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Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's a Miracle!

Life is filled with miracles. Look around you, don't you see miracles abound? I do. I guess we tend to think of miracles as good, in the way we define good. I say everything is a miracle it depends on one's perspective.

Why, oh why, do people pay to see magicians when they are so adept at performing miracles. Don't you believe me? I'll give you a few examples.

Go into any hospital and you'll see miracles. To paraphrase what my friend said recently, "It's a miracle people get sick." (Thanks SG for that thought.(smile)) It's so true! Why do we get sick? You say the food I've just eaten has given me food poisoning or is making me ill, or is making me put on weight. How does that happen? Who told you so? The nutritionists, your doctor, the government, the scientific experts, the food manufacturers, the food label? Who?

Everybody knows some food make you allergic and some make you put on weight? Really? Everybody? Says who?

It's a bloody miracle, I say! It's a miracle you can eat something so harmless and believe that because the label says the food contains x amount of calories or nutritional contents, you find yourself putting on weight or reacting. It's magic, high magic. Do you not see how powerful you are that you can create a reality because you think it is so? A blooming miracle!

What about the fact that germs make us ill? Experts tell us that we have friendly and not so friendly bacteria in our stomach. We need friendly bacteria to help us digest food but the pesky bacteria make us ill if there are too many of them. Tell me, are these so called malevolent bugs not supposed to be found everywhere?

We've been trained that we must wash our hands after using the toilet, right? You might wash your hands, but how do you know others do? You share the same space with people on a daily basis. It could be in the office, public transport, restaurant, the street, taxis, everywhere. Even if you've got your own chauffeur driven car, you're bound to pick up someone's germs. Imagine if we all went around consciously thinking about these bugs, we wouldn't want to go out, would we? You wouldn't want to speak to anyone without covering your body to try to protect you from some bug. How come we're not besieged with diseases? You might argue that the bugs have been eradicated or because we are now immune. Yeah right! I reckon it's because we are not thinking about them. We are not thinking about them because we don't believe in them. See an article I wrote about Why do some beliefs catch on and some don't?

The worst cold I ever had happened a few years ago after I had been studying energy healing. We were taught about thought-forms and elementals which are supposed to lodge in one's chakra (energy wheel) and cause diseases. I came out of the course with super-awareness. Alas, the downside of super-awareness was I was so paranoid about these thought-forms and elementals that I went around with a protective energy shield, which I needed to create frequently. My flatmate had a cold and I did all I could to protect myself. There must have been a hole in my shield because I eventually caught it. It was as if I had caught all of humanity's cold. On the plus side, at least it gave me the opportunity to practise self-healing. (LOL)

I used to be very paranoid about using public toilets. I might wash my hands or I might not. I don't go around thinking of bugs and viruses. I live and let live. I eat what I love. I don't think about the food having the potential to heal or harm, I simply don't give a toss.

Isn't it a miracle that we can make ourselves miserable? The same power that makes one miserable can be used to make one happy. What is misery and happiness anyway? We all have our own definitions, I'm sure.

So you have made yourself miserable and created a miracle called a disease. You make an appointment to see your doctor. Your doctor touches you with his magic instrument, gives you some magic pills and before you know it, you are cured. Glory be, another miracle! Hmmm! Wasn't Jack once sold some magic beans that grew overnight into that beanstalk, which got him into lots of trouble? He did end up getting rich out of it though. Like Jack, we also have a treasure within us that creates miracles of health and sickness.

Hey, here's a thought. If you're not feeling well or things are not working out as you wish, instead of lamenting over your situation, why not celebrate what a miracle you have created? If you can create such a miracle, it's a piece of piss creating the reverse, surely?

The world is a miracle. Creations are occurring all the time. They may be things you like or not. Either way, it's still a miracle.

The world is a marvel to behold. It's a blooming miracle!

I am a Miracle,

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