you can read. I am convinced of our uniqueness.

So I no longer buy into the "truth" of the One Mind. I believe you can form One Mind to achieve an objective. People who follow a common pursuit seem to achieve a lot with the One Mind. I believe being of One Mind is a choice you make. It's like joining a political group where you tap into the collective philosophy and you share similar views.This is how various legislations are passed through parliament due to the One Mind consciousness working towards a goal.

Some of us choose to walk alone because we have chosen to disconnect from the One Mind mentality in all forms. Personally, it is because I am so resolute in my uniqueness, the "hierarchy" has no power over me.

"In a few, it exerts no significant force nor has any bearing on the development of their personal belief system." (The Genetic Mind)

I believe there is a purpose for one's uniqueness which is to experience life in all its glory. You have a choice to be in a group or not. I believe the notion of separation is an illusion. I believe to "wake" up to who I am is to realise that I am unique with my own mind which consists of Source + my unique personality. I believe every entity has been created the same way.

I believe we have, during our many experiences, formed groups and alliances which end up creating races and other species. These alliances have helped to create a belief of One Mind, which can make you feel "disconnected" from your unique personality.

Most of all, I believe in my unique personality and Source. It is Source that enables my uniqueness to come into being.

Source + Uniqueness = Experience = Love = Enocia

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