Vector8 Journals

Friday, November 12, 2004

Ask and You Will Receive

I'm munching away
enjoying the salty
flavour of the crisps.
My eyes are fixed on a book
borrowed from the shelf.

You appear in a flash
of a smile too tempting
for me to ignore.
You would like to share
my bag of crisps.

I pass you a crisp
and, with a toothy grin,
you disappear;
no doubt on your
own literary quest.

Soon you are back
for another crispy helping.
The man beside you
grins apologetically
at your effrontery.

"I don't mind sharing,"
I say to your friend.
"It's a pleasure to meet
someone who knows
to ask is to receive."

I wonder though
whether your charm
works with all the ladies?
Do all women swoon
at your audacity?

You toddle away,
crisp held aloft,
two admirers right behind you.
There goes a man
who wants and he gets!

A word to the wise
my charismatic friend.
Next time you intend to charm
some food off someone,
the least you can do
is learn to speak.


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