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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Do Food Supplements and Diets work?

"Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man." (Matthew 15: 11)

I watched a documentary last night about nutrition. The journalist questioned whether food supplements and diets work, or whether they are one big scam.

I can only speak from my own experience that food supplements and diets work if you believe they do. I'm now going to list my food history.

Like many people, I believed certain food products were good and others were bad. While I was at college, I stopped eating junk food, which I was addicted to at the time. It was very easy to give up "junk" because I believed they were bad for me. Alas, I replaced one addiction for another - fizzy drinks. My skin was always blotchy. I believed my skin would look a lot better as if I stopped drinking fizzies so one day I did. Because I believed my skin would improve, it did. I didn't touch pop for years. I also stopped eating chocolate which I thought had too much sugar and was bad for my skin. I went for five years without chocolates.

My new fad was health supplements which I believed would make me feel healthier. I bought the most expensive brand recommended by a health magazine. I guess I believed more money meant better quality. Then I changed from taking tablets to supplements in a powder form, which I dissolved in fruit juice and had for breakfast. This product was supposed to give you a lot more energy. Because I believed in the product, I seem to have more energy. Then I started planning my holidays. I didn't want to lug it around with me, so I decided to give it a miss for a month and see what happened. I was perfectly fine without the supplement. If I could survive without it for a month, what would happen if I stopped taking them for good? I felt great. Interesting!

I wish I could say stopping supplements was the end of my food fad! While I had stopped taking supplements, I was still very picky about the types of food I ate. I still believed certain foods made me gain weight, made my skin blotchy or made me weak.

In the meantime, I was also very particular about the type of bottled water I drank. I wouldn't be seen dead drinking tap water. I followed the nutritionist's advice of drinking one litre of water a day. While I paid frequent visits to the toilet, I felt better for it.

I also believed certain cosmetic products worked for my skin, which the experts had told me was "combination." The products I used were very pricey, naturally. I felt and looked great.

Finally, I decided to become a vegetarian which I believed would make me feel a lot healthier. I only ate organic vegetables. Then I went through a phase of only eating food that was blessed, and so for months I only ate at the Hari Krishna restaurant.

There came a point in my life when I didn't have much money. I couldn't, obviously, afford to get my fancy cosmetics and bottled water. I changed to cheaper brands. At first I felt weaker because I truly believed the products were not right for me. Then I started thinking about the nature of reality. Was I simply a body that had to consume the right food or drink to survive, or was I a lot more? I realised I am more than my body, I am the Universe. I also realised food or water doesn't sustain me, the Source of life does. It was time to test this theory.

I stopped buying bottled water and only drank tap water. I was fine. I even drank water from bathroom taps, which was previously an anathema, and I was still fine. I stopped being a vegetarian and realised I could eat whatever I liked and it wouldn't make any difference to my body because the Universe/Source sustains me. I could use cheaper skin product or none at all and my skin was still refreshed. I also stopped fretting whenever I had a spot. Instead of getting some product to get rid of it, I trusted in the Source to rejuvenate my skin and it was so.

At this time I stopped using orthodox and alternative medicine. I started trusting in Source for healing and I was healed.

Two days ago I went to my mother's church Christmas dinner. One of my mother's friends at the table asked me how I managed to look so trim. I told her I eat what I like and don't think about it. I also see all food as good. If you're going to go around thinking one food is good and another food is bad, you're bound to experience this reality in your body. Your body will seem to turn against you and make you put on weight, be sick or whatever. Another woman on the table said she drinks hot water after every meal which she believes helps with digestion. Each to their own! I know the omnipotent Source doesn't need my help to digest the food, I let Her get on with the job.

I've tried many types of cuisines and I am always open to try new ones. The only food I stay away from is avocado, not because it is bad for me, but because I don't particularly enjoy it. My motto is I eat what I love.

Majority of the time I only eat one meal a day, late in the evening. Some people might see this as fasting, I don't. The way I see it, I am always being sustained by the Universe. It makes me realise that I eat out of habit not because the food has any power to keep me alive. Maybe one day I will stop eating food, but I shall have to wean myself off chocolates.

My thoughts about nutrition is what you believe is what you experience. If you believe you need to eat a balanced meal three times a day, have food supplements, drink one litre of water a day, eat your greens, then this will be what you will experience. I've tried the expert's way and I've proved to myself that there is another reality. I know that I am not just a physical body, I am the Universe. I can, therefore, survive perfectly, thank you, without the nutrition experts' RDA (recommended daily amount) of minerals and vitamins.

I would rather take my chances in Source.

I am the Universe,

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