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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Do We Create Our Own Realities?

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing." (John 6: 63)

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." (John 1: 3)

"Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions." (Ecclesiastes 7: 29)

"I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked." (A Course in Miracles)
Do we create our realities? It's a question I've pondered upon. I believe the answer to this question depends on one's consciousness. Before I elaborate, let me examine the concepts "create" and "reality."

I believe there are two types of reality: Reality and "reality."

Reality is a state of consciousness that has always existed and will always exist. Reality has no beginning or end. When we talk about concepts such as Love, Peace, Truth, Power, Beauty and Perfection we are talking about Reality. Has Love ever tapped you on the shoulder? Has Peace ever made you a cup of tea? Has Beauty ever shed a tear? These are all invisible, but we know they exist. Ask anyone what he understands by Perfection and he will describe his idea of Perfection. He will never be able to express fully in words what Perfection is. Ditto Peace. Ditto Love. These qualities exist as consciousness that is eternal, and is what I refer to as Reality. I believe Reality was and is never created.

Now, someone who lives in a state of Reality identifies himself as the one Eternal, Infinite, Invisible Spirit, Source or Love. He sees the Universe as Love. He knows that all there is is Love. He makes no distinction between his inner state of Love and the outer. Both are one and the same - Love. This individual is always the same - Love.

I believe "reality" is a state of consciousness that sees itself as outside of Reality. Someone living in a state of "reality" believes he has his own mind and can therefore think his own thoughts. He identifies himself as the personality in whatever realm/planet he is living in. He might even see himself as having a body, mind and spirit but having a human experience. His mood is always changeable.

What does create mean. The dictionary states:

"To cause to exist; bring into being.
"To produce through artistic or imaginative effort: create a poem; create a role."
I have already established that Reality has always existed. You cannot make Love come into being when it is forever Love. But you can express Love. When we talk about creation, do we actually mean expression? Right now, I appear to be creating an article from scratch. What am I really doing? I am bringing into form what already exists as formless. The ideas I am using already exist as Reality. As the inner and outer are one, I am simply expressing the inner world (formless) into the outer (form) as writing I can understand. I believe nothing is ever created but there is always an expression of the Infinite invisible into forms.

Reality and "reality" relates to a state of consciousness; while creation refers to expression. I believe everyone lives in Reality as that is our true state, yet many people are not aware they do. Another way to put it is Reality exists whether you are aware of it or not. I believe the need to express life comes from Reality. It is Reality that urges people to do what they love, to have fun, be peaceful etc.

Someone living in a state of "reality" experiences life according to her inner states. You believe you have your own mind and your own thoughts, therefore, what you experience is always dependent on your thoughts. Naturally, if you have your mind and thoughts you are creating your own reality.

Let's say, you're someone who lives in a consciousness of "reality" and would dearly love to emigrate to another country because you believe you will be a lot happier. After you have emigrated to that country, you're still miserable. It is not the country that is miserable, or making you miserable, but your thoughts and ideas that have created that state within you. If you wish to make yourself happy, you don't expect the country to make you happy, you simply change your thoughts about your life and you are happy. You then realise that you are solely responsible for making yourself happy or miserable. You can therefore live anywhere you like and you will always be happy or miserable.

An individual who lives in a state of "reality" knows about Love because that is his true state. Let's say you wish to express Love to a friend. You might do this verbally, buy a present, go out and do something you both enjoy, send her an email, or the many varieties of ways that represent your way of expressing what you understand as Love. It will seem to you as if you are creating a reality of expressing Love.

If you are someone living in Reality consciousness i.e. you know Love is all there is, you realise you do not create anything. You realise that Love is what is being expressed as you and the world around you. You realise that it is the Spirit/Invisible that is quickening or expressing life. Since you are one with the Spirit, it is You expressing life.

It would seem that those living in a state of Reality have no choice for there is only one choice, which means no choice. You still have to make choices of course, but every decision you make is always based on the one Reality - only Reality/Love/Source exists. So in every decision you make, you let the One express as you. You are always Reality in all you do.

Those who live in a state of "reality" have plenty of choices. They are always choosing different inner states to create different situations, until one day you realise your nature is Reality. You make the decision to live as Reality; you make a decision to only have one choice.

Do we create our realities? If we are talking about states of consciousness then the answer is yes and no. If you are one with Spirit that was never created, then you are expressing yourself as life. Therefore, there is no such thing as creation.

If you believe there is a spiritual aspect to you and you are human, then yes you are creating your states from day to day to experience life. How people react to you, or how circumstances unfold in your life, will always depend on your thoughts and beliefs.

However you experience life is up to you. What do you choose? Do you create or do you express what already is? Do you live in "reality" or are you Reality?

I am Reality,

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