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Monday, November 15, 2004

Robot Wars

Yesterday, I watched the movie, Terminator 3, the third and final instalment of the Terminator series. The movies depict a reality where humans are fighting against robots and the threat of human annihilation.

In the first instalment, Terminator, the human leader of the resistance against robots sends a man called Kyle Reese to the past to protect Sarah Connor, John's mother. Kyle turns out to be John's father. At the same time, a robot is sent to the past to terminate Sarah. Reese is killed but Sarah survives. By the end of the movie, Sarah is pregnant with John Connor.

In Terminator 2, another robot is sent to the past to kill John Connor, who is now a young teenager. Another robot is also sent by the future John to protect himself and his mother. Again, John and his mother survive.

In Terminator 3, a robot is sent to terminate John Connor and Katherine, John's future wife. This time, it is the future Katherine who sends a robot to protect her and John. While John and Katherine manage to survive, they discover that judgment day, the day when the war against robots commences, is inevitable. They realise their role is to survive the war against the robots.

The reason why these movies fascinate me is because of the symbolism of the robots, which I believe to be the human mind. Humans are in constant inner conflict: one part that wants to be free and express self; and the other that is opposed to freedom. This conflict is due to the robotic mind. There is a mass programming going on where humans are told how to live. While humans try to resist this programming, they lack the tool to free themselves from the programmes. The robot wars against humans, as depicted in the Terminator movies, is really the war of humanity against itself.

The irony is that there are inner conflicts or wars if you believe there are. The moment you stop fighting and trust in yourself, the war is terminated, excuse the pun.

Fascinating movies. Well worth seeing if you are not squeamish.

Much love,

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