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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Homage to Bruce Lee

I love Bruce Lee, the actor. He was in a different level. He understood that one can transcend limitations that one is formless. I feel his realisations are depicted in his movie.

Below is an article I wrote a while back, which discusses ideas from the Bruce Lee movie, "Enter the Dragon," which is being shown tonight. Hurray for television!

Thank you Bruce Lee for your gift.

Love Enocia


"Sorcerers' aspirations are to reach infinity, and to be conscious of it." (p. 69, The Active Side of Infinity, by Carlos Castaneda)

"The most accurate statement about what a nagual is [nagual meaning "the leader of a party of sorcerers"], which he voiced the day I found him, was that a nagual is empty, and that the emptiness doesn't reflect the world, but reflects infinity." (p. 73, The Active Side of Infinity, by Carlos Castaneda)

I am on a bus journey, again. As we drive past a particular road, I notice some flashing lights coming from inside a flat. The lights resemble the ones on mobile discos. It's very odd seeing flashing lights in someone's flat! Actually, there were no lights in the flat. What I was seeing was a reflection of a truck outside with flashing lights being reflected through the window in the flat, giving the impression that the lights were coming from within the flat. It was only a mirror effect.

All around us, there appear to be invisible mirrors reflecting our thoughts and beliefs back to us. They are truly magical mirrors. Say, if you believe in cause/effect i.e. what you sow is what you reap, the mirror reflects your belief back to you. What if you no longer believe in any laws? Then the mirror simply reflects back to you what you are thinking.

Two days ago, I noticed a television commercial for a chocolate called Aero, which I found very amusing. The next day I met this guy on the bus who admired my hair; I have tiny curls that look like bubbles. He said my hair looked like the bubbles in Aero. He was mirroring my thoughts about Aero bubbles.

I recently went into a retailers to buy an eyeliner. The shop also sells black hair products and attracts many black women customers. The owners are Asians (Indian origin). While I waited to be served, I listened to the sales assistant giving advice about hair extensions to a black woman. She asked whether the hair piece she was buying would be sufficient. I heard a thought, "What would you know about hair dressing?" The woman smiled at me and said, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "what would he know about hair dressing," right?" I smiled politely back at her.

What I found interesting about that encounter was the mirror reflection. The woman thought she was reading my mind but she wasn't. She was actually reading her own thoughts being reflected back at her. I was acting as a mirror to her. You could argue, how did I know I wasn't thinking those thoughts? Because I don't hold beliefs that one is only limited to what one knows because of the colour of one's skin. They were her beliefs.

Are reflections the same as creations? No, they are total opposites. One is there to trap you in mental bondage while the other frees you. Mirror reflections are tricky things. You catch your thoughts reflected at you and you start thinking of synchronicity and miracles. I've had this demonstrated so many times when I've met people I know, or even those I don't, and they reflect what I've been thinking of. It doesn't mean they are confirming or manifesting anything, they are simply being mirror reflections. Say, you have a fantasy about being a millionaire. You will suddenly find everyone around you reflecting that thought or your beliefs about it. Reflections are not confirmations that you are creating your dream. Reflections are simply effects; and these effects can prove to be distractions if you believe them to be true. It's like staring at yourself in the mirror and believing your mirror image to be the real you. How silly is that?

Creation is a different matter. In order to create you have to step out of the illusion of reflection and be able to see things clearly. Before I explore this, let me digress for a moment.

One actor I truly admire is the late Bruce Lee. I love his movie "Enter the Dragon." In this movie, Lee is a secret agent sent to an island near Hong Kong to investigate drug trafficking. The drug lord, Han, who is also a martial arts expert, puts on fight tournaments as a cover-up for the real action - drug-trafficking. Lee also discovers that the drug lord caused his sister to commit suicide so he is also out to avenge her death. Lee and two Americans guys enter the fight tournament. One American is killed while the other continues the battle. In the final confrontation with the one-armed Han, Lee is led into a room with many mirrors. He is unable to find his opponent as he is temporarily distracted by the mirrors. Han takes this opportunity to lash out at Lee with his clawed hand, wounding him badly. Lee smashes all the mirrors around him. Only then is he able to see Han face to face. The fight is to the death. Lee is the victor.

The last fight scene represents the battle against the ego which will do whatever it can to distract you from the truth. On the "path" to freedom the ego puts challenges in your way. This is represented in the movie by the American who has already been killed off. But Lee is a lot stronger and determined. In the movie, Han uses the mirrors to distract Lee so he can make his attack. Similarly, the most effective tool the ego has is illusion: letting you see what it wants you to see rather than what is true. The ego reflects back to you your thoughts and beliefs, and will not allow you to see what is behind the mirror. To get behind the mirror one way is to smash it so there are no longer any reflections. Then you can see reality as it is.

The moment when the mirrors smashed I was able to see my real identity as formless. It means that now all I see around me is infinity, which is free of concepts and labels. In the realm of illusions, where the mirrors belong, what you perceive as reality is actually your mental concept superimposed on the world around you, which lets you experience your thoughts or beliefs. In the realm of the Formless, when I look at another, a thing, even myself, I see emptiness, the void, the formless, infinity.

Since I am still in the world I am still part of the world. Others will continue to see me as a reflection and read what they have projected on to me as truth. I can't help what people read into their reflections. I only know I am no longer playing that game as all I can see around me is the void.

Within the void, which is Spirit, one can create without distractions. Concepts, beliefs and mirror images create separation from Spirit. This separation is defined in esoteric literature as maya (on the material plane); glamour (on the astral plane); and illusion (on the mental plane). Where there is no separation, you are one with your true Self, the formless Spirit; and you can create instantly with no obstructions. This is freedom.

The mirrors have been shattered.

I am free. Freedom and creation are one.

I now live in the realm of the formless.

I am Infinity,
Love Enocia

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