Vector8 Journals

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Eight-Pointed Star

One way I see myself is as an eight-pointed star. This eight-pointed star is my personality Self which is all love, power and wisdom. The eight-pointed star is me as Source.

Every moment, liquid light is being poured from this star like a shower all over my body. I feel the liquid light is purple, a colour I can resonate with. The light never stops pouring through me. It is like a volcanic eruption which concretises any thoughts or beliefs I have, like molten lava solidifying into rocks. Since the flow is continuous, this means every moment I have the opportunity to create myself anew.

When I have no thoughts or beliefs, the flow is effectively my Perfect unlimited Self pouring through. When I am writing, it is the liquid light I am transmuting into words. If I ever have a moment when I need clarity, I have to remind myself that the liquid light is forever pouring through me and ask it to become the clarity I need, and it is so.

I also use the eight-pointed star during healing. This morning I felt stiffness in my back. I moved the Star to my back and let it permeate through me and I was instantly healed. I now realise the Star can be called upon to do so much more. It gives its impersonal love to me, according to my expectations.

I am aware that everyone has their version of Source. You might perceive Source in a different form but it is present. For Source is who you are.

I am the Eight-Pointed Star,

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