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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thoughts about Crossing the Road

When I was a child I was taught the rule to cross a road, which was very simple. "Look left, look right, look left again, when the road is clear, walk across the road." I was living in Sierra Leone at the time where traffic was on the left. In the UK, it is the reverse.

The above rule works well when you're crossing a side street in a residential area. What about when it comes to crossing main roads? What if you are a persistent jay-walker like me? The above rule doesn't cut it when I'm jay-walking.

Every morning, I have to cross a main road to get to my bus stop. On some mornings there is a long line of traffic. I could walk to the traffic light which is not too far away, but it's too long-winded for my liking. I would rather jay-walk. I focus my attention on one side of the road only. I have to as you never know when a motorcyclist might appear. (Motorcyclists are hazardous to jay-walkers; trust me, I've had a few misses). Only when I have crossed one side do I focus on the other side, when I wait for an opportunity to walk across.

I find jay-walking gives me lots of practise to stay in the moment. Whatever I am doing, I do it 100%. For instance, when I'm working on a story my attention is 100% focused on writing. If I have an idea to check another website, I stop for however long and focus on the website then I return to what I was doing. When I'm this focused nothing in the world can distract me. No one exists but me.

I've been run over once and had a few misses. Each time I was jay-walking. I believe the reason why I was run over was because I was trying to use the principle of "looking left, right and left" while jay-walking. Not a good idea. That principle doesn't allow you to stay in the moment. When I was run over, one side missed me but the other side got me. Such is life in the fast lane! (LOL)

So I would recommend jay-walking anytime. Well it's not really illegal here in the UK, it's another way of crossing the road. If you're going to jay-walk, stay in the moment.

There is an easier way to cross the road, of course, where I take no thought. No, not using the traffic light or zebra crossings! I said easier. I decide beforehand that the road is clear and it is. All I need do is walk over.

Whatever you do, have fun!

Love Enocia

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