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Monday, December 06, 2004

Evidence that Energy is Power

It's Saturday, star date, two days ago. Just before I enter my favourite bookshop, I wonder whether I will see my old university friend, who I've seen a few times at the same bookshop. I have a feeling I'm not going to have time to speak to him today.

I'm reading "Mother God" by Sylvia Browne. Sylvia believes Azna is the feminine aspect of the divine principle which is the power that does the work of manifestation, as opposed to the Father principle which holds things together. I think it's an interesting idea. I believe in Source/Universal Energy that I now affectionately call U/E. U/E, in my view, is All There Is.

Anyway, in this book there are accounts of people who have prayed to Azna and have asked Azna to send flowers to them as confirmation that their prayers have been heard. I am going to test this out. Azna send me flowers now!

My mother is attending a dance so I want to be home after she's gone out. I am trusting in U/E to tell me when I should leave. I also put out an intention that I wish my writings to be testimonies of the awesome power of U/E. I continue reading.

I hear a voice telling me it's time to leave. As I'm coming down the escalator, I feel a force pulling me to my right. I notice piles of boxes about Origami, which is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes. On the box cover are pictures of Origami roses. Very funny, I smile to myself. I said I wanted flowers and I'm being shown Origami flowers. I meant real flowers, not paper ones!

I notice a man staring at me. He asks me whether we've met before. I say no. He asks me if I've ever attended a particular college. I used to study creative writing at that college but it was over ten years ago. He says he's seen me recently. He asks me what I do. I tell him I write inspirational stories. While we are speaking, my university friend walks in. I tell him I'm just about to leave, just as I thought I would. The man I've just met tells me he's part of a personal development group and they are having a workshop tomorrow about Health. Would I like to attend and maybe I could give a talk. I tell him I would like to attend. He hands me two tickets. He also tells me that he has no idea why he was drawn to the bookshop at that time. Obviously, U/E had something to do with this. It also turns out that he lives only about a mile away from me.

On my way home my bus is delayed. The Voice reminds me that there is a reason why the bus is delayed. I go home and find my mother has only just left, (she confirmed later that she left a lot later than planned).

I am watching a movie called "American Sweethearts." There are many references to flowers, I even see bouquets of flowers. Yeah, right! I still would like flowers in this reality not in a tv reality!

It's star date, yesterday. I'm in the workshop listening to motivational speakers, coaches, personal development teachers and healers. I also see someone I know. They are all speaking about the power of the mind and how one can create using one's personal power. I find the talks to be very inspiring and empowering. They are evidence of how U/E is doing the work of creation through one's personal beliefs.

Universal Energy is Power. My job is to put out my intention and let U/E do the work. I don't have to worry about the how and when.

I am U/E

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