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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Living in a Timeless Realm

I stopped wearing a watch a year and a half ago, but hey, whose counting? I did carry a timepiece in my bag just in case, but it stopped working months back. I didn't see any point replacing the battery, as there are so many public clocks around. Besides, I live with someone who collects clocks and watches!

The first thing I noticed when I stopped wearing a watch was how much time I spent looking at my wrist. I was an addict going through withdrawal symptoms like experiencing involuntary jerky movements; or in my case, looking at my wrist at regular intervals. I reckon when I used to look at my watch, it wasn't because I wanted to know the time, it was because I was picking up on people's thoughts all wanting to know the time. Every moment, someone is asking "What's the time?" If you're someone who is sensitive to other's thoughts and don't know how to filter them, what time is it again? Hehe

I was soon cured of the habit of looking at my wrist.

Naturally, I operate within the world system which works by time so I have to be aware of the time. But the way I now work is I intend what time I would like to get to my destination, or achieve such and such, and then switch off.

Can you imagine what it feels like to travel on a bus, for instance, and not be aware of the time? Bliss! I enter a realm of events blinking on and off. Now you see something appear, now it disappears. Now you see it, now you don't. It's an eternal moment of Now.

Now that I am no longer fussed about checking the time, I use time with purpose. I let the Universe show me the time when it matters. Last night was a typical example.

My mother was having guests round during the day. It was in honour of my uncle who passed away recently. In our culture, they commemorate the 40th day after someone's death with a feast. (Some people continue having yearly commemorations for years to come). My uncle had specifically requested that he didn't want a 40 Day Ceremony, which takes a lot of organising. My mother decided she wasn't going to have a feast, but she was going to mark the day by inviting a few friends round. My idea of fun is not sitting around talking about the dead, who isn't dead, so I told my mother I would be back by 10 pm. I was hoping all her guests would have gone by then.

I went to the west end in the evening to sit in the coffee area in my favourite bookshop, where I scoffed 5 doughnuts in one sitting. Yum! I planned to leave around 9 pm. I was busy reading and lost in time. At one point I put my antenna out, wondering whether it was time to leave. The Voice within told me I would leave in 15 minutes. Soon a member of staff came round to announce that that particular section of the shop was closing down for the evening. I asked him what the time was and it was 9.15 pm. Hmmm! There must be a reason why I have delayed my departure by 15 minutes.

I caught my buses home. On the way, I put out an intent that my last bus would arrive as soon as I was at the stop. The opposite occurred, I saw my bus leaving. Why would I deliberately make myself miss my bus? There has to be a rational explanation. If I waited for the next bus, it will mean hanging around for another 15 minutes or more, which is to be expected as there is a reduced bus service at this time of night. I decided to walk and at least arrive home in 15 minutes.

When I arrived home, I heard voices. Now it all made sense. My mother still had guests. They left as soon as I arrived. I had been obeying my earlier intent all along by giving my mother and her guests space. I had deliberately delayed my journey to synchronise with all. Had I waited for the other bus, all would have worked out perfectly.

So you see, I don't have a watch but I am very much aware of what is happening. How? By awareness that my nature is omnipresent. I am always sending myself signals. This is how I can predict what time my mother will arrive home as I am already with her sending myself signals.

Before I stopped wearing a watch, I could always wake up at a certain time without an alarm clock. Letting go of my watch was a leap of faith, trusting in myself. Like I said, there are always clocks around if I ever need them.

The timeless realm is a realm where everything is happening perfectly in sequence, when it involves others, or as events. I have a choice to relate to events as time and space when I need to, or to disconnect and become an observer. Either way, it's always a lot of fun.

I am Timelessness,

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