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Saturday, December 11, 2004

An Annoying Manifestation!

Star date - this morning.

I am standing waiting for my bus. A young lady appears and is looking at the bus timetable. I'm thinking to myself, "you're standing in my way, I can't see whether the bus is coming." I move to the other side so I can see the road.

Minutes later two buses appear: one I don't want and one I do. The bus I don't want is in the way and the one I want overtakes the one I don't want and drives by without stopping. For crying out loud! What's the matter with that bus driver? Didn't he see us waving at him to stop?

There has to be a logical explanation why the bus driver didn't stop. Then I remember. The thought form I had earlier about that woman being in my way had been manifested in form. The bus in front was standing in the way so the one at the back couldn't see whether there were passengers waiting at the bus stop. Aaargh!

Maybe Universal Energy made me invisible. Double Aaargh!

I have to learn to keep my mind free even while waiting for buses! Treble Aaargh!

Oh well, I did get to my destination in the end! Yahoo!

Have fun you all,

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