Vector8 Journals

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Keeping it Real!

I noticed my mum's wig has strands of grey hair. I asked her whether she bought the wig that way. She said yes as it makes the wig look authentic. She said there are even grey wigs for people who like grey hair. Interesting concept. I have to say it looks very "natural." It's what I would call, keeping it real.

If people want to keep things real, how come the Ken and Barbie dolls haven't quite caught on?

Why isn't there an overweight Barbie with lots of cellulite? When you press a certain button, her lips are enlarged as if she's just had botox injection. Another button gives her instant liposuction and her weight disappears.

How about a bald Ken with love handle and lots of hair coming out of his ears and nose?

Picture this. It's Christmas Day and a little girl opens her present expecting to find her favourite Barbie doll but she finds an elderly Barbie with her own custom-made zimmer frame. "It's okay sweetie, we're trying to keep it real." Yeah, right!

I'm all for dolls with hour glass figures who look perfect. But isn't it time toy manufacturers produced dolls that reflect how people look in "real life?" Fair is fair.

Santa Baby, send me a Barbie who looks just like me!

Love Enocia