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Friday, December 31, 2004

Are you ruled by the Heart or Mind?

Do you follow your heart or mind? Do you do what feels right or what you ought to do according to rules, beliefs and social mores?

I was in the bookshop the other day and they were playing a song I love. I used to even have the album. The song is about a woman saying she doesn't want her boyfriend back. The chorus goes:
No, you're never gonna get it (Not this time)
Never ever gonna get it (My lovin')
No, you're never gonna get it (Had your chance to make a change)
Never ever gonna get it My Lovin' by En Vogue
Part of me was thinking, maybe I shouldn't like this song because of the woman's attitude about love. But I felt this rush of energy all over giving me goose bumps, which happens when I love something. I started bopping along and singing discreetly. I didn't want to be chucked out of the bookshop. LOL!

Have you ever seen the movie, Footloose? It's a teen rebellion flick. A teenager, Ren played by the cute Kevin Bacon, moves to a town with his family to discover that rock music and dance is forbidden. Ren manages to convince his friends that dancing is fun. My favourite scene is when Ren teaches his friend how to dance. At first, his friend has no rhythm then he discovers his own rhythm. The music pumping in the background is my all time favourite song, Let's Hear for the Boy, by Denise Williams. I love that song. Freedom prevails, dance returns to the town. It's a wonderful movie. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.

I met a friend the other day and we discussed meditation. I said I didn't follow any techniques or rules but saw meditation as fun. My friend insisted that I had to be disciplined to have experienced the Inner Light. I realised he had a point. When I first thought about meditating, I treated it as something that would be fun to do. I had no expectations, therefore, it didn't matter to me if anything happened. The "pearl" within revealed itself during the process and took me into different levels of awareness when I merged with the Light and beyond. It was much later that I read literature about meditation and about people's experiences of God-realisation/Samadhi and Inner Silence.

I found as I continued to meditate, I grew to love the experience of being in bliss so much that it became top priority. The Love to know and be Self was so intense that it took away any sense of discipline. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing else I would rather do. What else is there but Self-realisation? In my meditation I believe it is the Heart that took over which made the process such a joy.

There are other aspects of my life where I hear the mind trying to resist or rationalise over why I should do or not do something, but the Heart operates in Silence. I'm finding that the Heart is taking over.

When the Heart is in charge, it's like losing one's self-consciousness and becoming like a child. Kids skip along when the mood takes them. If they feel like singing, they sing.

I follow my joy in all ways.


I am Joy,

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