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Friday, December 10, 2004

Cloaking Technology

In case I haven't said this before I'll say it again, I'm a big fan of Star Trek. I love it when the Star Ship Enterprise/Voyager is confronted by aliens such as the Klingons who love using their cloaking technology, so no one will know they are around. Then they suddenly appear and give the crew hell for a while, but the crew always fights back and wins the battle.

Last night I had an experience of what it feels like being cloaked.

I am waiting for my bus home in the evening. I'm leaning against the wall of a building. Three guys arrive at the bus stop. One walks by and brushes against me. I'm thinking, that guy has just treated me as if I am not here. His friend walks towards me. He is about to lean against what he believes to be the wall, me, when I prod him and say "I'm here!" This startles him.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I didn't see you there."

I chuckle to myself. So, this is how it feels like being invisible. It's not that you are invisible, you are creating an illusion of invisibility. I notice this happens sometimes when I don't feel like acknowledging anyone on my walks. People treat me as if I'm not there. I mean people in London are generally aloof, but there is a difference, when I feel as if people would walk through me if I didn't step out of the way, because they think I'm not there.

A lot of the time I walk quietly. One morning I walked past this lady and her dog. The dog ran over to play. She quickly reassured me that the dog was harmless. I told her I wasn't scared of animals. Then she said I'd frightened her because she hadn't heard me come from behind her. It was as if I had appeared out of nowhere.

Recently, I was walking home late at night. I saw this guy ahead of me. I could not feel my body at the time, so it felt as if I was flying. The poor guy didn't hear me coming but at least he could see my shadow. He still managed to look startled. I chuckled to myself and continued walking in silence.

It makes me laugh when people talk about technologies that can pin point where people are hiding. You can make yourself invisible if you want to. It's a matter of knowing how to use Energy. If I don't want someone to read my thoughts they can't. I came across a website which teaches how to use Illusional Energy as a cloaking device. While I don't believe in different types of Energies, I accept that you can direct energy to create the illusion of being invisible, if that is what tickles your fancy.

Imagine what fun one can have if you go around cloaked. You can pretend you are a ghost frightening people. Hahaha! I'm sure there are many other ways to use this technology, but I like the idea of being a ghost the best. (LOL!)

I think there's a lot of fun to be had using this cloaking technology so I'm going to practise using it as much as I can.

I'm off. Actually I'm still here. Fooled you again! Haha!


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