Vector8 Journals

Friday, November 05, 2004

Poems from a dear friend

I enjoy poetry. Here are a couple a friend sent me. Enjoy...


Gawd! Where is the lavatory?
I really, really, need a pee.
My eyes are running – I can’t keep still,
My bladder’s bursting, I feel quite ill
My pants feel wet – I think I leak
Will I ever find that which I seek?
I asked a man, “Where’s the toilet, mate ?
But he had a stutter and I couldn’t wait.
So, on I ran, that way and this,
Jeez, I do so need a piss.
Oh, my lawd- there’s one right there!
Barge through the door – knock someone flying -
Can’t stop now – I’m nigh on dying
Quick! quick – quick – can’t wait no more
It’s coming out – Ahh ! – another door !
Crash ! I’m in. I get out ‘Pete’
And piddle on my pants, and seat.
Some even splashes on the tiles
It seems to run for miles and miles.
Is that a woman’s voice I hear ?
Wonder why she sounds so near
‘ He ran in here’ I heard her shout
‘And he also knocked this lady out’
Heavy footsteps – a man’s voice calls –
‘Come on out, sir -
or I’ll have your balls !’
‘Aw! Cripes !.’ I says, and with squelching shoe,
I realize it’s a ladies loo.
Then I awoke – I’m at home, instead.
Aw ! bloody hell ! I’ve wet the bed.

Just BE

If we were as a flower, a tree,
A rock, an animal, and just Be,
A different world it is we’d see.
To be still, and in that stillness find,
That which we are, Eternally.

(c) Lincoln Wakefield