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Monday, December 20, 2004

Positive Thinking is Not Enough

"With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19: 26)

This happened two days ago.

I'm on my way into town on the bus. I have fallen asleep. After a while, I sense that the bus has stopped and it feels a lot cooler. I open my eyes to discover nearly all the passengers have gone. Our bus is parked behind another bus. Another passenger asks the driver why he has stopped. He tells us there's been an accident and the police have stopped the traffic, at least on our route.

"How long do you reckon we're going to be here?" the passenger asks.
"I don't know, we could be here for hours," the driver says.
"No, we're not," I say. "What's the matter with you drivers? You always have to see things in a negative way, don't you?"
"I'm just stating how it is," the driver says. "We could be here for hours."
"We will be moving shortly," I say to the passenger.
"How do you know?" the driver says.
"Because it's true."
"We'll see."
"And another thing," I say to the driver. "You're going to drive me to my destination."

The other passenger decides he will also wait on the bus. Despite appearances, I know that all is perfect. Only One Exists, I think to myself. There is only One power that nothing can oppose, and it is ever present.

After a few minutes the driver is back. "I just thought I'll let you know that you could get off and take the bus 254 which will take you further down the road to Aldgate, then wait there and connect to another bus."
"And that's going to take me to my destination, how?"
"I'm just giving you a suggestion," he says.
"Well thanks, but I'll wait, if you don't mind."

The roads are cleared in about 10 minutes and we are on our way. Our bus is behind a long queue of buses but our bus overtakes all of them. We arrive well ahead of the others.

The above experience demonstrates what can happen when you put your trust in the human realm. Within the human realm is chaos which affects everyone else. You can try using positive thinking but it feels like you're on an ongoing battle. The driver had his mind set that we were going to stay put for ages. As more and more people believe in the reality of chaos and delays, this is what is created. I knew there wasn't any point trying to change things in the human realm. I had to "raise" myself to realise the truth that "only One exists." Within the One there is only harmony, for there is nothing to oppose it. And the One transcends all human limitations.

When I declare the truth that "only One exists, I'm putting my faith in the one Power, the one Love, the one Truth, and the one Life.

Positive thinking doesn't quite cut it.

I am One,

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