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Monday, December 06, 2004

The Answer is Always Yes!

There's an interesting billboard ad running at the moment for Baileys. In it is a picture of an eye in the middle with what looks like spiral rays coming from the eye. On each ray are the words "don't look." Of course when someone says "don't look" you're going to look, right?

Imagine you're doing a search on Google for Vector8 but instead of typing "Vector8" you type "don't search for Vector8 but search for Enocia." What do you think is going to happen? The mighty Google is going to search for web pages containing the words: "don't," "search," "for," "Vector8," "but" "search," "for" and "Enocia." Remember Google is only a computer, it doesn't understand semantics. It's up to you to be specific, don't expect Google to do it for you.

It is my experience that your mind is exactly the same, one big computer that does exactly what you tell it. Anyone looking at the above ad will experience both words "don't" and "look." Advertisers are very clever, they know how the mind works and use ads to programme people to buy their products.

Given that Universal Energy (U/E), the power which manifests according to one's belief, behaves like a computer, doesn't this mean that U/E says "Yes" to whatever you create, consciously or unconsciously? I think so. Let's say Google has done a search and can't find a match, it doesn't say "no, I'm not doing it" it simply says, "no pages were found." I believe U/E says "Yes" to all. U/E doesn't understand or know the word "no." No has no reality.

I apply the same principle in my life. I cannot say "no" to anyone because "no" doesn't exist. While in human terms I do say no from time to time, but in truth, I'm always saying "yes." Confused? Well, is it, yes, I am confused or yes, I'm not confused? (smile)

Let's take relationships. You meet someone nice and you want to have a relationship with the other be it on a friendship, work related or intimate level. The Universe has said "Yes" to your wish to have this relationship. What if it is an intimate relationship and your partner wishes to end the relationship? The Universe says "Yes." In human terms, someone wants to end the relationship and the other doesn't. You might be thinking, how can this be resolved when both want different things? It will come to a "Yes" resolution for both parties concerned. The "Yes" conclusion is that the relationship is over, for one person at least. You can resist it all you like but once it's set in motion that someone doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore, the answer is always "Yes" and will occur in the long run.

Surely one doesn't choose to experience poverty, lack, murder and destruction? How can the Universe say Yes to such outrage? I say U/E is neutral. I consciously use U/E and I've never heard U/E say "no." I have to take responsibility how I use the energy. My thoughts direct U/E to do whatever.

And as for mayhem and destruction, that is the human definition. Some people might argue that the God they believe in is Love, therefore, Love will not allow murder and destruction. This is not how I see reality. I believe in U/E, which is Love, but to me Love doesn't judge. This is why U/E says "Yes." It is up to you to figure out if that is what you choose or whether, after you've experienced your choice, you will choose it again. Remember you have eternity to work out what you prefer. My view is if you don't wish to experience mayhem and destruction, as you define it, change your thoughts about murder and destruction. Stop making them real.

I watch movies about murder all the time and I know they are not real. I know the actors are only acting. Just like I know humanity is acting different roles. While I will not choose to go through murder or wars, I'm not going to judge how others experience life. Everyone has responsibility for their thoughts and how they experience the world and it's not up to me to tell people how they should live. I say "Yes" to whatever people feel that's right for them.

I have to always remember that U/E is like a computer and it creates according to one's intent or beliefs. U/E doesn't tell me what to do but allows me to experience life as I choose. If there's anyone that says "no" to me, it is me.

Now that I am aware that U/E says "Yes," it makes me more vigilant about my thoughts. I'm also very grateful that if I slip, I can always change my mind knowing that U/E is always going to say Yes by creating another reality that supersedes the previous thought.

I think it's great that the Universe always says "Yes!" Are you saying, "Yes you agree" or "Yes you disagree?"

I am Energy,

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