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Monday, December 13, 2004

Are You a Back-Seat Driver?

Have you ever driven a car and had a passenger who has given you advice on how to drive, even when s/he can't drive? Guilty as charged! LOL! The driver was a complete moron! Hahaha!

Joking aside, I wouldn't dream of telling my bus driver how to drive. I might think it but I wouldn't dare say it out loud or my journey will be swiftly terminated. I guess when people get on buses, trains or planes, they trust in the driver or pilot to get them to their destination.

I believe many people are secret back-seat drivers. What do I mean? Instead of letting things happen, people try to make things happen.

Before I give an illustration of how I try not to be a back-seat driver, I want to comment briefly on why I write these journals. I have been so used to doing things my way that trusting in the process, letting things happen, seems like learning to walk all over again. Learning to trust doesn't mean I trust in the Source to tell me what to do. I believe it's up to me to choose what I experience. Once I have made the choice, I am to trust and let it happen without wanting to drive the bus myself. My journals are reminders to myself when I trust in Source and when I don't. The more I practise the more I cultivate the habit of trust. I know there is a reality where Energy creates instantly. These journals are also my way of bringing this reality into visible manifestation. So, while what I write about might sound mundane to some, I am demonstrating how I'm trusting Source in all aspects of my life.

My mother invited me to her church Christmas dinner. I promised I would also attend the church service with her. When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn't feel like going to church. I felt my time would be best served catching up on some sleep or meditating. I told my mother I would join her for dinner.

I tried to work out what time I should leave so I could get to the church before 1 pm. How long would the bus journeys take? What time would they arrive? They run fewer services on Sundays and I could phone London Transport to get the times, but there's no guarantee they will run on time. Then I remembered. What am I doing trying to work things out, why not let Source do the work? "Universal Energy, please tell me what time I should leave so I could get to the church on time?" I had the thought that I would leave at 11.20 am. "Good. Wake me up later!" I fell asleep and woke up at 10.50. My mother has so many clocks around so I can't not know the time while I'm at home. I left exactly at 11.20, and found all my buses arrived when I needed them. I didn't have to think about anything. I was on automatic pilot.

When I arrived at the church I couldn't find my mother. I figured she was already at the restaurant. I went to the church and asked a woman if she knew my mother. She happened to be my mother's friend. She said my mother had gone to the restaurant. She was busy at the time so she couldn't take me to the restaurant. Another church member walked in, who was about to go to the restaurant so I went with her.

Everything worked out. I arrived with enough time to spare because I like being early. I had trusted in the "driver" to take me to my destination, without thought.

It is written in the allegory of the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord God and ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they were cursed as follows:

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground." (Genesis 3: 19)
I believe the "sweat of thy face" represents trying to work things out mentally or by physical strength. You're trying so hard to figure things out that it never occurs to you there is an easier way to experience life, which involves trusting in a Power that doesn't need your help. You only need to tell the Power what you wish to experience and leave the Power to tell you how and when.

Yes, there is always the right moment to do something, if this involves other people. The "when" is the equivalent of knowing when to press the bell when you need to get off the bus. You wouldn't press the bell a mile away from your bus stop. If you are travelling by train, you wouldn't get off three stops before your actual stop nor would you try to open the doors while the train is still en route. You wait till your train has arrived at the station and then you get off. When I trust in Source, I am told the right "when." Just like I was told when I should leave and was woken up at the right "when," which gave me sufficient time to get ready. That right "when" meant I didn't have to wait for buses. They arrived when I needed them.

When I don't ask, I'm left with trying to figure out the how and when. In a reality where all is perfect, it really doesn't matter if I get things "wrong." But I've tried the "in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread" routine and it's too much hard work. I prefer the easy life.

One thing about trusting in Source is that Source will give you what you believe to be true. In other words, I believe Source doesn't see choices as right or wrong, just choices. While I asked Source to get me to the church on time (sounds like I'm getting married LOL), I later realised during the bus journey that my mother's church service usually finishes around 12 noon. I had a feeling my mother was thinking I was late or not coming. But I knew the dinner was at 1 pm. When I arrived at the restaurant, my mother said the service finished at around 12.15 and she was wondering whether I wasn't coming. I had obviously picked up on her thoughts.

You might be wondering why Source didn't tell me to leave early so I could get to the church after the service? Because it is up to me to express my choices. I believe Source is like a computer - it creates according to belief but never tells you what you should do. I said I wished to arrive for 1 pm and that is exactly what Source created. It makes me wonder about people who pray: "God, please tell me what to do and I will do it!" This is not how I believe things work out. If you believe something outside of yourself tells you what to do, that's exactly what Source will create. There are many people out there just dying to tell you how you should live your life. (smile)

Being a back-seat driver can be a frustrating experience for the back-seat driver and the driver. I'm now only interested in telling the driver my destination and trusting the driver to do his job. It takes practise to remember to ask how and when. When I do remember to ask, I trust the Universe to get me to my destination on time.

I am a trusting passenger,

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