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Monday, November 29, 2004

It's Only a Game - Part 1

It's the previous day. I'm about to catch my bus at a station, but I feel the need to have a pee. I see a sign pointing to the ladies. I'm off looking for it. The sign points to a local shopping mall. I enter the mall. Now where is it, upstairs or downstairs? Without thinking, I let my legs lead the way. In a few seconds my legs take me to the toilets. How did this happen? Was there an invisible force pulling me to where I wanted to be?

You were only playing a game.
What do you mean?

You heard me the first time.
Now you're talking in riddles, and you know how I hate riddles!

Isn't that interesting? You say you hate riddles, yet, your life is a riddle.
Now, you've lost me.

OK, I'm going to give you a quick exercise. I know how much you love chocolate. I want you to imagine you have a strong desire for chocolate and that you need to have some right now or your life wouldn't have any meaning.
Yup, I'm there. I really want some chocolate. Now what?"

Now I want you to enter that space of Silence. Be in that state for about a minute. [Pause}

Now come out of that space and continue this dialogue. Tell me, did you feel a desire for chocolate when you were in Silence?
Of course not!

Because when I'm in Silence, I have no desires. I am complete and whole and therefore in need of nothing.

If you can have no need while you're in Silence, who is the one who had desire for chocolate?
Good question. I know I can't have a need and have a need at the same time. I either want something or I don't. That's very interesting. Go on, you tell me Ms Know It All, how come I have a need and I don't have a need.

Because you're pretending you have a need. In order to experience life as form, you have to pretend you have a need. In truth you have no need. But if you were to have no need, there wouldn't be any point expressing life, so you create an illusion of needing something, or having a desire to express yourself, in order for the game to continue.
This makes so much sense. I know that life is like a game of pretence. I wish to experience a certain state of mind, I pretend I don't have it. Hang on, there's another way to look at it. I already know I am all there is. So when I have a need for something, I usually feel my oneness with whatever it is, then I project that oneness outwards so I can have the experience in form. I can't pretend when I am consciously projecting it outwards and wanting to experience it, can I?

First, why have a need when you are already what you need? To experience whatever you desire in form, you still have to pretend you have the desire to experience it in form.

Second, why experience what you need in a physical form? Don't you know that by thinking an experience, you are already experiencing it. There's no need to experience anything in form. If you can think it, you already know what it feels like. Physical forms are solid thought-forms. You could choose to experience forms in idea forms and still have the same realisations as when you experience them as solid thought-forms.
Then why do I need to have the experiences as solid thought-forms?

Why do you?
Because it's fun to experience life as solid form. In the same way that it's fun to have a solid body.

In that case, if it is fun, why complain when things don't happen as fast as they do in the state of ideas?
Oh, I don't know! I guess I want to test out whether I can make things happen as quickly as they do in the idea state. I guess I wish to prove to myself that just because I appear to be physical doesn't mean I am. I am Spirit in form.

That is a great realisation!

It still doesn't answer why you need to experience life as a thought-form - solid or ideas. You know you are already one with all. Why bother expressing yourself in a long-winded way? Why create a need or desire for something when you already have it all? I will tell you. Because you are here to play a game of riddles. Even when you know you are all there is, you have to pretend you have a need to create something.

Right now, you're playing a game of communication on the Internet. Why bother writing something when you are all wisdom? You have to pretend that you need Wisdom in order to understand your life as human. You could let Wisdom sort out your life; but even that is a game as Wisdom needs an instrument to work through. If you didn't have a form there will be no need to express Wisdom.
It sounds like the universe was created this way in order for Source to express Self. The universe is a simulation that Source uses to have different expressions.

Exactly. Everyone is part of the game. The universe has been specifically designed in order that life can be expressed as forms. It's an opportunity to test out ideas. You can then decide how you want to play it, by prolonging the process or breezing your way through it.
I don't understand what you mean by "breezing your way through it."

I meant, do you take the easy route or hard route. Let me give you an example. Have you noticed that in an Internet forum, the Administrator usually assigns ranks to members based on their number of posts?
Yes. So?

Let's pretend that the Administrator is following a discipleship hierarchy. You could start off being an initiate, then a disciple, a chela, a teacher, a guru etc.
If I were the Administrator of my own forum, I would have a rank system based on the adage: "empty buckets make the most noise." So members start with their buckets full and the more posts they write, the emptier their buckets get. I would ensure that the highest level, "empty bucket," is diffcult to achieve. I will keep moving the "goal post" from, say 2,000 to 5,000 etc. I wouldn't want my members to feel insecure, would I?

Very funny. There's nothing stopping the members from creating new usernames so they always appear intelligent i.e. at the "full bucket" rank.
Very true.

Isn't "moving the goalpost" what humans do? If things are too easy you complain there is no challenge, so you create challenges.
If humans are creating challenges, surely it is because they are part of the system that creates challenges for challenges sake? As you said, the universe was created purely for the sake of make belief - to pretend you need to experience what you already have.

This is only partly true. You see the universe has been created as a simulation. The problem starts when you take the simulation as gospel truth instead of a projection, a manifestation of solidified thought-forms. You're meant to use the projections as tools to experience life not life itself.
You say "You're meant to use the projections as tools to experience life not life itself." What is life?

I'll give you an analogy. Imagine you're at the cinema. The cinema is packed full and you're all watching the same movie. Each of you has his own interpretation of the movie. When the movie is over I arrange a discussion panel so you can all share your perceptions of what you've witnessed. I'm sure you will all agree on the main theme of the movie. When it comes to interpretations, some of you will agree and many will disagree because of your disparate beliefs.

Life, as you are experiencing it, is like watching a movie. The only difference is you're interacting with the movie. Each of you is creating your movie reality by interaction, identification, interpretation, and detachment. You have forgotten that the movie is hypersensitive and is influenced by your thoughts. You have forgotten that, if you choose to interact with the movie, you can consciously influence the movie the way you want it to go. You have forgotten that you can choose to opt out of a scene at any moment, by detachment. You've forgotten that the objective of the movie is to enjoy it for what it is.

Think of life as your dreams. You are always the star of your dreams. Whether you are conscious that you are the dreamer or not, you're either dreaming experiences you like or ones you are scared of. You are still the dreamer. In the same way, you're the star of your life and in complete control of how you wish things to appear. Your life as a physical form is another dream world where you can make things happen exactly how you wish, or they will happen unconsciously based on what you are fearful of.

You asked "what is life?" Life is consciousness; consciousness is the way one experiences one's life-movie.
How do I consciously experience the movie of life? How do I take control?

This is a subject we shall discuss in the next part. Is there anything else you would like to ask?
I wish to recap. I started off by asking why I had been drawn to the ladies toilet when I had no conscious awareness of where it was.

And I responded that you were playing a game of needing to use the toilet. As you are All There Is, you already knew where the toilets were. You were effectively pulling yourself to where you needed to be. I will discuss this in the next part of our dialogue.
OK. So what you're saying in this part of our dialogue is that I am playing a game of make-believe. You're saying that I am already complete and need nothing. When I have a need, I'm playing a game of need. You're saying that I could easily create this need as an idea which will fulfil that need but I take it to the next level of creating it as a solid thought-form. You're saying that this physical universe is a device created so we can play this game.

Yes. The physical universe has been created so you can pretend to have a need and create it a solid way. Creation depends on whether you feel it needs to be done the hard way, by physical or mental means; or you can try the easy way by letting it happen, the way things do so effortlessly in your dreams.
You also said that life is like a movie where we are influencing the simulation based on our beliefs and thoughts. You said that life is the consciousness influencing the movie, not the movie itself.

I look forward to our next dialogue.


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