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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Practising Oneness

I hear the word, "oneness," bandied around. What exactly does it mean? When I meditate or get into inner silence, I am being myself - the One. However, when I am experiencing life, I am practising oneness. Oneness is a state of being in a relationship with all life. How does it work?

Last night I was in the west end. I decided to walk part of the way to the bus station at Euston. I suddenly felt a oneness with Euston. As I walked on the pavement, my body moved with such ease as if the pavement and I were one. Then I had a thought - Is it I, Enocia, walking or is it Euston walking me? I was going to use a route I was familiar with when a force pulled me to the left. Euston was showing me the quickest way to get to her. When I arrived at Euston, I noticed my bus was already at the stop. I wasn't in the mood to make a dash for it. As the bus left I noticed it was only going part of the way. Just as well I didn't break a sweat for nothing! Moments later, another bus arrived that was going to my destination.

In the bus, I felt oneness with the driver and passengers. A passenger smiled at me, I returned her smile. When a seat became available, she offered it to me. Oneness can come in very handy when you need a seat, and when you don't want to be stuck in traffic.

When I eat I practise oneness. I used to have a habit of checking the ingredients' label of whatever I was eating; I wanted to know how many calories and additives there were. Is it any wonder why I had allergic reactions to food. Now I don't bother. Oneness with food means not worrying about whether the food has power to heal or harm. Oneness with food automatically brings harmony between the food, the manufacturers, the source of the food and me. We are one. I enjoy the food for what it is. Obviously, I only eat what I fancy.

I practise oneness with my body. I have an idea what my perfect body looks and feels like. I'm now at one with that idea and I'm letting this idea be me. It's great not needing to worry about my complexion anymore and just trusting perfection to express through me.

But there is one thing I have been struggling with, where I am constantly being reminded to feel oneness with - house work. I mean, why do we bother cleaning or hoovering? Last Sunday, I promised my mother I would clean the house. She went to church and I figured I had loads of time before she returned. I thought out my strategy, knew it was already done then I fell asleep. I woke up at hourly intervals thinking, I have 3 hours; I have 2 hours; I have 1 hour; shit! where did the time go? It's just so hard getting myself motivated!

I cleaned the kitchen, then the bathroom. I tackled the mirrors in the bathroom. I wiped the mirrors with a damp towel. Great, the mirrors are now smeared! Sod it, you clean yourself, I have better things to do!

Finally, my favourite job in the whole world, the vacuum cleaning. Not! After a few minutes I was exhausted. I was too uptight to get into inner silence and let silence do the work. Then I heard a voice saying:

"Let us help you do the cleaning!"
"Who are you?"
"We are the dirt, the carpet and the hoover. We are one."

Damn, this gives a new meaning to what Jesus teaches:

"...whosoever shall say unto this mountain [dust], Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea [hoover bag]; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith." (Mark 11: 23)

So I went back to the hoovering and it was effortless. The cleaning did itself. I suddenly remembered I hadn't finished cleaning the bathroom mirrors. They were sparkling, as if I'd used some cleaning agent. Excellent job, EJ!

Another thing I don't like about hoovering, whether I have help or not, is doing the stairs. I figured I would watch some television and clean them later, maybe next week. My mother was still not back which was very unlike her. I finally relented and did the stairs and landing; or was it the stairs and landing took over? Five minutes after I had finished, my mother walked in. I wondered whether her journey had been delayed so I could finish the cleaning, as promised. My mother said she would have been home a lot sooner had her friend in church not asked her to stay and keep her company, while her friend performed her church duties. The delay had given me ample time to ponder over the cleaning and finally do the cleaning. It would seem at that moment, my mother, her friend, the hoover, the carpets, the mirrors, the dirt and I were one.

I believe practising oneness is being in harmony with all things. It doesn't mean being in agreement with ideas you disagree with, but going deeper and being at one with the expression of life. I recently met an actress on the bus. The way she views the world is not my way. When I didn't judge her views as right or wrong, I found her stories hilarious. Oneness is having rapport with all.

I had been thinking about setting my own website that would give me more freedom of expression. Someone suggested setting up a blog, which I already have on another website called Powertoshare. I did. Next there were things I had to know like HTML codes. Years ago, I started a website design course but walked out after the first day because of those infernal HTML codes. Now they were back to haunt me. A dear friend who saw my blog liked it so much she set her own poetry blog, which is excellent. She knows a lot about HTML codes. She gave me pointers on what codes to use until I got the hang of it. Here again, it is because of my oneness with my writings that I attracted a friend who could help me with my blog.

Practising oneness, in my opinion, is being in harmony with one's surrounding. It is ultimately about practising being "in the world but not of the world." When I am "not of the world" I experience miracles. Why? Because when I am tied to a body in time and space, I am limited to the rules of time and space. Practising being "not of the world" is expanding my awareness and realising that my identity is infinite. I believe miracles occur when one is experiencing oneness with the infinite.

I believe the practise of oneness is expressing the joy of living. It is also GREAT fun!

I am Oneness,

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