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Monday, November 29, 2004

It's Only a Game - Part 2

In Part 1 of, we talked about what it means to experience life. I then asked how one can take control of one's life. How can one live consciously?

Let's start with recapping what I said in our previous dialogue. To experience life you need to have a desire. Since you are Source, desire has to be only make believe, as you cannot have a need for something when you already have it. You have to pretend you don't have such and such and wish to experience it. This wish or need is projected into your movie of life so you can experience it as a form. This is experience of life in the physical universe.

To be in control of your life, you need to have a constant awareness that you are All There Is. In other words, All There Is is your consciousness of Source. All There Is is Enocia. This means Enocia's consciousness is always in communication with Enocia's consciousness.

Remember the example of you wanting to find the ladies' toilet. You pretend you want to find the public toilets and you are already there. You as Enocia at the toilet, flashes out a signal to You as Enocia pretending to want to use it. You follow your own signals and find it. This is "like attracting like." Then you pretend to yourself how clever you are for finding it. Of course you're clever, you're only looking for yourself? Can you lose yourself when there is only you?
When you put it that way, it sounds like this game of life is a mad chase to nowhere.

Well said.
So I'm pretending to be what I already am. How do I become aware that I am playing a game? How do I prevent myself from being sucked into the movie instead of having fun with it?

You need to be aware that life is exactly like in a sleeping dream. Forget all the symbols and what a dream appears to be saying. Your dream is always about you. You are the one creating symbols to convey your own meanings. You are the dreamer and it's always about you and your take on reality. While you may from time to time pick up on other people's stuff, it is because you are choosing to. Start from the premise that there's no one else but you. Only One exists and it is You.

Second, since there is only You, everything that happens is about you. The universe has enough space for everyone to interact without interference. You all appear to be sharing lives but, in truth, each of you is dreaming your own dream. The game of life is Self-expression.

Though each of you has your own dream, your dreams are sometimes fulfilment of another's dream. The fact that you are here experiencing life is fulfilling your dream of self-expression on the one hand, while fulfilling your mother's dream of self-expressing as a "mother," on the other. You are expressing your joy of writing, which might fulfil another's love of exploring new ideas. You are dreaming possibilities for one another so you can all have fun together or apart. Yet, what you are dreaming are dreams only. A dream enables you to pretend to create what you believe you don't already have.

To wake up from the dream, first, you need to be aware of your real identity - the One who already has it all. Second, that your dreams are games of make-believe, which you use for that purpose only but don't take them literally.
I understand all this. What if I no longer wish to play the game? How do I opt out?

By choosing not to play it. Let's say you've believed so long that sickness is real. Since all around you is a dream, you know that sickness is not real. You've simply forgotten your real self is wholeness. If you're seeking health, you're actually pretending to be in need of health, which is another illusion. Wholeness knows neither sickness nor health. Wholeness knows no duality.

You're awake and no longer wish to play that game. How do you stop the pain or illness now that you know you've been playing a game? You have to let go of that particular dream. Another word for "letting go" is healing. Let go of the dream and be yourself.

You remember in the first part of our dialogue, I asked you to enter the state of Silence, and you stopped having the desire for chocolate? That is always the first step, to be the You that is consciousness, the observer who knows the truth that it is all a dream. Next, you may choose to continue to playing the game while being yourself.

You see, when you experience Silence, you stop experiencing the dream. In other words, you create a new reality. But once you're out of the Silence, you're back to the dream realm. The dilemma is do you stay in Silence? Yes you can stay in Silence and operate from Silence. You can be aware that you are pretending on the one hand, and not pretending on the other.
I thought we established that you can't feel desire and desirelessness at the same time?

Are you having any thoughts now?

You are typing this article effortlessly, are you not?
I guess.

It's because you are in a state of Silence. You started off with the premise that you wish to pretend you are expressing Wisdom. Then you let Wisdom express through you. You're still playing the game, however. If you want to completely opt out of the system, you're going to have to be in Silence forever, or "rest." I take it you have no intention of taking a "rest" any time soon?
Absolutely not!

That's what I thought. Inner Silence enables you to be in the system and yet out of the system. You realise that you're playing a game. You choose the game you wish to play, and you play the game in Silence i.e. let it express through you. You are now focused on being the You that is no longer playing the game on someone else's terms but on your terms only.
What do you mean by "You are now focused on being the You that is no longer playing the game on someone else's terms but on your terms only."

Let's take your love for chocolate as an example. You know that you like it because you wish to experience it, not because it can make you feel good about yourself. You know that you already can feel happy without chocolate. This is playing the game on your terms. Since you have decided to continue playing this game, you can always choose whether you wish to or not. If you get an urge for chocolate, you can check whether you really want some or whether you don't because you know you don't need it. There may come a time when you'll stop playing that game.
As a matter of fact, I've gone for about five years without thinking about chocolate.

Precisely. It always depends on what game you wish to play. Whatever game you play, always ensure that it is on your terms and not someone else's.
As a matter of fact, if All There Is is me, am I not therefore always always playing on my terms only?

Yes you are. You have been listening. (smile)

Let's continue the discussion about health. You have pain and you wish to be healthy. This is because you wish to stop playing the game of illness. You revert to Source. You let Source as health express through you. Note that you are playing a new game because there is no such thing as "health." Source knows neither sickness nor health, but you are choosing to play this game.
What if the dream reality tries to distract you?

Pay no attention to the dream. Do not react against the dream. Do not try to change the dream. Simply focus on who you are, consciousness experiencing reality in a detached way. When you react against the dream, you are forgetting that All There Is is You. Be the dream you wish to experience.
How do you opt out of a reality that you have been collectively dreaming?

By realising that only One is having life. There is only You, EJ, in the universe. You focus on who you are. You let whatever you wish to experience, whatever need you are creating, express through you. You don't listen to others because no one else exists, or they exist because you're dreaming they exist. Have you not noticed that you only see what you want to see? Someone might be standing in front of you and you pay no attention. Only if the other has something for you in terms of information does he come into your awareness.

When you live with the awareness that "Only You exist", you will find things happening when you need them. You will find roads clear up when you need to cross; the rain stops when you wish to go out; money is available when you need it; a train/plane seat available when you need to travel; business opportunities etc. This is because there is only You having life. You are watching the movie from your perspective and enjoying the movie. The same is true for others, naturally.
That sounds cool. It involves a lot of trust.

Remember, since you're pretending to have needs, you're going to have to be specific about what needs you don't have so it can be expressed through you. If you have a need that you don't have a home, you need to be specific about what kind of house you want. Ditto boyfriend, car, food, friends, body weight, etc. Once you are aware of what you wish to experience, there's no need to think or trust. You simply know that you are experiencing life how you wish and it is done.

One final thing I wish to discuss is how to stay connected to Source. You are of course Source, but while you're living in a dream, you need to have a strategy to remind yourself that you are Source. One way is of course being in Silence. Since being in Silence is not always practical, there's another way.

Imagine you're standing waiting for a bus. Imagine your hands and feet are like roots and branches of a tree connecting you to your surroundings. Know that you are connected to an Energy grid. Though, you appear to be moving around, you're a mass of Infinite Energy that is stillness. You are the totality of Energy, All There Is, Source.
This is great. I feel that way sometimes when I feel myself so at one with everything. I then have no sense of hot/cold, up/down, time/space, I simply am.

Source knows no duality. There's no need for you to feel the changing temperature unless you wish to play that game. Practise feeling yourself as Energy in motion. In truth, you are always still.
Thank you.

It is I who should thank you for giving me this opportunity to pretend that I am Wisdom expressing through you.
I am All There Is,

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