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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Time Versus No-Time

"For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night." (Psalm 90: 4)

""I AM" is the present tense for all time" (Christ in You)

Is time real? Does time exist? What is the purpose of time?

I am taking a walk at night. I look up at the sky and I see strobe lights darting back and forth, making multicoloured patterns on the purple sky. I could very easily be in a planetarium or watching a movie with special effects and I will not be able to tell the difference. Tonight feels very mild, warmer than it was during the day. Curious! Earlier, I spoke to a girl I have been seeing on my bus. She's from Belgium. I asked her what the French word for mild was. It feels like it could be mild for eternity.

I personally see time as not happening. I believe every day emerges from and dissolves into eternity. Each day is the same as the one before and the one to come. When you experience days as the same, and every moment as the same, you are getting a glimpse into No-Time.

What is she going on about, no time? How can someone have no time when we appear to experience time? We all have 24 hours each day to do as we wish, don't we?

I'm saying we don't all have time in our hands. We appear to have 24 hours a day only if you believe you have time. There are two types of people/entities: those who have time and those who don't - Time versus No-Time people/entities.

Time is very much real to Time people. When you have time, you automatically project yourself or ideas in time and space. Even the language you use has time connotations:

"I will achieve such and such."
"I will feel better."
"I will do such and such."

While many Time-people know how to manipulate time, they still have time. When I was a student, I was a master of waiting till the last minute before I wrote my essays. I had so programmed myself that that was the only way I could work, it was the only time I was inspired to write. I found when I was under pressure I was even more creative because I was open to new ideas, any idea, to get me out of the mess I was in. I achieved so much in so little time. It was as if I was expanding time.

I'm sure there are many realities where, as the scriptures indicate, a thousand Earth years is the equivalent of one day in another reality. I imagine there are realities where hundreds and thousands of Earth years is the equivalent of a day in other realms. I'm sure the reverse is also true, where an Earth day is the equivalent of a month in another reality. I would imagine a snail's day to be extremely long.

When there is a huge discrepancy between 3-D Earth time and another reality, it indicates how fast things are moving in the other reality. Is it any wonder why we cannot perceive those who have "passed away?" It's because they are moving so fast that our minds cannot perceive them even when they are standing right beside us. You might spot a flash of light from time to time.

No matter how fast one is moving or how huge the time discrepancy, it still means you have time. You are still measuring time. You are still projecting yourself from A to B, where time and space is required. You are still a Time entity.

No-Time people have no time. What does it mean to have no time? No-Time people realise who they are is infinite, existing everywhere. Time is meaningless. Let's say a No-Time person needs to be in America, she's already there. How? Because the No-Time entity knows she is omnipresent.

There is a wonderful story in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi," which documents the lives of Yogis who are self-realised. In this story, Yogananda visits a yogi who demonstrates omnipresence. The yogi is sitting in meditation in front of Yogananda in one reality, while in another he has manifested a body to meet someone. This is what the yogi says to Yogananda who is dumbfounded when he finds out:

"Why are you stupefied at all this? The subtle unity of the phenomenal world is not hidden from true yogis. I instantly see and converse with my disciples in distant Calcutta. They can similarly transcend at will every obstacle of gross matter." (The Saint With Two Bodies ).

There are several accounts of omnipresence in the same book.

A No-Time type of communication might sound very strange to Time people. A Time person is always looking for hard evidence. How can you be somewhere else when you are here? How can you experience something that hasn't happened yet? Time-people do not understand when you have no time, everything is already present. If you can think it, it already exists. You then think and speak in accordance with what is.

Since majority of us are Time people, I will focus more on this reality. There is nothing more frustrating than a Time person trying to manifest what is already present. They end up sabotaging themselves by the use of language or force of habit. If you are a Time person it is very logical for you to project an event into the future because in your reality there is past, present and future. If reincarnation and evolution is very much real for you, why would you try to have no-time experiences? I'm not saying Time people don't experience "miracles." I know they do. When Time people experience miracles it could be because at that moment, the individual has stepped out of time and experiences the eternal now. It could also be because the individual is under the influence of a No-Time entity. Other ways miracles occur is when you master time and space.

It is a popular and shared belief in spiritual and esoteric literature that man is threefold: body, soul and spirit; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is believed that it is the soul/son that is evolving in time and space. While the soul is hundreds of times more powerful than the human personality, the soul is very much a Time entity. If you believe you are evolving in time and space in order to grow, you are possibly of the belief you have a soul. If, however, you know your identity as Spirit only, regardless how you are experiencing life, you are a No-Time entity.

What does evolution entail? It could be you are here to master time and space. Many esoteric schools teach how one can achieve mastery. Some schools have even developed different levels or ranks - a kind of hierarchy indicating what position the individual has evolved to. You could be an initiate, a disciple, an Avatar or a Cosmic being, depending on the lessons you have learned. This is a system of belief, of course, nor do I subscribe to this belief.

