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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pennies from Heaven!

Last Saturday, I read on another message board how some people were noticing pennies everywhere.

On my way home while waiting for my bus, I saw two teenage girls playing with pennies. One girl kicked a penny into the road. She took out another penny from her pocket and kicked it into the road. She obviously didn't think they were worth much! I don't blame her; you can't buy anything for a penny these days! Was this a coincidence or were these kids picking up on the "pennies from heaven" thought?

Later that evening, I watched a ballroom dance competition on television. One finalist's surname was Halfpenny. Though I hadn't seen her perform before, I told my mother she was going to win because she had "penny" in her name. She won the competition.

People are always saying they're going to the toilet to "spend a penny." Isn't "pennies from heaven" and "spending a penny" a trifle limiting? Why not think "I'm going to spend a fiver," or "Pound notes from Heaven!" Now we're talking!

Well, I'll keep my eyes open for £50 notes from Heaven. That will do very nicely!

I am Superabundance,

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