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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Life Lesson No. 989,888,990,001,987,123.00989

This is an important life lesson so listen well.

Yesterday, I had a thought that my storage size is decreasing as I have 238 articles in one folder alone, let alone the others.

Later in the afternoon, I tried to get into my Yahoo email account and couldn't. I could have panicked that I would never be able to access them again. Actually, I did for a few seconds, then I let it go. In any case, I have another Yahoo email account which I was able to access. How very odd! I tried my other account again and I couldn't access it.

This morning, everything is working well but there is a noticeable difference. My account storage size has been increased from 100 mb to 250 mb. Yesterday, I was using 11% of my account. Now I'm only using 4%. Yahoo! I've even noticed they've added new facilities that I really love.

I also note that in my other Yahoo account, where I haven't got much info, the storage size remains the same at 100 mb. The Universe is taking care of my needs automatically. Brilliant or what!

My life lesson is to never take appearances seriously. If at first you can't log in, you could very well end up with a nice surprise.



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