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Friday, November 26, 2004

Working with Source Energy

I see Source as containing all realities, whether we are aware of them or not; whether they already exist as forms, or are only ideas or possibilities. Everyone has access to Source but our experiences of Source is subjective.

This happened about a week ago. I'm thinking about the various ways to use Energy. I imagine myself bathed in purple light like the character in the movie She, starring Ursula Andress. I start visualising the movie in detail. In case you haven't seen it, Ayesha ("She Who Must Be Obeyed") is the immortal and ruthless ruler of a mythical lost city. She's been waiting for centuries for her lover to be reincarnated so they can be together and rule for eternity. When they are finally reunited, Ayesha makes the fatal mistake of bathing in the blue light, which had made her immortal. You only need to bathe in it once. The effect is the reverse of immortality, and she rapidly ages in a gruesome way until she is destroyed. (Shudder!)

It's the day after and I am browsing at a bookshop. I pick up a book called "Soul Mates." In the first chapter I am guided to read, the author refers to the same movie "She" starring Ursula Andress. He talks about soul mates reincarnating together. Isn't it incredible how I had been "directed" to a book reflecting my thoughts?

I've noticed whenever I am thinking about something I reach out energetically for all relevant information available on the subject; or is it all information available on the subject and I merge into one? Oneness with whatever I seek leads, me sooner or later, to the form equivalent, when I am guided to pick up a book at random, or so I think. If I'm drawn to read a book, it doesn't mean I always share the same interpretation as the author, since we are all unique, but I'm lead to that source anyway and it's up to me to decide whether this is the information I seek.

A few days ago, I wrote an article called What is Love? The next day I was at another bookshop and picked up another book called "Soul Mates" (not the same one as before). In my article I talked about two types of love: personal and impersonal. This book talked about two types of love: "personal and impersonal." While we agreed on the fundamental principles, our approaches were totally different. Thus, it is the same Source but how one expresses Source is an individual matter.

I see Source as an eight pointed star above my crown, expressing infinite rays of purple light. Each ray represents whatever I wish to experience in life.

Let's say I want to experience eternal youth. I see myself looking eternally young as whatever age I wish to appear as. Then I see that eternal self as a ray of energy emanating from Source (star) and expressing through me for eternity. Since the expression is for eternity, there's no longer any need for me to think about it. I trust in Source to do the work.

I can use the same technique for everything and anything. Thus, I have a ray for perfect health, a ray for unlimited wealth, a ray for love, a ray for friendships, a ray for peace, a ray for business opportunities, a ray for wisdom, a ray for joy etc, etc. As soon as I think about something I would like to experience, I give it a ray, knowing that it is forever being expressed through me.

Isn't it wonderful how Source makes it so easy to look after me and you and all of us? It's a matter of trusting and it is done.

I am Source,

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