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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Are We Living in a Nanny State?

From what I saw of the news last night, I see the British government are putting forward two proposals:

First, they intend to ban smoking from most public places where food is served. There will still be a few smoking pubs for those who wish to drink and smoke.

Second, they want us to eat a balanced diet. The government hopes this will eliminate childhood obesity, a growing trend the government is taking very seriously. They even propose to have different colour signs on food products, where a colour represents a nutrient. This way, shoppers will be reminded when their food baskets contents are above or beneath nutritional standards.

Talk about living in a nanny state! If the minority had their way, they would like to us to eat, do or think as they tell us to and we’re supposed to jump.

In my opinion, food regulation and anti-smoking policies are meaningless. Why? Because they are based on fantasy, that’s why.

Take smoking as an example. The anti-smoking lobbyists have been using scare-mongering tactics in advertising and on cigarette labels to stop people from smoking. We are constantly bombarded with the message: “smoking kills.” These shock tactics work for some who run off to chemists to get smoking patches or smoking chewing gums, to gradually wean themselves off smoking. I wonder if smoking manufacturers are behind anti-smoking products? It wouldn’t surprise me if they are.

Smoking kills if you think it does. It’s basic metaphysics: you experience what you believe to be true. Why are people influenced by smoking? Because they believe cigarettes or smoking has the power to harm or to make you relaxed.

Try telling the Health Secretary “you experience what you believe.” He’ll probably think you’ve gone doolally. The government is promoting a belief that there are things out there that can harm you and smoking is one of them. If you believe the hype you end up with the many smoking related diseases, as scientific experts tell us.

The same applies to food. The government is also promoting the belief that food can harm you, make you fat, make you healthy etc. They have their nutritional experts who can’t even agree over what food harms and what food heals. If you take on governmental and experts’ beliefs, you’re bound to be confused. You’re bound to need the government to teach you what to eat.

There are a few, like myself, who pay no attention to what food labels say or don’t bother about a balanced diets. I eat whatever I like, depending on the mood I’m in. What if I’m having a chocolate day? Think of all those lovely carbohydrates. Sacrilege!

If I choose to sit next to a smoker, does that mean I’m going to get some smoking related disease? I think not! It’s all make-belief, from where I’m standing.

So Mr Health Secretary, you can’t tell me what to eat or how I should live my life? You have no right when you’re making things up as you go along. If life is about taking chances, I’d rather take my chances on my own beliefs not rely on your experts. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

For those who choose to follow the government’s advice, I wish you all the very best!

Best wishes,

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