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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Fight Against Crime

Yesterday, I saw two coppers (police officers) quizzing a man about his motorcycle. The strange thing was there was a police bicycle beside the coppers. I never realised some coppers rode on bicycles. I've seen them on motorcycles but never on bikes

I can just see it now, a police officer on his way to an emergency on his bike. He is frantically ringing his bell and pedalling through traffic. I guess it's quicker to ride through traffic by bike but by the time the copper gets to the crime scene, it will be too late. Reminds me of police officers in the movies. They always seem to arrive way too late.

I wonder whether the Met (Metropolitan Police) are trying to cut down on costs?

Last night I watched the movie, The Terminator again. There is a part in the movie when Sarah Connor, who the Terminator is trying to terminate, is in a police station. The Lieutenant tells her she will be safe as there are 30 officers in the station. In comes Arnie, the Terminator, and wipes out nearly everyone. (ROTFL) That was a classic!

They are showing Terminator 3 on Sunday. Hurray! I haven't seen that one yet. Can't wait.

Have a good day all and stay out of mischief.
Love Enocia

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