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Monday, December 06, 2004

All is Universal Energy!

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith." (Mark 11: 23)
There's a lot of talk that each of us has a mind, body and spirit. Some schools teach that mind, body and spirit exist as different states with its equivalent body. The earth represents the physical universe that has a physical body; the mental realm has its own body; and the spiritual realm has its own body.

My view is that the world is a dream. In the dream you need a dream body. In that case, how come in dreams you can do many things that you cannot do in this human dream body? I recently had a dream where I jumped out of a tall building and I was floating. I have other dreams where I move at the speed of thought. If earth is another dream realm and I have an earth dream body, how come my dream body doesn't behave in the same way at all times? Good point!

I believe I have got into the habit of thinking in a compartmentalised way and regarding the universe as Mind versus Body or Spirit versus Body. With this kind of thinking, of course you're going to expect Spirit to behave one way and the body another.

I have written elsewhere that all is Universal Energy (U/E). If all is U/E, then my body is U/E. My thoughts are also made of U/E. I have also written that whenever I put out an intention in thought, the answer is always Yes. In other words, U/E says Yes to all experiences. Since the body is U/E appearing as form, doesn't this also mean that the body should always obey one's thoughts? The body should be totally under the control of one's mind. Mind creates the intention and U/E obeys the intention. Mind creates an intention for the body, which is U/E appearing as form, and the body should obey.

I believe the body doesn't move as fast as thought if you're constantly telling it that it moves at its own pace or that it lives in a different realm. What's U/E appearing as form, aka the body, to do but give you what you believe to be true. We've believed this lie for so long, i.e. the body is in its own realm and the Mind is in another, that the body has become sluggardly. What if one lives the truth that the body is U/E, therefore, it moves at the same speed as thought, and acts as the same speed as thought? The body should behave in the same way it does in my dreams. The body should move at the speed of thought. The body should obey all thoughts given to it. It already does by following our beliefs that it is naturally dense, heavy and produce sickness, pain and eventually decays. That is so not the truth.

Imagine what it's like to transform your body instantly! Imagine what this means!

What is true of the body is also true of all inanimate objects. Recently, I couldn't open a bottle of milk with my hand and I asked the milk to open itself. I left it alone for a few seconds and when I went back to it, I could turn the lid. Now it makes sense. All forms are U/E in form. It is worth repeating: everything around you is Energy in form. I can therefore treat inanimate objects the same way I treat U/E and they will obey, because U/E always says Yes.

I once got a friend's car to work by commanding it to work and it did based on my realisation that Energy is all there is. It's a matter of practising this truth at all times, that U/E is all there is, and let U/E do the work.

I've written countless times that the person I admire most of all is the fictional character, Mary Poppins. She lives in a reality where she can speak with animals and has command over inanimate objects. What Mary Poppins can do is not just a fantasy, it is a reality. It is a matter of realising that U/E is all there is.

Universal Energy seems to have been lying dormant for ages waiting for us to say the word. Now is the time to stop trying to work things out physically or through mental discipline. Let Energy do the work and it is done.

All is Universal Energy.

I am Universal Energy,

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