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Friday, November 19, 2004


I am my unique personality experiencing life. Every experience is supported by Source, which I believe is the Energy needed to experience one's objective. Source Energy is how I define Love. This Love judges no one.

I have heard it said that there is a God who gives you what is good for you, rather than what you want. What would be the point of experiencing life on your own if this God judges what is good for you? In any case, if "God" gave you what was good for you rather what you want, how come I've attracted circumstances in my life which I later regretted? I believe there is only Source and our unique personalities. I believe that it is I, as Source, giving myself, the personality the opportunity to experience life. Thus, Source says "Yes" to all experiences.

As I believe Source says Yes to all experiences I, the personality, have to say Yes in order for the experience to be made manifest. I call it being in the YES ZONE. I put out the intent and stay open for the experience, which is a state of oneness with the goal. If I block the "channel" by having conflicting feelings then I lose the opportunity at that moment to be in oneness with the goal, and attract a reality that is in opposition to that particular oneness.

One sure way I have found to be in conflict is when you are in a position of denial or defence.

Yesterday , I put myself in a state of defence. I guess it was playing on my mind on the way home last night. I saw a woman, I met recently on another bus, at the bus stop. She asked me whether I was getting a particular bus into the west end. I said no. I had a thought that maybe I should go into town and not go home as yet. But I was feeling cold and it had started to rain. When I arrived home, my mother was out. I only have the top key so I couldn't let myself in. I thought I would wait for her at the local station. I also sent a thought to my mother telling her where I was waiting.

I realised I had received the signs to delay my journey home but I had ignored them. In the meantime, it was getting colder and raining hard. At one point I could feel my bones rattling. The more I focused on how cold it was, the colder it became. Then I changed my thoughts. I thought about how warm I was feeling. Suddenly a waft of warm air blew in my face. Since I was standing outside, I knew it wasn't a physical heat. I was in the YES ZONE, where I was at one with warmth and it was manifested.

Another bus came along. I took it, hoping my mother had taken another route home. My mother had still not arrived. Again, I walked back to the station. I had a thought what time she would arrive. It had stopped raining. Was it my imagination or had it turned a lot milder? I felt warmth all over. I waited at the bus stop for my mother. When our bus arrived, I saw my mother. I hadn't noticed that she'd been waiting upstairs, exactly where I had been waiting earlier. It would seem she had received my "telepathic" message after all. I could have saved myself a lot of hassle if I had waited. She had also arrived at the time I had thought she would.

My mother said she would have been home hours earlier but her journey by tube (underground) was delayed. She had resorted to using the bus which had taken a long time. She also said she'd been expecting me to be in the west end. I now understood why I had considered going to the west end, which would have been an opportunity to synchronise our journeys. I had been in the YES ZONE all along but I had failed to listen to the signs. Instead, the state of defence I had been in earlier had distracted me into experiencing an alternate reality - failing to synchronise our journeys.

I believe Energy says Yes to all experiences. But in order for the experience to manifest, I have to be in the YES ZONE. The YES ZONE is a state of oneness with one's goal, which may or may not involve others. You could also define the YES ZONE as being of One Mind at that moment. In the YES ZONE I have to be open and not get defensive, otherwise I end up creating an alternate reality (or realities) in opposition to my goal.

The truth is the YES ZONE is always present.

Source says Yes to all experiences. It is up to me to shout Yes in return by being in the YES ZONE.

I am the YES ZONE,

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