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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Money, Transaction and Free Market

Money, that thing people strive for. You fight to have it, work hard for it, con people to get more of it, and even kill for it. Is it worth it? Well, we live in a reality where everything appears to have a price.

Speaking of killing for money, I watched a movie recently called "A Perfect Murder." Stephen Taylor, a powerful businessman, suspects his wife, Emily, of having an affair. Emily is having an affair with an artist called David. Stephen is in financial crisis and hires David, of all people, to murder his wife, so he can inherit her wealth. After the first attempt when Emily kills her assailant, she discovers her husband is in financial dire straights. Emily suspects her husband of hiring someone to kill her. When she confronts Stephen, he denies it. He says, "there's a sea of money out there, I can make it back anytime." Stephen's idea of making money is to have his wife killed. Unfortunately for him, his wife is no push-over; she ends up killing him. I liked the line "sea of money." Imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought of the universe as a sea or ocean of money! Hold that thought!

Look around you, what do you see? Do you see people, cars, businesses, houses etc? I see money. Money, money, money everywhere! Naturally, not all forms appear as bank notes. To have those readies, you need to convert them. An individual's market value is based on one's qualifications, skills and experience. You convert your skills and experience into a job; and in exchange you get access to readies, which you convert to another commodity like a house, food or clothes. Transaction is how majority of people experience this reality? Is transaction the only way? Of course not. I will discuss the free option later.

There are other ways people have created to have access to their good. They have come up with tithing, where you are supposed to give God 10% of what you have, which will be returned to you multiplied. As it is written in the scriptures:

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. (Malachi 3: 10)
Why would God, who is supposed to have it all, want anything from us? Unless tithing was a means of getting people to give to those self-professed mediators, who stand between man and God. I've never bought into tithing. It reeks of manipulation. Besides, it is another method of transaction.

Humans have also come up with the idea of giving and it will be given to you. You can give to others whatever you choose or you can bless others. (Tithing is part of this system). Those who follow the biblical Jesus' teachings will remember that he says:

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. (Luke 6: 38)
I see this as another example of exchange. You give and it is given back to you. That's cool! But what's to stop you from expecting what you have given to return to you multiplied a million-fold or more? Who makes up the rules about how much something should be multiplied? Hey, why not go for broke and demand that all your good deeds, as we collectively understand good deeds, be multiplied and return to you NOW? It is your life, you make the rules up. Don't let someone else tell you what or how you should receive.

Now it's become popular for people, particularly those within "spiritual" communities, to provide a service and, instead of asking for a price, they ask for a donation. That confuses me. It's like going to church and in the middle of the service, the collection bag comes round. How much do you give? What if you don't want to give? You end up feeling guilty for not doing your part. You even believe God is not going to bless you as you haven't tithed your 10%. You've been given a service you thought was free but it wasn't. Why don't people who ask for donations just come clean? You have provided a service and you want something back? Put a price on it, whatever you think it's worth. No one's going to judge you for it because everyone knows that in this reality you need money to survive. Your service is not free if you are expecting donations!

I have to hand it to the Hari Krishna religion. I used to go to their temples to chant. They believe in exchange of services. All those people you see chanting "Hari Krishna" do their part within the temples and within the Hari Krishna community, working for Krishna. You might get food but you're expected to give something back in return.

There are some organisations that ask for donations and have a suggested amount. That's fine. It's the ones that don't state an amount that I'm suspicious of. Why? Because I know what goes on behind the scenes. Believe me, I've paid good money to be taught how to programme people. Did you know that you can programme brochures you send out so that people are attracted to your course. Now don't go analysing brochures, flyers or newsletters for the embedded commands, as you're not going to find them. It's a lot more sophisticated than that. Programming is done at a subliminal level. It is called the power of intent. It is like prayer but a lot more sophisticated. I can write an article, for instance, and intend that people reading it will feel x or y or they will do z. You can intend anything you like, if you believe it is possible. So those organisations that don't ask for a specific amount can easily intend how much they expect to receive from their clients and they will have it.

I respect spiritual organisations who are very committed to their cause and know how to have their needs met. Take the one that promotes the teachings of the ascended masters. They teach decrees you can use to have your supplies met.

BELOVED Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Mighty Victory and Your Limitless Legions of Cosmic Victory, I command the Ascended Masters' Indestructible Victory of Perfection without limit of all the Cosmic Supply, riches, and money I could ever require in my service to the Light! You release into my hands and use now, tax free, the millions of dollars that I desire to assist beloved Saint Germain in His Great Work of the centuries! I demand the Ascended Masters' Indestructible Victory of Eternal, ever-expanding, never-ending Supply, come into my hands and use now! Charge me with the Ascended Masters' Management of all the Supply, riches and money that You release to me! And charge me with Your Ascended Master Judgment and Wisdom of how to use this money! (SUPPLY)
With such a decree, do you think this organisation will ever go without? Not blooming likely!

Is it possible to live in a reality where all things are free? Of course it is. If you can ask the question, it already exists. It is just that people are not open to this possibility. People who are living in this reality give without expecting anything in return. In this reality, everything is free, and I mean everything: money, fuel, clothes, housing, healing, travel, food, ideas etc. The way it works is you either receive what you need for free or you receive free money which you end up converting into whatever you need, since we live in a reality of conversion and exchange. As this reality is free, you wouldn't dream of asking for something back, unless you have to (which I shall discuss shortly). I guess it becomes so ingrained in you that you naturally give everything for free.

Just because majority of people are experiencing a reality of exchange, doesn't make them wrong for doing so. Someone is not bad because she wants to make heaps of money in the world's sense of transaction. I will always support the rights of individuals to experience life according to their beliefs.

In a similar vein, If you decide to experience a reality based on everything being free, then that is also your choice. Let's say you are living in a reality of giving without expectations, but the one you're giving to is of a transactional mentality. What usually happens is that when you give for free, the other will feel inclined to want to give back in return. I hold no judgment if someone reacts in that way. I will graciously accept the offer. On the other hand, if someone of a transactional mentality gives expecting something in return, I will have to give according to her expectations.

I believe a reality of transaction is not better than a reality where everything is free. When you think about it, even if you were to spend every moment of eternity giving, you won't make a dent on infinity. So it makes no difference how you choose to give. I say, let people experience whatever reality they believe to be true.

I believe money is very important and is neither good nor bad, it's how you choose to use it that counts.

I am Money,

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