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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Problem is Your Browser

This piece is dedicated to my Beloved Friend - You know who you are. I love you!


My friend and I have got similar blogs, but we have different experiences of our blogs. How? It all started when I tried to edit my blog template. I previewed what I had done and it looked as if the template had been updated. When I tried to view my actual blog, which is the web page people see when they log into my blog, I noticed the template hadn't changed. I checked my template and found my edits were not there. How odd! I re-entered the codes and saved them. Again, the edits weren't showing up on the web page. I asked my friend to log in to my blog and check whether I had edited the template or had I dreamt I had changed the template. She checked and found my edits. How peculiar! It kept happening again and again until we both realised the problem was the browser I was using, i.e. the programme that enables one to view websites on the Internet. The browser I was working on was, basically, shite! It only registers changes if I log off and log on again.

It was hilarious having my friend tell me she could see what I'd written, while in my reality, they did not exist. I was living in a physical reality which takes a while for ideas to be made manifest in order for me to experience them as real. To put it another way, my friend was vibrating at a higher frequency so she could experience far more than I could at my lower vibration. Sounds a lot like the 3-D realm here on planet Earth.

Browsers remind me of different paradigms of reality. Everyone has their dominant view of reality i.e. how you interpret reality. Your view might be influenced by a religious, political or philosophical doctrine, and this is how you will perceive reality. Someone else, who is not into the doctrines you follow, will see the world in a different way. What if you have no interest in that religion, does that mean you're not going to understand the other person's point of view? It depends. If you want to have an understanding of the other, you either need to have some kind of background of where the other is coming from; or you have to be at a level where you have an overview of all experiences.

What is this level where one can have an overview of all experiences? It is a level where all is in agreement, regardless of experiences. It is a level that transcends beliefs and doctrines. I believe this level to be Source. Source unifies all perspectives. Source appreciates all perspectives. Source judges no experience as right or wrong. Source embraces all.

Source is the ultimate all knowing, all seeing browser.

If you're ever having problems relating to someone, it could be your browser. I would recommend you try version SOURCE, and you will find you have no problems at all.

All my love,

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