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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Mission: Impossible!

When I was a child, my favourite TV series was Mission Impossible. The team was always given a difficult mission that seemed downright impossible, but they were always successful. I use the same theme in my life but in a different way. I am now going to discuss some things in my life that I define as mission: impossible.

Let me first say that I believe life is a dream of infinite possibilities. You can choose any dream you wish to experience. These choices are states of consciousness. In any dream, you need a dream body in order to have the experiences. Ultimate reality for me is a state that is all inclusive.

While I was pondering these ideas on the bus this morning, I heard some kids playing a game of "guess what noise this is?" The little girl made various animal noises and her two brothers had to guess what animal makes that noise. The animal noises are the equivalent of states of consciousness. A quack, bark, meow, hiss or snort is neither good nor bad, they are simply different states of consciousness. These states are what I see as choices.

Let's get on with my mission: impossible.

Last night on the way home on the bus, the driver kept braking suddenly and lurching everyone forward. Even though I was sitting down, I felt myself slipping out of my seat. I imagined Energy around me preventing me from falling. As we approached my stop, I stood up, holding on to the rail. The bus driver stepped on the brake and I lurched forward losing my grip on the rail. I could see myself about to fall flat on my face but I felt an invisible hand pushing me back. I also felt someone's physical hand grabbing my other arm, and the woman saying "sorry" as if it was her fault our driver was a maniac. (LOL!) No harm done. I got off the bus intact. I knew for a certainty that it was impossible for me to fall. Can I fall when I am Energy? It is impossible!

We have a saying in the UK that the least likely thing that could happen to you is "you could get run over by a bus." Well, last Summer, yours truly was nearly run over by one. I saw my bus on the other side and I didn't want to miss it, so I dashed across the road. There was another bus behind the one I wanted which was coming too fast and inches away from hitting me. I had all the time in the world to say out loud "whoa, too close," step back, lose a mule slipper I was wearing under the bus, retrieve my mule, ran to the other bus, bang on the door for the driver to let me in and I sat down. It was then I realised how close I had come to making the least likely thing that can happen to you a reality. Nah! It is impossible for me to be run over! Once is quite enough, thank you very much!

In the morning, while I wait for my bus and during my journey, I speak to a young girl who goes to the local sixth form college, where she's studying for her A'levels. (Advanced level in the UK for 16-18 year olds before they go to university). She's studying business, media and drama. As a media graduate, we have a lot to talk about. One morning, we talked about music. I told her I've seen Bobby Brown in concert. Bobby Brown is married to the pop star, Whitney Houston. Brown is a talented musician and performer and I adored him when he was young, enough to see him perform live. If the young lady was puzzled, she didn't make out she was. The next day on our bus journey, we discussed a project she was currently working on in college. She showed me a photo of herself which she is going to use in a magazine. She's done modelling in the past. I complimented her on how pretty she looked. She said I could be a cat-walk model because I had the features and build. I said I was probably too old to be one. She asked me how old I was and I asked her to guess. She thought I was 23. I confessed my age, in my thirties, and she was shocked. She couldn't believe it. She said she'd been wondering how I could have seen Bobby Brown in concert, given my age. She said I should definitely become a cat-walk model as no one would know I was that old.

It is impossible for me to age! I can't conceive it. As far as I'm concerned, that reality doesn't exist. The thing about eternal youth is you have to decide what appearance you prefer. If you live till 200 and are ageless, you could look like a 50 year old and still be ageless. I choose to look between 21 and 25.

You could argue that there are disadvantages to staying young-looking. My student friend and I laughed at the thought of me aged 60 and looking like I'm in my early twenties, and how the authorities are not going to believe I'm the same person. They will think I've stolen my own passport. By then I will have to teleport to my destination. (LOL!)

Another disadvantage is when your own friends don't recognise you or won't believe it's you. A while back, I met an old friend I haven't seen in years. She was about to walk by me because she wasn't sure if it was me. She said she didn't think it could be me because the EJ she knew should have aged by now. I said I didn't age.

The advantage of eternal youth is you can do many things in your life. I already have and look forward to lots more. You can also have friends in different generations as you can relate to any age, just like I can relate to my 16 year old student friend. She's even invited me to watch her in a play at the end of this term.

I am fascinated by stories about St Germain who lived for hundreds of years and never died. I can so relate to him. Already, I am ageless with tons of experiences. I can imagine going on for hundreds of years if I want to.

I see ultimate reality as Energy/Source that knows neither sickness nor health. Both are illusions, but I can choose which illusion I wish to experience. I choose health any time. It is impossible for me to be sick!

I like my dream body to look the same. I have maintained the same body weight for a few years. I know that putting on weight is definitely in the mind. Some days I feel heavy but when I weigh myself I weigh the same. Other times I can't feel my body at all, it's as if I'm not there, but my body weight is always the same, 8 stones. (In the UK, 14 pounds = 1 stone). That is my ideal weight for my height and I like to keep it that way. It is impossible for me to lose or gain weight!

I believe my identity as Energy knows no lack or abundance. How can infinity be measured in terms of abundance, it is just too abstract a concept. I believe when you take a life in form, you have to pretend you don't have something so you can experience it. I can choose lack or superabundance. I now choose superabundance in all ways, whatever it means for me, of course. It is impossible for me to experience lack in any way!

My true nature is bliss. In the dream realm, I can choose what emotional state I wish to be in all the time. Though I experiment with other emotions from time to time, I can always come back to my preferred state. I choose joy. It is impossible for me to be unhappy!

Another impossibility is death. I am immortal Spirit in form. Why would I die when death is an illusion? I could choose to go through death so I can take on another body, but I prefer to keep this dream body for however long I wish to and when I've had enough, I can transform into Energy. It is impossible for me to die!

These are a few of my mission: impossibles. When I think of some more I will add them to the list. Just because I have made these choices, doesn't mean I feel those I haven't chosen are bad. Life is about making choices.

Life is great! You can be whatever you want. It is impossible for life to be otherwise!

Quack, quack! Meow! Moo! Hiss! Snort!

I am what I choose I am,

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