The way I see it, whether you attain mastery over time by slowing down time, speeding time and stopping time, you are still a Time entity. Say you wanted to heal someone, you could speed the healing time which could manifest instantaneously. You could slow time so you don't age so fast. However you manipulate time, you are still a Time entity.

If you want to stop experiencing time you have to step out of time and experience No-Time. How is this achieved? By being the You that is No-Time. Remember I said there are two dominant views of experiencing life: ones who believe they are the soul evolving in time and space to learn lessons and grow; and Ones who know they are the eternal Spirit? I am all for people being themselves but be careful what self you are being. Are you the self that some schools believe have to go through a structured system of lessons and tests in order to be elevated to another level? Or are you the Self that is Spirit and exists in eternity? Choose well who you are going to serve.

I have heard people say when you are awake you will be able to teleport, i.e. moving yourself to a location by thinking yourself there. Hmmm! I'm not sure about that. Does this mean entities who have "passed on" from the human realm can't teleport? Of course they can. It doesn't mean they are No-Time entities. They are simply being themselves, as non-restricted Time entities. If you've ever had out-of-body-experiences you will know what I'm talking about. I have felt myself many times out of my body moving at incredible speed and yet I was very much attached to a body in time/space.

Another reason why people who teleport cannot be No-Time entities is because to teleport from A to B, there needs to be some space between the two. While you might appear at your destination in no time, you are still aware of Time. In other words, time and space go together like horse and carriage. When you know you are already present and can appear at the other place while still being where you are, you have stepped out of time.

I am all for people "waking" up to who they are. I'm saying, if your idea of Self is the entity/soul evolving in time and space, stop trying to be something you are not. It's no use expecting instant healing when you are going to sabotage the result by projection and thinking it will happen in the future. Time people can visualise events that are manifested in time. If you want to go for broke and be a No-Time individual, your whole concept of reality changes. Sadly, here is neither the time nor the place, excuse the pun, for me to go into this.

There is one thing that limits one in time and space - language. When we use language we are trying to interpret what already exists into some kind of framework - time and space. How do you express the truth of having a house in "spirit" when you don't have one in the 3-D Earth reality? Do you say "I am living in my beautiful home?" Try communicating this reality to someone who is very much into seeing concrete evidence. So what usually happens is you say "I will be living in my new home very soon." Most people can identify with the future tense; they know that while you don't have your house in the present, anything can happen tomorrow.

The problem is that the same use of language ends up trapping one in time and space. What tomorrow are you referring to? Tomorrow could be a week from now, a month, a year, ten years - they are all tomorrows, aren't they? There is therefore no pressure for the house to manifest since it is already in the Now. It will manifest eventually according to your beliefs, but in some tomorrow in the future.

A No-Time person understands language is problematic. The No-Time person uses language while being fully conscious that the way you express yourself and the words you use are not important. It is the intention behind the words that matter.

It's no use Time people thinking they can use words indiscriminately thinking "it is the intention behind the words that matter." You cannot fool the Universal Intelligence which knows your beliefs and creates accordingly. If you are fearful about something, you are in no position to expect instant manifestation, it means you are a Time person. You might help things along by thinking positive thoughts, using affirmations and speeding time, but you are still a Time person. Do what works for you, don't try to be something you are not.

In the beginning of this article, I asked whether time exists. It does and it doesn't, depending on your perspective. I would say there is Time and "time." Time is eternity where days seem to rise from and dissolve into. Days are intrinsically unchanging i.e. no day is less than or greater than another. This is where you experience No-Time.

On the other hand, there is "time" which is one's perception of Time. According to your belief is how you will experience Time. These are what I refer to as Time people.

What is the purpose of Time? You could argue Time is the opportunity to express Self. While Time i.e. eternity has always existed, we have created ways to measure Time such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, seasons and years. The danger is that people have gone one step further - they have made time measurements come to life by perceiving time as moving. This has resulted in the seasons, aging and death. Because people have got so used to the habit of believing time passes, they consider Time's purpose to be a tool one can use to experience birth, youth, old age and death.

No-Time entities pay no attention to the changing of the seasons. They know only eternity, Time, exists. While No-Time entities might choose to use whatever a reality has to offer to measure Time, like clocks and watches, they see them as tools only. A No-Time entity who doesn't experience "time" is hardly going to experience aging and death unless s/he chooses to experience old age and death.

It would appear there are two types of entities experiencing life: those who have Time and those who have No-Time. Experience of either is based on beliefs. I know which one I prefer.

I end with a poem I've always loved. Enjoy...

WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?—

No time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows:

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass:

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night:

No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance:

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began?

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

Leisure by W. H. Davies

With love,

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